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TGS 07:

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19 Sep 2007

Compa├â┬▒├âa Swedish Avalanche Studios, developer of the game Just Cause, mostrar├âversi├â ┬│ n 2,0 of internal his engine during pr├â ┬│ ximo Tokyo Game Show which, in words of its CEO Christopher Sundburg, permitir├âÔÇťto create variant games of ├â┬ępica scale with m├â┬║ltiples of g├â┬ęneros or art├âsticos styles for following generaci├â ┬│ n of gamesÔÇŁ (or ser├â[...]

As the capacities of the console fan of Star Wars first that pens├â┬ę when seeing fu├â┬ę in lightsaber. Soon Network Steel with the fights from katana, one of the games with but hype came and as well m├âs criticized and the hope not desvanc├âa.
And as the hope dies to the último [...]

Game Connection anuncià ³ that crearÃthe program Level Up, focused to pequeños developers and suppliers of services with less than two años of to have formed to manage to take the great passage in the business of the videojuegos.
The program darÃaccess to gratuitous to the Game Connection Europe, so that the developers show their game [...]

Although there is no an official announcement and that surely har├âuntil Tokyo Game begins Show, the rumor that the SixAxis of the PS3 contar├âwith funci├â ┬│ n ÔÇťto vibrateÔÇŁ becomes a reality despu├â┬ęs that a developer of Sony asegur├â ┬│ that in completes version of the SDK, that [...]

Gameloft, developer and distributer of games for cellular telephones, anuncià ³ that has sold but of 100 million games at world-wide level, ubicÃndose in the first place of Europe and second in the United States.
CompañÃa anuncià ³ recently that desarrollarÃa games for Blackberry and iPod and is at an excellent financial moment since [...]

Games garage pordrÃa to be sending in just a short time a new vestibule of Internet where ofrecerÃaccidental n games, after to reach an agreement to work with company/signature IAC of Barry Diller one of the founders of Fox Broadcasting in agreement with Wall Street Journal.
The idea is to offer tecnologÃa 3D integrated to the navigator [...]

But of Ninja Gaiden, now it touches the turn to him to the new Ninja Gaiden DS. in the video we can see one demostracià ³ n (yet and stylus) of the movements of attack and Ninpo that we will be able to obtain in portÃtil of Nintendo.
Without wordsÔÇŽ this is must again have.

In p├âgina of AI GameDev has made a compendium of the 10 games that consider, m├âs is influ├âdo by their artificial intelligence (AI by its abbreviations in ingl├â┬ęs). In the first place is Black and White, desarollado by Peter Moulyneux (Populous, Fable, etc.) who innovates in the following points:
ÔÇť- The game focuses [...]

TGS 07:

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17 Sep 2007

Previous to TGS 2007, Tomonobu Itakagi, leader of the Team Ninja and person in charge of the development of sagas like Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, did presentacià exclusive ³ n of its new one drinks: Ninja Gaiden II. The sequel of one of the best developed games until now (at level concept, history and ejecucià ³ n of gameplay) serÃ[...]

In one it interviews realized by Gamasutra, Frank Pearce, Co-founder of Blizzard, comentà ³ the plans that compañÃa has to face the competition like Warhammer Online or Age of Conan.
When asking to him of the possible development of World of Warcraft II, Pierce señalà ³ that the idea is to continue with the scheme of expansions, because [...]

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