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Surfer Girl is one of the most reliable sources as for the video games industry he refers. In the last update of his blog I see 3 notes that call me greatly the attention:
- During the next Ubidays qualifications will appear as GRAW 3, the new Prince of Persia and DarkworksAlive.
- Infinity Ward [...]

In MCV I meet the news that Janice Turner, a columnist of the Times, has written an extensive and "abominable" article about the time that the children spend opposite to the video games console. I do not doubt in how most minimal Janice is of the type of mothers who are considered to be “a next-gene“, of those that take [...]

Fifa Street 3 is a shit

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20 seed drill 2008

Yesterday I gave myself the opportunity to prove the demo of FIFA Street 3 which is available in the Marketplace of 360 for a few days. My first and last impression: it is the worst demo that I have played in the console, much underneath of Vampire Rain or the very same Hour of Victory.
To me [...]

Anathema is a short child realized with the engine of Call of Duty 4 (skill known as Machinima) that borders on the perfection. Only it is enough to see the handling of cameras and the dramatism that is generated during the whole video. The author is SgtPadrino and he is, undoubtedly, one of the best short ones in [...]

Where is it Archer Looks?

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10 seed drill 2008

The last time that I knew about her was in my PC times gamer with not One Lives Forever 2, a game that gained enough awards in 2002 and that was characterized by an excellent history and handling of the dialogues. The game made the possibility of one open third delivery, nevertheless Monolith [...]

Bethesda Softworks has just updated the section of conceptual art of Fallout 3. I believe that I am one of the ten that are thrilled because this game goes out. Bethesda is synonymous of quality as well as Fallout of object of art.
In the official place also there is an entry of the Developer's Newspaper, this time to hands [...]

If, as they did it in Soul Calibur III, there occurred to Namco the "brilliant" idea of which in Soul Calibur IV there will be exclusive personages. And I put it between quotation marks not for the exclusivity, but for it out of place that there finds Star Wars of the concept of Soul Calibur. I do not blame to [...]

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