Reloaded StudiosWho says that the market of the PC has died is because South Korea does not know, one of paÃses that but impulse it gives to his developers to create games in this platform. Proof of this has been that compañÃa XL Games for weeks anuncià ³ like one of first in licensing this motor grÃfico for its future MMORPG. He is possible to mention that the founder of XL Games, Jake Song, is the credor of Lineage (NC Soft) and previously already they habÃan paid the license of the CryENGINE (FarCry) for the AION game.

CryENGINE 2New compa├â┬▒├âa that is interested is Reloaded Studios, that form├â does not have much ┬│ and that at the moment is working in a MMORPG of Acci├â ┬│ n and Strategy. The CEO of compa├â┬▒├âa, Ki Cho anunci├â ┬│ that despu├â┬ęs to thoroughly analyze with their work party the options of tecnolog├âa, decided that the best one of all is CryENGINE 2 by its impressive visual unfolding, as├â like the intuitive thing of the development tools.

The point against that I see in this type of projects is the equipment that requests CryENGINE 2 to run it to his m├âximo detail, something little accessible and if we took into account that is a massive game in line, the objective is to be made of a considerable base of users to have ├â┬ęxito.

This passes when you unite two screens of Tablet PC and have the sufficient knowledge in electrà ³ nica, asà like a taste by Nintendo DS. In the personnel me agradarÃa to play Meteos in Jumbotron DS in spite of being little prÃctica (one of so many advantages of portÃtil of Nintendo).

Excellent project.

VÃa: MaxConsole


Studio 2,0 (part of Warner Bros) has begun produccià ³ n of a series of 23 animated episodes that usarÃn the última version of the Unreal main Engine like tecnologÃa with Chadam, mascot of the American band of rock The Used. like personage protagonist.

The Unreal Engine is an excellent platform for creacià ³ n of this type of projects, since from his beginnings it has shown great aceptacià ³ n by which they are dedicated to the Machinima. In the personnel I have used the tool of Matinee in Unreal Tournament 2004 (Unreal Engine 2,0) which she is quite intuitive and it produces surprising results in the short term. This tool is used to create all the sequences animated in real time in games like Gears of War or Bioshock.

VÃa: TeamXbox

way 301

The first time that escuch├â┬ę of way was while it sailed by p├âgina of Cg Chanel, I gave to an opportunity and me to him pareci├â ┬│ a decent alternative to software of 3D that exist in the market. I gave to an opportunity of 30 days and qued├â┬ę him astonished at the options that offer of modeled, ÔÇťto paintÔÇŁ in real time your work, very in the style of the UPaint de Unreal Tournament, as├â like of final render.

Luxology anuncià ³ that completes way delivery, the 301 comes with opcià ³ n to animate your scenes or per seconds, frames, SMPTE or filmcode asà like a system much more intuitive to carve in 3D, for which they like of modeled orgÃnico. à ‰ ste can be obtained by means of brushes applied mesh with which we will be able to sharpen, to bevel and to take to where we want the detail of our model. The second method is by means of image, which llevarÃintegrated the values of detail that we want and podrÃto be applied directly in our model or another one with a similar mapping UV (way allows to fit the values when implementing it in another model so that they agree).

way 301 costs $895 new USD and $395 USD if ³ n is actualizaciÃ. They can accede to the official site to lower demo of 30 dÃas to work with, equally to check the tutorials to take advantage of it to mÃximo.

Official site Luxology

Excellent parodia to the último spot of I haul 3, Believe.

Take this Halo fanboys!


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9 Sep 2007

BenX is a personage like many of us who we played (if, WoW game in line still) and who sometimes, while we walked by the street and we listened to m├â┬║sica, we thought the way about that podr├âamos solving some of our problems relacion├ândolos with a game. Perhaps, for example, if plasmid of Bioshock had that podria to electrocutar to is vagoneros that rise selling their discs ÔÇťin normal formatÔÇŁ of Juan Gabriel in the meter.

In fact BenX is one pel├âcula filmed in B├â┬ęlgica and directed by NIC Balthazar which counts the history of Horseradish tree, a tormented young person who in line takes refuge d├âa to d├âa in videojuego massive Archlord. Horseradish tree trains day with day in Archlord to face the situations of a full life of abuses and ridicules on the part of its compa├â┬▒eros. At the moment that Horseradish tree decides to put to him ÔÇťuntil aqu├âÔÇŁ she is when it appears Scarlite, one chik that it knows in Archlord which surely cambiar├âits life for always.

All outside so f├âcil like personalizing as├â to us despu├â┬ęs of ba├â┬▒ar to us.

├éIt sounds to a conventional argument? Podriamos to think that campa├â┬▒a of ÔÇťprevenci├â comprises of one ┬│ nÔÇŁ to avoid that you die not to eat or to go to ba├â┬▒o while you play World of Warcraft but no. Despu├â┬ęs to see the trailer me has waked up curiosity and I finish finding out that the film has gained 3 prizes in the Festival of Cinema of Montreal (one of contest and two granted by the p├â┬║blico).

For but informacià ³ n (images or the official trailer) visits the Official Site. In order to unload teaser they can make it from 9lives.

Update: After almost año and thanks to the commentaries of this post I occurred to the task of looking for it I have, it in my power and I must say that he is excellent. Shortly I throw a reseñita, thanks to all.

moh.jpgAlready a long time ago I did rese├â┬▒a of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, first of many in my time of Gamer' s Generation. Memory that game me lleg├â ┬│ at the waited for moment less then was megafanatico of remake of Wolfenstein nevertheless not pas├â ┬│ much so that it did not loosen it thanks to his addictive single to player. Peculiarly that fu├â┬ę the ├â┬║ltimo impressive game that memory of that tax exemption, dem├âs was mediocre deliveries that jam├âs arrived around new the standard in games of World War II: Call of Duty.

Lamentably for EA the time pas├â ┬│, we were never accustomed to Call of Duty and in spite of attempts like Pacific Assault (d├â┬║ramente criticized) the first place fu├â┬ę yielded by Infinity Ward. The problem came when many we realized that est├âwe go disgusted of the second war, d-day and the different operations that were not m├âs that changes of scene and very little contributed to the jugabilidad. It is indeed then when demo of Medal of Honor: Airborne put to disposici├â ┬│ n for the users of PC and Xbox 360.

├éQu├â┬ę we can hope? To continue readingÔÇŁ


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18 Aug 2007

An event that happens each a├â┬▒o in the industry of the videojuegos is the exit of the game of Madden for all the platforms and with ├â┬ęste, one of the surprising unfoldings in publicity but. All want to be in the celebration: MGP-stars, sportsmen, strained pseudofamous and dem├âs personages who assure to be fan├âticos of the game of all the life degrading little that is of the concept of gamer.

But ├éby qu├â┬ę Madden it does not have good scores? for a├â┬▒os it comes being a game from regulating to good and it does not rise of the 8,5 in many sites of Internet. The problem of Madden is that they have as much worried to want to reach nirvana of simulaci├â ┬│ n that forgot the funny thing that it is a game of American soccer. In each launching we see a series of videos of by qu├â┬ę new versi├â ┬│ n is your sue├â┬▒o fact reality and you must have it; the reality is that the game finishes being tedious, impossible for which not this familiarized with the boring sport and when finishing the season.

The commentaries of each video are comparative of ÔÇťa├â┬▒o happened we did that one but this a├â┬▒o we made ├â┬ęsto and for that reason ehemÔÇŽ ├é is the best game of all (there are but titles with license). This denotes that EA Sports offers versions to us parchadas of the same engine, with two or three new options that never get to appear (like the way to superstar) and rosters updated.

Some rese├â┬▒as condemn the complexity whereas others make comparative with real situations, the certain thing is that both situations give an immense egg and the only thing that we demanded it is to be able to play with our favorite equipment and to amuse to us while we tried to gain the Super Bowl. John Riccitiello made ├â┬ęstas observations before leaving compa├â┬▒├âa.

ÂIt is very difficult to diseñar an funny game? I believe that half less than than they destine to publicity podrÃan to contract which takes the reins from this tax exemption.

Update soon

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2 Aug 2007

During I complete month and a half absorbed a pair to me of projects and the school reason why I could not postear a little by ac├â. Luckyly the trimester termin├â ┬│ as├â like dise├â┬▒o of p├âgina of dmp that comenc├â┬ę in June. I must admit that me gust├â ┬│ to experience with the content din├âmico in this website (thanks to the XML) and the total of p├âgina does not exceed 200kb.

dmp || architecture

By means of Isopixel I find out to me that Bachan, talented monero Mexican, is fighting against the leukemia.

I allow myself to mention Vuarnet:

Luckyly early deteccià ³ n of the disease allows that the scene is not so dark, nevertheless the treatment is long and expensive.

Looking for alternative so that Bachan and his wife can confront the m├â┬ędicos expenses and leave ahead, several of their friendly have taken the initiative to organize different ways to collect bottoms, a way to collaborate is buying the sheet that realizar├ân the Mexican artists who have been united to the cause.

In our case we asked its support to them you, our readers and friendly, so that to trav├â┬ęs of Paypal, donate any amount that wish. All the bottoms arrive directly at the account of Bachan in PayPal. (M├âs informaci├â ┬│ n and bot├â ┬│ n of Paypal to donate, finds ac├â).

Me one to the cause and I ask to him of favor to dem├âs band that today reads this post that does therefore it, byÔÇŽ the ma├â┬▒ana one by all we.

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