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Crytek anuncià ³ that the Ringling College of Art and Design of Florida has acquired of official way the license of CryENGINE 2 for the department of animacià ³ n by computer. With this, compañÃa German developer of Crysis has been seen in the necessity to update its scheme of licenses for the educative institutions.
The head of [...]

TGS 07:

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16 Sep 2007

Según the map of the event we can observe that Sony contarÃwith the great space but during prà ³ ximo Tokyo Game Show, from the 20 to the 23 of September. They follow Square to him Enix and demÃs compañÃas like NAMCO BANDAI, Konami, Sega like Tecmo Inc. and Microsoft (with this two similar spaces últimos).
Tokyo Game [...]

Ah those Chinese if they know of tecnologÃa, only chequen this image of a shipper for Ninetudo DS on sale in a store of Peking Judging by the box, the console unfolds images to all color, like that butterfly (a bad assembly done). Not me sorprenderia that ran games of 8 bits [...]

If you have intenci├â ┬│ n to twice show to your love by the stable S.O but in your motto of Xbox 360 pi├â┬ęnsalo, since Microsoft does not allow that you use the Linux word (doh) for being ÔÇťunsuitable LanguageÔÇŁ.
├éTo qui├â┬ęn it matters to him? always podr├ân to play Jools or chessÔÇŽ ├équi├â┬ęn needs 360? errrr: p


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15 Sep 2007

A short stroll of the employees of Bungie in the Warthog that Peter Jackson construyà ³ for its project of I pull ahead.

Who says that the market of the PC has died is because South Korea does not know, one of paÃses that but impulse it gives to his developers to create games in this platform. Proof of this is that compañÃa XL Games for weeks anuncià ³ like one of first in [...]

This passes when you unite two screens of Tablet PC and have the sufficient knowledge in electrà ³ nica, asà like a taste by Nintendo DS. In the personnel me agradarÃa to play Meteos in Jumbotron DS in spite of being little prÃctica (one of so many advantages of portÃtil of Nintendo).
Excellent project.
VÃa: MaxConsole

Studio 2,0 (part of Warner Bros) has begun produccià ³ n of a series of 23 animated episodes that usarÃn the última version of the Unreal main Engine like tecnologÃa with Chadam, mascot of the American band of rock The Used. like personage protagonist.
The Unreal Engine is an excellent platform for creacià ³ n of this type of [...]

Excellent parodia to the último spot of I haul 3, Believe.
Take this Halo fanboys!


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9 Sep 2007

BenX is a personage like many of us who we played (if, WoW game in line still) and who sometimes, while we walked by the street and we listened to música, we thought the way about that podrÃamos solving some of our problems relacionÃndolos with a game. Perhaps, for example, if plasmid of Bioshock had that podria [...]

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