Great Tourism HDOne of first we give that unloading of the Playstation Network the PS3 users is without a doubt Great Tursimo HD. This cambiarÃsoon, at least in Japà ³ n since Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) anuncià ³ that demo desaparecerÃof the Japanese PSN due to the imminent exit of Great Tourism 5 Prolog the following month.

Not yet it is confirmed if this pasar├âin Am├â┬ęrica, but we suppose that dejar├â sooner or laterto exist to give entrance to the new GT. For that they have not yet it, ser├âa good opci├â ┬│ n for unloading it at this moment.

Wintermute Engine

The Wintermute Engine is one aplicacià ³ n that allows you to create adventure games just by to drag and to give click. Perhaps it sounds a little to which the Torque Game Builder does, nevertheless Wintermute has a range of options that you permitirÃto create proposals enough interesting ones with personages in 3D with bottoms in 2D, very in the style of games like Syberia.

It uses a language for scripts with syntax similar to C++ and Java, reason why if you handle to anyone of these not you serÃcomplicated. On the contrary, in the official site ³ n is wiki with documentacià enough. The license allows to develop applications for charity

In order to unload it they can accede to the official site.

Bizarre CreationsIn a surprise Activision movement anunci├â ┬│ the purchase of Bizarre Creations, the study ingl├â┬ęs developer of Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars, among others, by one adds not revealed.

Activision anuncià ³ that compañÃa pasarÃto comprise of its internal equipment of development, nevertheless the study permanecerÃin London until the 2009. Bizarre Creations is working in the game Club for SEGA and anuncià ³ that Project Gotham Racing serÃI complete game that it develops for Microsoft.

Despu├â┬ęs to play a pair of hours with Forge, the publisher with whom you control the accessories that appear in the levels of I haul 3 seems to me suitable to make a few explanations. First that Forge *NO* is a publisher of levels like at first plante├â ┬│ (or of less entend├â), he is simply a publisher of organizations which they appear in the map like arms, vehicles or power-ups that gives the possibility you of playing being a God in match to multiplayer.

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Medieval War TotalIn AI Game Dev I am artÃculo very interesting of 11 útiles advice to conquer in the Artificial intelligence of your game of strategy putting like example, the Total saga War de The Creative Assembly.

Tips goes from looking for references and inspiracià ³ n in books like the Art of war of Sun Tzu to others like diseñar emergent behaviors for your troops and an individual network neurolà ³ gica to assure a reasonable behavior.

- If you exceed enemy 10 to 1, rodealo
- If you surpass 5 to 1 atÃI pierce directly
- If you surpass as soon as it to the double, divÃdelo.

Very interesting if these interested in developing videojuego of strategy or if you want to know some sections that are touched to conceptual level and tecnolà ³ gico.

Link (in ingl├â┬ęs)

NintendoAccording to a report of Reuters, Nintendo of Japà ³ n has become one of best compañÃas to invest since its value in the market is of little but of 8,39 trillones of yens. This sitúa in second compañÃa but valuable of Japà ³ n, exceeding to Canon and situÃndose detrÃMotor s of Toyota Company. The financial group Mitsubishi UFJ has a value of market much greater than Nintendo, nevertheless their actions are suspended by imminent divisià ³ n.

One hopes that December is an excellent month of sales for Nintendo and its investors.


Permanent KaiserNo, luckyly we did not speak of algún clone of Dances Dances Revolution or of the original Wii Fit. The idea of videojuego to fight the infantile obesity now serÃapplied by Permanent Kaiser, one organizacià American ³ n of health for charity.

The game of adventure The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective ser├âdistributed in ingl├â┬ęs and espa├â┬▒ol free in his p├âgina Web and enfocar├âin showing the ni├â┬▒os among 9 and 10 a├â┬▒os a series of activities to avoid the sedentarismo that entails to the obesity and futures health problems. Tambi├â┬ęn propondr├âalternative to take a healthful diet.

Compa├â┬▒├âa tambi├â┬ęn uni├â ┬│ forces with global publisher Scholastic to distribute material of support in but of 5.000 schools of the Uni├â American ┬│ n, as├â like the game in CD' s.

VÃa: Gamasutra

I haul Artwork

Today estar├â┬ę very occupied killing covenants, not habr├âupdates. :D

Art of MidwayThe Art of Midway is a book that contain but of 160 bocetos and 200+ illustrations of games like Kombat Mortal, Area 51, The Suffering or Psi-Ops. He is peculiar that promo says ÔÇť├éYou want to be dise├â┬▒ador of videojuegosÔÇŁ I suppose that they meant ÔÇťArtist of VideojuegosÔÇŁ since he is m├âs a book of ilustraci├â ┬│ n that of teor├âa of gameplay like widely the recommendable ÔÇťGame Architecture and DesignÔÇŁ of Andrew Rollings.

They can hardly acquire it in Amazon by $16 USD (but shipment), as extra the art comes from Stranglehold, which incluyà ³ of último moment.

In some weeks them platico that so està ;)

In two minutes of this video we hardly can in broad strokes understand the process that takes to diseñar a level for videojuego AAA like Resistance: Fall of Man, one of the great bets of Sony for the PS3. The base of all level falls to diseño global of the game, the development of levels is gradual and it little by little introduces to the player to history and jugabilidad in particular.

The base of good dise├â┬▒o of levels is the balance, ├â┬ęste is obtained maintaining inter├â┬ęs constant of the videojugador ofreci├â┬ęndole short term, attainable profits and a reward to the t├â┬ęrmino of each scene.

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