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Monolokis to the sale

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On May 11, 2008

In this blog the same we speak about video games that of design and art therefore it is pleasant to me in informing them that my premium (if, which many ask to present them) is already selling his monitos in the kitsch shop of The Sensational one (in Guadalajara).
After a sale "ondergraun" quite good in [...]

Today 15 years ago go Software gave birth to what would be the father of First Person Shooters: Wolfenstein 3D. The problem is that there is no enough money to hire chamberlains and to dance the waltz because go it is in full restructuración (thanks to the heyday of Unreal Engine).
Todd Hollenshead (CEO of [...]

A few weeks ago I listened of the contest to Game of Talent, destined to promote the video games development in Mexico for Gabriel Grinberg and with support of the Treasury Department, Microsoft, Autodesk and the UIA (between others). The targets of the contest are:
1. To assemble in virtual forums and attend creators, developers, academicians, potential clients and [...]

It is my first weekend with Grand Theft Edict 4, I take 25 % and can say even now that this sobrevaluado. I do not understand if to be the most expensive game of the history takes root in that Rockstar has paid a fortune for raising some tenths and posicionarse like the highest game in Metacritic.
I do not say [...]

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