File for October, 2008

This way does it dictate the rule? In all sides they speak that the Mexicans we are huevones, clever and that only we try to see the way of fucking. The curious thing is that the previous thing comes from the mouth of the same Mexican since never - of less in 9 years that I take treating with the people of other countries - [...]

The latter days I have been employed closely with my friend Carlos Gutierrez at the change of image to the whole network of blogs that it represents G33K ON. The first one in suffering a redesign is The Wired Blog and for that I have based on the topic Braincast de Storelicius and InfectedFX.
We begin a new stage in [...]

If they remember, last year EA announced the development of Tiberium, a FPS placed in the universe of Command and Conquer which would be developed by EA Los Angeles, the same study that has developed games like Medal of Honor, LOTR BFME or more recently C&C 3: Kane's Wrath.
Such it seems that to the company [...]

In accordance with a Japanese MCV source, Nintendo would be still to show his new DS tomorrow. During the last weeks one was rumorando about this new "update" that there includes a camera and multimedia functions as the reproduction of MP3 nevertheless little we know of the specifications of the portable piece of news.
Her [...]

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