File for March, 2008

During an interview in Rockline Radio a fanatic asked to the air why none of the songs of Def Leppard have done his appearance in the games of Guitar Hero or Rock Band to what the guitarist Phill Collen answered that they will be present in Guitar Hero 4 with 3 songs: Photograph, Animal and [...]

This looks like more a prank of April's Fool, nevertheless a French distributor has set in his lists the version of GTA 4 for DS to be distributed during the next June. Not even Rockstar nor Nintendo have confirmed (or denied) this announcement that looks like more a fingermark of Excel than another thing.
What [...]

Capcom announced that he will buy to K2, the study responsible for the saga of Tenchu, in order to achieve a process of more rapid and efficient development. K2 is not a stranger for Capcom since they were employed as a whole at the development of Lost Planet, reason for which the Japanese giant affirms that it is [...]

In accordance with an analysis realized by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty 4 it is the most popular game in Xbox Live, with 1.3 million persons playing it every day. The numbers of PS3 and PC are not very clear, nevertheless it was said that the users' quantity in the Sony console is "monstrous".
The battle [...]

In accordance with Rod Humble, the creative director of the study responsible for this delivery, The Sims 3 take the traditional gamer as a target thanks to his new game system based on targets. In accordance with Humble, in the third version of The Sims you will be able to realize activities as fishing or gardening, based on targets that [...]

Ubisoft has said that “it will re-define the RTS in console” (perhaps it exists?) with his new exemption Tom Clancy's End War. The company has not limited itself and does some time being had already declared “the equivalent in RTS to what it is KOTOR in the RPGs or GTA in the games of action”. The use [...]

According to the analyst Billy Pidgeon, the PS3 would be the last work of art on the market of the consoles of video games, since the success of the Wii and the recent explosion of chance players would dictate the price of the following generation of consoles. The expert assures that both to Sony and to Microsoft not they [...]

The video is a part of the annual DVD of 25 of Capcom that comes with the magazine Famitsu of this month and in which we can see the process of animation of the principal personage, as well as the effects of light of the new graphic engine. Must Have

The committee of directors of Take Two pushed the hostile tendency of Electronic Arts back and mentioned that the propueesta of $ 26 USD for action is not the suitable one. Take Two invited his shareholders not to answer to the offers of Electronic Arts, nevertheless it did not discard a possible union with EA in the distribution of [...]

Todd Howard, executive producer of Bethesda, announced in the podcast of the OXM that Fallout 3 is in the final development phase and reduces very little to complete it. According to Howard, the game has the peculiarity of being provided with almost 200 ends, with light changes but it is a fact that the decisions that you take in [...]

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