File for April, 2008

Ubisoft announced that Persia is being employed at a new delivery of the saga Prince of. The development is in charge of Ubisoft Montreal (Assassin's Creed) and glides to be thrown at the end of this year. The details are not known and only we limit ourselves to the typical line of the press release that I quote:
Developed for [...]

The industry of the video games is strange in these days; the vision of the development model has been darkened by the distribution model and now the times they adapt themselves in accordance with the interests (and fortitude) of the publishers. As consumers we are fucked, subordinated to “what it sells” and not to “what it entertains”.

In some moment Valve suggested to Microsoft the Portal inclusion for Xbox Live Arcade, nevertheless it was pushed back for not expiring with requisites like the maximum size of the game. Doug Lombardi, the director of marketing of Valve, did not deny that in a future there might be another approach therefore it would be possible to see [...]

If Stalin was living through insurance it would be gliding like defending itself from the invaders of the space, just person as Reagan when he suggested the initiative SDI over there in 1983 (after Star Wars saw). Although Stalin does not live, it is possible to carry out a battle directing the native mother in his battle against the Martians [...]

In accordance with Nina Kristensen, co-founder of Ninja Theory who is not any more not less than the study responsible for Heavenly Sword, the current environment of the industry of development is brutal for the independent studies.
“The environment is brutal for the independent studies if we consider the type of games that develop at present”.
If we consider [...]

I have been this version of Super Mario Bros that there occupies scarcely 14kb which has been programmed in Javascript. In accordance with the author:
There do not exist external images or anything for the style, quite this rendereado with Javascript using elements of the canvas or divs for IE. The sprites are stored in chains personalized in one [...]

Once again Sony has delayed the date to open the beta to the public of his software Home for the PS3. The president of the company, Kaz Hirai, said that they came to the conclusion that they need more time to polish the service and this way to make sure that are provided with an entretemiento experience more [...]

Atari confirmed what will be the collection edition for Alone in the Dark which will be free for Xbox 360, Wii and PC. This edition is characterized by a good design of packing, removed from the concept of the “box of metal” and comes with a figure of the protagonist Edward Carnby, the soundtrack of [...]

Infinity Ward has negotiated with Activision to remain with the rights of the exemption Call of Duty once Treyarch finishes the fifth version, planned to be distributed at the end of this year. The idea of Activision is to have a version of Call of Duty per year, for which the work there is [...]

Last month has been very intense due to the quantity of work that I have had, reason for by which this place has not been updated regularly. From March I began like QA Engineer in the game of soccer Kicks Online, a quite entertaining work and where I have met the very interesting people who moves [...]

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