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20 Sep 2007

The Last Remnant is a J-RPG that verÃthe light in Xbox 360 and PS3, cortesÃa of Square Enix. Judging by the trailer, of except the 10 seg of gameplay, the system of battles leaves to much to imaginacià ³ n.

Despu├â┬ęs to see this trailer and to compare it with Lost Odissey de Mistwalker decisi├â ┬│ n is dif├âcil.

Games garageJosh Williams, CEO of Games Garage, asegurà ³ that recent adquisicià ³ n of compañÃa by company/signature IAC not afectarÃin but mÃnimo his intencià ³ n to continue supporting the independent developers of videojuegos.

Williams said that since fund├â ┬│ compa├â┬▒├âa becomes eight a├â┬▒os, misi├â ┬│ n of GarageGames always has been the same: to make of the industry a better place for the developers. The important thing is not only to support them in realizaci├â ┬│ n but tambi├â┬ęn in doing the possible thing because the games are commercialized of successful form.

It makes a pair of day we announced that compañÃa IAC was developing a vestibule of games along with GarageGames. Josh Williams made east announcement in his blog and assures that IAC knows the important thing that it is for GarageGames to support the independent development, reason why hope is generated a good synergy between both compañÃas.

Playstation HomeSony has confirmed finally the 3 rumors of the control with vibracià ³ n and DualShock serÃthe name that llevarÃfrom now on the successor of the SixAxis. This news anuncià ³ Kaz Hirai, CEO of SCE, during the previous press conference to the event.

Equally anuncià ³ a delay in its new developing social network, Home, that not verÃthe light but until the spring of año incoming. When questioning him on the delay, Hirai respondià ³:

ÔÇťWe want that this it is a world-wide service, reason why needed to make sure to count on a range of services that satisfy the needs with our users. For that reason we decided to delay it, please are patient.ÔÇŁ

Not mencion├â ┬│ if exist├âa some t├â┬ęcnica fault, nevertheless were made hincapi├â┬ę that Home ser├âa platform that porpone new ideas of businesses like publicity in the game, a virtual commercial center and some others that har├ân p├â┬║blicas in the course of the following weeks. Hirai anunci├â ┬│ that tambi├â┬ęn is working with compa├â┬▒├âas external of the business of the videojuegos for this project.

Optimized for Nvidia cards. ├éSer├âable to move to the Unreal Engine 3 of the throne? It seems dif├âcil, although t├â┬ęcnicamente it is far better.

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19 Sep 2007

Just CauseCompa├â┬▒├âa Swedish Avalanche Studios, developer of the game Just Cause, mostrar├âversi├â ┬│ n 2,0 of internal his engine during pr├â ┬│ ximo Tokyo Game Show which, in words of its CEO Christopher Sundburg, permitir├âÔÇťto create variant games of ├â┬ępica scale with m├â┬║ltiples of g├â┬ęneros or art├âsticos styles for following generaci├â ┬│ n of gamesÔÇŁ (or ser├âthe present one rather).

First versià ³ n of the Avalanche Engine is able to simulate great land extensions and to scale them, asà like of powerful personalizacià ³ n of the models and effects climÃticos for the scenes.

Wii-KnowAs the capacities of the console fan of Star Wars first that pens├â┬ę when seeing fu├â┬ę in lightsaber. Soon Network Steel with the fights from katana, one of the games with but hype came and as well m├âs criticized and the hope not desvanc├âa.

And as the hope dies already to the ├â┬║ltimo I can be calm because Lucas Arts anunci├â ┬│ oficialmenteque is working in one versi├â ┬│ n for Wii of his m├ârecent s game of Star Wars: The FORCE Unleashed with the extra of lighsaber v├âa Wii-mote. Seg├â┬║n Jim Ward, president of Lucas Arts, the caracter├âsticas of sensors of movement of the console helps to that really we pruned ÔÇťto trigger the forceÔÇŁ.

Unlike the versions of PS3 and Xbox 360, the game of Wii ser├âdeveloped by Krome Studios, one compa├â┬▒├âa that focuses in developing games for ni├â┬▒os like Ty: The Tasmanian Tiger and that at the moment tambi├â┬ęn develops expansi├â ┬│ n of Alive Pi├â┬▒ata: Party Animals.

We hope that it is a game worthy to acquire a Wii.

Game ConnectionGame Connection anuncià ³ that crearÃthe program Level Up, focused to pequeños developers and suppliers of services with less than two años of to have formed to manage to take the great passage in the business of the videojuegos.

The program darÃgratuitous access to the Game Connection Europe, so that the distributing developers show their game compañÃas of the stature of Activision, Capcom, Lucas Arts, Microsoft, Nintendo or Ubi Soft, naming some.

Requisite both essential they are: that it has not been taken care of the Game Connection previously and that compañÃas ¼ has two años of antigà less than age, as well as to be independent.

For major informacià ³ n can visit the official site. The call finishes the 1 of October.

Game Connection is one of the important conventions but of the industry of the videojuegos concerning businesses. The event promotes interaccià ³ n between developer and distributers ayudÃndo in the process to bind agreements and to sign contracts.


SixAxisAlthough there is no an official announcement and that surely har├âuntil Tokyo Game begins Show, the rumor that the SixAxis of the PS3 contar├âwith funci├â ┬│ n ÔÇťto vibrateÔÇŁ becomes a reality despu├â┬ęs that a developer of Sony asegur├â ┬│ that in completes version of the SDK, that distribuy├â ┬│ the previous week, includes a protocol to handle vibraci├â ┬│ n in the control.

funci├â ┬│ n ÔÇťrumbleÔÇŁ is one of so many details that were criticized to him to the console during their launching. Sony dej├â ┬│ abierta the possibility of including versi├â in the future ┬│ n when commenting that ÔÇťthey were open to improvements in the controlÔÇŁ. The question is ├éCu├ânto necesitar├âto invest in a control with this funci├â ┬│ n? If this is confirmed funci├â ┬│ n, the ideal ser├âa that Sony exchanged SixAxis the present controls of gratuitous way.

VÃa: ArsTechnica

GameloftGameloft, developer and distributer of games for cellular telephones, anuncià ³ that has sold but of 100 million games at world-wide level, ubicÃndose in the first place of Europe and second in the United States.

CompañÃa anuncià ³ recently that desarrollarÃa games for Blackberry and iPod and is at an excellent financial moment since reportà ³ that their gains of half-full of año have been increased a 50% in relacià ³ n with año previous.

Games garageGames garage pordrÃa to be sending in just a short time a new vestibule of Internet where ofrecerÃaccidental n games, after to reach an agreement to work with company/signature IAC of Barry Diller one of the founders of Fox Broadcasting in agreement with Wall Street Journal.

The idea is to offer tecnolog├âa 3D integrated the navigator to stop being simple 2D and to become a experience m├âinteractive s. The new project, denominated Instant Action, est├âaccepting registries today for versi├â ┬│ n of test and generally hopes that est├â┬ę available to the p├â┬║blico for a├â┬▒o incoming.

Games garage, creator of the Torque Engine, is one compa├â┬▒├â┬Ča that supports the independent development of games and recently lanz├â ┬│ one versi├â ┬│ n of his tecnolog├âa focused to the market of Xbox Live Arcade.

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