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29 May 2007


For many (it does not stop my) Apple is standard in diseà ƒ ±o, nevertheless Microsoft, its arsenal of income econà ƒ micos  ³ has occurred to the task yet of promoting its dissapointing loaded reproducer of blockades and protections. If its reproducer were good half of that its publicity then already tendrà ƒ Âa one, but as ƒ is not asà … I am satisfied to seeing Zune-Arts.net that is one pà ƒ Âgina where the publicity in video is concentrated and printed that has realized endless of creative ones like I love dust, Slick or Tokyo Plastic (to name to some).


By causes of greater force my friend V3N0M està ƒ Âselling his mà ƒ Ârecent s adquisicià ƒ  ³ n: A Nintendo DS Lite Onyx that includes the games of Mario Kart and PacNRollpor the amount of $1600 (if you live in Monterrey or DF the delivery is customized). The console està ƒ Âin excellent state, ³ n counts on micas of proteccià ƒ  antirayons and includes box, manuals and invoices original (of hardly weeks ago), the games include box and manuals. If you wish to know mà ƒ Âs you can comunicarte mail way to venomxp@gmail.com or visit his blog and leave a commentary him.

A wood Macintosh

In: Diseño

28 May 2007


This wood Macintosh is one reproduccià ƒ  ³ n on accommodation ladder in wood of clà ƒ Âsica Macintosh of 128k. Fuà ƒ © realized by the artist Lee Stoetzel for his instalacià ƒ  ³ n You plows in a Landscape realized throughout a month in Mixed Greens in New York. The cost is of $3000 USD and peculiarly he is the same that when salià ƒ  ³ its real counterpart in 1984. In the assembly tambià ƒ ©n can see objects like chopper, one combi VW (estimated in $65,000 USD) and one Shell motorcycle.

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Mini USB

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27 May 2007


If you need that your RedBull or your Cocaine stays frà ƒ Âas and ƒ  gives egg you to go to the kitchen there am aquà solucià ƒ  ³ n. Brando distributes this mini-refri that is connected to a port USB of your computer, notebook, imac, Xbox 360, etc. Hill $33 USD, measures 19.4à ƒ ⠀ ” 9×9 cm, takes in cooling 5 min and maintains the drink to 8.5à ‚ ° C. Only supports standard measurement of refreshment reason why if you want to put a tin of Guiness you decepcionarà ƒ Âs.


à ‚ Â

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27 May 2007


At first sight the Rosendahl model seems to be a Chinese copy of the Fossil de Philippe Starck, nevertheless is not asà ƒ Â. The Rosendahl is a stainless steel clock with one composicià ƒ  ³ n hipoalergà ƒ ©nica diseà ƒ ±ado by danà ƒ ©s Flemming Bo Hansen. It is sold in Thinkgeek by $185,00 USD ($60 expensive USD but that the Starck). I remain with the Fossil à ‚ Âand you.

Racing Setup

If you finish buying a steering wheel for your anxious Xbox 360 and delays the exit of Forza Motosport 2, à ‚ ÂBy quà ƒ © not to take advantage of and darte three monitors LCD Samsung, a Gamepod seat and a system of sound 5,1 to enjoy to top your sesià ƒ  ³ n game?

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Art of Wii

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27 May 2007


Art of Wii consists of six Wii consoles guinea fowl by hand by recognized Canadian artists. Lamentably the contest to gain one of these already acabà ƒ  ³ but pà ƒ Âgina follows in line to see diseà ƒ ±os. In the personnel I remain with the one of Udon (Arnold Tsang), a recognized artist who has worked in comics like Street Fighter, X-Men, Gi-Joe Versus Transformers, among others.


This not only applies for diseà ƒ ±adores; if they think that I am mistaken they make accounts of the time that we lose in trà ƒ Âfico of the city. Of less I lose 3 hour and a half daily.

Freelance way Switch


The Wired Blog arrives at the 1000 posts it celebrates and it with a change of image, new logo (in charge of IT HOISTS) but maintaining the quality characterizes that it. From aquà ƒ  him control a hug friend Wire, à ‚  à ‚ Âqueà ‚  venganà ‚  milà ‚  posts mà ƒ Âs.

Wii LaunchDespuà ƒ ©s of seven aà ƒ ±os to take the account of Nintendo, Leo Burnett decidià ƒ  ³ to finalize its contract with compaà ƒ ±à ƒ Âa, which one complained the little creative freedom that left them at the time of working.

Weeks before the launching of the Wii pidià ƒ  ³ that the announcements were made again to see themselves but like announcements and not like documentary which Leo Burnett habà ƒ created Âa. (Marketing, 22 of November of the 2006)

To work with taka takas has its pros and cons, on the one hand I envy its sense of responsibility, for them “Thursday is Thursday, Friday” nevertheless are not square to but not being able, zero flexibility.

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