Unreal Tournament 3We are to month and a half of the exit of Unreal 3 Tournament and already story the hours to be able to work with the Unreal Engine 3.0. Like the previous version (UT 2004) the game we will be able to obtain it in two flavors for the PC: mortal and of colecci├â ┬│ n. Unlike dem├âs games where we always obtain a string of porquer├âas in video titled like ÔÇťmaking of: ÔÇŁ in boxes met├âlicas, Epic decidi├â ┬│ to follow the same way of UT 2004 and us dar├ân but of 10 hours of tutorial in video of the Unreal Engine 3.

This versià ³ n is best opcià ³ n for which they look for to begin in the industry of the development of the videojuegos, mainly in the part of diseño, since podrà n to work with the publisher of levels to generate his own scenes, to generate personages in his favorite publisher of 3D and to export them to the game. For the programmers the Unreal Script is a good beginning for some mutator or one conversià total ³ n of the game.

Aside from the extra DVD we will have a figure on scale and a book of art in grazes lasts, surely very similar to the one of Gears of War. Unreal Tournament 3 estarÃavailable the 19 of November for PC (in two versions) and one versià ³ n without publisher parael PS3.

Big Brain AcademyNintendo anuncià ³ that serÃsponsoring official of the Handheld Learning Conference and Exhibition to be celebrated little in London to less than a month, from the 10 to the 12 of October.

The key point of this conference is the constant learning reason why we will see a DS from another perspective, and she is of that we know with the games of Brain recent Age or but, the Japanese games of learning and improvement of the language. Without a doubt it is very interesting east exposition and I do not imagine pleasant that serÃa to realize exÃmenes or to take classes by means of Wi-Fi in the university.

Team Fortress 2

In the following document of Valve we can see simple explicacià ³ n of the system of render in Team Fortress 2, one of the games that vendrÃwithin the Orange Box and that estarÃavailable the following month.

Without falling in pure technicalities, three members of the development equipment of Valve show to the result of good comunicacià ³ to us n between programmers and artists, who are surprising.

Very recommendable.


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23 Sep 2007

TreyarchFor some days Infinity was rumored that Ward not trabajarÃa in Call of Duty 5 because Activision, the distributers of the one of the game, wish that the tax exemption appears in Christmas of each año in the shelves of the stores. During the Activate Asia the 2007 one week ago, person in charge of Infinity Ward hablà ³ with GamePlayer and said that to the study tomà ³ 2 años to develop to Call of to him 4 Duty razà ³ n by which Treyarch became position of Call of Duty 3.

For but informaci├â ┬│ n contin├â┬║en reading - > Continuar readingÔÇŁ

Capcom needs programmers

Judging by several announcements of Tokyo Game Show, Capcom estÃin búsqueda of programmers to integrate them to its work party in Japà ³ n. The employee serÃresponsible to work with the TM Framework, that is engine multiplatform that gives life him to games like Weak May Cry 4, Dead Rising or Lost Planet.

The requirements as always: to demonstrate ability in C/C++, solid antecendentes in matemÃticas, diseño OO asà like experience working in consoles and excellent abilities of comunicacià ³ n (in its native language).

p├âgina est├âin japon├â┬ęs but some it has what it is needed, I do not see by qu├â┬ę not apply.

VÃa: Kotaku

Wii Zapper

Nintendo mostr├â ┬│ the official packing that tendr├âthe package of the Wii Zapper that comes with the game of Link' s Crossbow Training. The Wii Zapper requires of the Wii-mote, as├â like of the Nunchaku (noninclu├âdos) and ser├âcompatible tambi├â┬ęn with the t├âtulos futures like Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Ghost Squad, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

The date of launching serÃthe 19 of November of this año.

I bequeath BatmanA report of MVC indicates that TT Games est├âin b├â┬║squeda of a distributer who acquires the rights to develop the game of I bequeath Batman, being useful the ├â┬ęxito that it has had with both games of I bequeath Star Wars.

Although compa├â┬▒├â┬Ča abstained to mention names of the possible partners, it rumors that those that est├ân in the list possible distributing ser├âan Warner, which is due├â┬▒a of the rights of Batman and that already has invested in the market of the videojuegos. the second is Eidos, distributer of I bequeath Star Wars II as├â like Lucas Arts.

Tom Stone, head of TT Games anuncà ³ that hope to close the treatment in November of this año, to have a rest that them servirÃto generate a plan of accià ³ n to at night enjoy the horseman in versioà ³ n block.

VÃa: DevelopMag

Easy CompanyFormed by members of Illusion Softworks, Easy Company is a study developer that finishes abrir its doors in the Prague, Czech República, that is working in a new game of cars called MOTORM4X.

Financed by Capital COFFER Bohemia, the developers are creative process in the heat of than serÃ, according to its words, a game of races that does not obey to fà ³ rmula traditional and that permitirÃto the videojugadores to lead and to explore in great land extensions.

pelotà ³ n of the Easy Company estÃconformed by professionals, some already veteran ones with good currÃculum that among others games includes Mafia and Hidden and Dangerous.

TGS 07:

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20 Sep 2007

At the end of the trailer the only thing that remains to say to me is: ÂI already want it. It surprises that Konami releases a trailer to me of this magnitude, speaking of Gear Metal. The tax exemption always has been characterized to show but to history and less jugabilidad.

Note that Gear Metal clearly Online not serÃa CS in third person, even nor a Rainbow Six. Everything adapts mainly at the speed that the tax exemption characterizes and to the game of equipment. It sends to much to Army of to me Two.

├éQu├â┬ę thinks?

Xbox 360Chris Lewis, person in charge of divisi├â ┬│ n of Europe, the Middle East and Africa in Microsoft anunci├â ┬│ that compa├â┬▒├âa is looking for a major penetraci├â ┬│ n in m├âs pa├âses after to announce that they have sold little but of 11,6 million units at world-wide level. Combined to that, Microsoft tambi├â┬ęn anunci├â ┬│ that the total of sold games reachs 24,3 million, a number that nor together Wii or PS3 reaches.

Lewis buscarÃto añadir mà muchs paÃses (did not say cuÃthem) to even extend the present base that consists of 37 being useful which the company is at a good moment of aceptacià ³ n and the service of Xbox Live does not have a real competitor to the date.

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