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Inside Experimental Gameplay Project (one of my favorite pages) there exists a series of games capable of covering the mouth to those who think that to do slightly entertaining there is needed a budget of thousands of dollars. It is in this type of pages that the most important miscellany of a game (concepto+jugabilidad) they fuse to [...]

Guitars of free air

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30 Dec 2007

If it does not reach you for an Epiphone or flatly not for Xplorer de Guitar Hero here the solution is. The image is a part of a campaign for a new radio station in Glasgow developed by the agency The Bridge.
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I am useful to put this video that the Pixologic people realized as a whole with Ubisoft Montreal to show the flow of work of the Canadian study in games as Rainbow Six Fertile plain and Assassin's Creed. One month ago I started working with Zbrush 3.1 and remained much impressed with the facility of generating models with [...]

One of the innovations in jugabilidad of 2007, Portal, already has a clone in the web. Developed by Armor Games, Portal: The Flash Version takes the key elements of the original game and translates them in a side perspective.
They can play it giving a clic in the top, quite advisable image.

Seemed surprising

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19 Dec 2007

Command and Conquer: Tiberium

ED-209: Robocop
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* AFTER 6 YEARS?!?! WTF! *
The last time that we knew about Duke Nukem Forever was in a video in which it appeared during the E3 of 2001, which took the palms for the intensity of the jugabilidad. Nevertheless the project remained in the negligence and I do not doubt that 3D Realms is redistribuído to [...]

More than 25 years since there appeared Moon Patrol, the whole outstanding figure of Arcadias that I had opportunity to play in my Atari 2600. In this note of Armchair Arcade I find out that Space Patrol, a "home-made" game developed by Beeslife which glides to be thrown for Intellivision in his native format: a cartridge. Well they say [...]

One of so many people things that I detest of 3 plays multiplayer in Aura is the racism and the quantity of pendejadas that can be said in a few minutes. If you are Mexican and denote it in your player's card it is possible that in 4 of every 5 games they think about how to fuck you for something: "Hey remain of other [...]

For me, Greenpeace has lost credibility with the step of the years, nevertheless they have good ideas to handle his campaigns. What do they think?

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