August files for, 2008

I answer this note that I wrote for The Wired Blog:
To produce video games in Mexico is not anything crazy and for coarse sample this new massive game of soccer called Kicks Online that is still to enter Open Beta from August 15 (the following week). The game is of street soccer of 5 vs 5 [...]

Three weeks ago I began a project which had already wanted to begin to walk from hacía some months. With support of the UAM Azcapotzalco we begin an introduction workshop to the video games design that each one consists of two weekly meetings of hour and a half.
The target of this workshop is to introduce the people to [...]

Blizzard announced that they are working in what they call “Blizzard Accounts“ that will allow you to take a record of all the games of the company. In qualifications as Starcraft 2, Devil 3 or the new expansion of WoW.
This system by means of “achievements“ can already be in the beta of Wrath of the Lich [...]

Not if I allowed myself to take for the Devil's hype 3 or flatly I him paid attention to my friend Diana and his indecorous proposal to play Devil 2 for TCP/IP. The true thing is that I am starting again and realize the great thing that was surprising it. Why does nobody already take [...]

EDGE made publishers of the year a compilation of the best twenties and I am not surprised for anything that Nintendo heads the list. The first five places with Activision, EA, Microsoft and Konami seem not to move, turned out perhaps from the strong sums of money that they obtained on having commercialized key exemption (MGS or CoD).
Here the list [...]

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