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29 Feb 2008

Many like, no. I detest to have installed Steam to play Audiosurf, I am bothered by his awful optimization and slow starter and the fact of having an application of fund that completes valuable resources, necessary for a game. Ok, ok.todos enjoyed CS Source when it went out and there are bundles with several games at prices [...]

The games recommendation for this weekend there are two shooters, nominated by the IndieGames page like the best of 2007. They are addictive and completely opposite at graphic level. The first one is Echoes it is a game developed by BinaryZoo; I it see an improved Asteroids version, with touches of Geometry Wars but that [...]

In spite of the criticism if it fulfills or not for what the fans have waited for years, Street Fighter IV is a must have for my collection. This graphic treatment to the style okami gives him a quite interesting touch.

Epic Games has thrown a survey on the official page of Gears of War so that the community helps them in the development of Gears of War 2. Between the questions we have: what it is the moment more OMG, the most difficult enemy, the weapon that you should have always or the achievement that more you wish [...]

Konami made it official, Metal Gear Solid 4 will do a simultaneous début in Japan, North America and Europe next June 12 (of this year) with which there will be included Metal Gear Online that he will support up to 16 players in line. Of course Konami has planned something extra for those who prearrange it: A commemorative dvd of [...]

Perhaps many people do not know it, but Rockband is not official in Mexico. A distribution does not exist on the part of EA and for those that we have the game, the option to buy the bundles that go out every Tuesday in the Marketplace is void (of less in a Mexican account). The presale in GameRush is put [...]

Attack of the Killer Swarm is a game of kylegabler, developed in Flash in which your target is to attack the persons with your swarm, to raise them for the airs to see as they are spoiled on having fallen down. The points depend on the height and speed to which they fall down, hence to major height, major [...]

In accordance with reports of Enterbrain (Famitsu) and a signature of mercadólogos, the Wii would be exceeding in 4 1 in sales to the Playstation 3 in Japan. In spite of the recent despunte of the console of Sony, the Wii has sold 331,627 consoles during February, while the PS3 scarcely reached the 89,131. The Xbox [...]

Battlefield Hero has changed the strategy: instead of offering a surprising graphic engine, they have chosen for the graphs to the style Team Fortress 2 and it is focused on a more chance public. Perhaps EA took this decision after seeing how it has changed the PC market last years, where the web games [...]

Before generating polemic if I declare my taste for the Lost, although perhaps it does not come at the levels nerds of comparing it with others saying “House is better because bla bla bla”, nevertheless to speak about a video game ….ahhh, I try to avoid it as well as I avoid to buy every video game that they throw along with a movie.
Her [...]

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