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Already a long time ago I did reseña of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, first of many in my time of Gamer' s Generation. Memory that game me llegà ³ at the waited for moment less then was megafanatico of remake of Wolfenstein nevertheless not pasà ³ much so that it did not loosen it thanks to his addictive [...]


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18 Aug 2007

An event that happens each año in the industry of the videojuegos is the exit of the game of Madden for all the platforms and with éste, one of the surprising unfoldings in publicity but. All want to be in the celebration: MGP-stars, sportsmen, strained pseudofamous and demÃs personages who assure to be fanÃticos of [...]

From first versià ³ n of Forza Motorsport the developers gave the opportunity us to personalize our cars with a system that went allà much morethan sagas as for Need Speed or Gran Tourism ofrecÃan. In the first Forza tenÃamos a good amount of layers to apply viniles with forms bÃsicas, some sources [...]

In Box X I am with the news that we are the regional leader in videojuegos of Latin América. Según David Cervantes, Regional Director for Latinoamérica of divisià ³ n of Devices and Entertainment of Microsoft, México estÃpositioned in the fourth world-wide position in purchases of the Xbox console, with mÃs of three million of [...]

By causes of greater force my friend V3N0M està ƒ Âselling his mà ƒ Ârecent s adquisicià ƒ  ³ n: A Nintendo DS Lite Onyx that includes the games of Mario Kart and PacNRollpor the amount of $1600 (if you live in Monterrey or DF the delivery is customized). The console està ƒ Âin excellent state, ³ n counts on micas of proteccià ƒ  antirayons and [...]

If you finish buying a steering wheel for your anxious Xbox 360 and delays the exit of Forza Motosport 2, à ‚ ÂBy quà ƒ © not to take advantage of and darte three monitors LCD Samsung, a Gamepod seat and a system of sound 5,1 to enjoy to top your sesià ƒ  ³ n game?
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Art of Wii

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27 May 2007

Art of Wii consists of six Wii consoles guinea fowl by hand by recognized Canadian artists. Lamentably the contest to gain one of these already acabà ƒ  ³ but pà ƒ Âgina follows in line to see diseà ƒ ±os. In the personnel I remain with the one of Udon (Arnold Tsang), a recognized artist who has worked in comics like [...]

Despuà ƒ ©s of seven aà ƒ ±os to take the account of Nintendo, Leo Burnett decidià ƒ  ³ to finalize its contract with compaà ƒ ±à ƒ Âa, which one complained the little creative freedom that left them at the time of working.
Weeks before the launching of the Wii pidià ƒ  ³ that the announcements were made again to see themselves but like [...]

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