kane_command_conquer.jpgCelebrating that already they are 12 años of Command and Conquer, Electronic Arts anuncià ³ a commemorative package of the saga who incluirÃall the games of Westwood Studios and EA from the original Command and Conquer of 1995 to but the recent Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. It is possible to mention that modificacià is one ³ n of the original package of Command & Conquer: The First Decade to which him incluyà ³ mÃrecent s tÃtulo (CC3).

Command and Conquer Saga venderÃby $49,99 USD and incluirÃ:

* Command & Conquer (1995)
* Command & Conquer - The Covert Operations (1996)
* Command & Conquer: Network Alert (1996)
* Command & Conquer: Network Alert - Counterstrike (1997)
* Command & Conquer: Network Alert - The Aftermath (1997)
* Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (1999)
* Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Firestorm (2000)
* Command & Conquer: Network Alert 2 (2000)
* Command & Conquer: Network Alert 2 - Yuri' s Revenge (2001)
* Command & Conquer: Renegade (2002)
* Command & Conquer: Generals (2003)
* Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour (2003)
* Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (2007)

Char it with the equipment developer Naughty Dog (Crash Bandicoot, Jak) about its new project for PS3, Uncharted: Drake' s Fortune, in which they speak of qu├â┬ę went what inspir├â ┬│ to create the scenes, of gr├âficos that can obtain its new motor gr├âfico as├â like m├âimportant s: the jugabilidad.

Xbox the 360 CoresAccording to a report of Gamesindustry, several stores of the United States among which they emphasize Amazon or Toys R U.S., have begun the presale of a new Xbox the 360 Cores that includes 5 games of Arcade, a control inalÃmbrico and one memory card.

Bundle, denominated Xbox 360 Arcade estarÃon sale to the same price that previous Core showed: $279,99 USD. Among the 5 games we have to CAP-Man Championship Edition and One. Gamestop has retired of its list present Core, reason why estarà assumes that in daysavailable pack.

Pack with Geometry Wars, Small Arms, Boom Rocket Boom along with the other two announced games not estarÃnothing badly.

Unreal Tournament 3Midway anuncià ³ an adjustment in its dates of launching for the line of PS3. The delay that but surprises without a doubt is the one of Unreal Tournament 3, that announced like exclusive right for the console of Sony. Among others games we have BlackSite: 51 area and versià ³ n of Stranglehold, which sufrià ³ as soon as a slight delay for an exhaustive revision.

Unreal Tournament 3 lanzarÃfor the first quarter of the 2008 (presumably April) for Playstation 3. versià ³ n of PC stays without changes and harÃtheir debut in November and the requirements to be able to play it are:


* Windows XP SP2 or Vista Windows
* Processor 2,0+ GHZ of a single center
* 512 MB of ram
* Video card NVIDIA 6200+ or ATI Radeon 9600+
* 8 GB of free space in DD


* Dual processor 2,4+ GHZ Core
* 1 GB of ram
* Video card NVIDIA 7800GTX+ or ATI x1300+
* 8 GB of free space in DD

Sony logo

According to post in ps3forums, Sony has registered a new logo which shows to the four forms b├âsicas of the control of Playstation. The original image comes from Gamefront and not yet utilizar├â is known for qu├â┬ę.

├éQu├â┬ę thinks? it pleases to me.

The power of Sandbox 2,0, the publisher of Crysis that surely vendrÃincluding when we buy the game. The video is one demostracià ³ n that became during the Game Developers Conference 2007 and is worth the pain very enormously to see it complete, is impressive.

The second part is giving to click - > Continuar reading hereÔÇŁ

Haze LogoIn a surprise movement the developer of Haze (PS3), Radical Free, anuncià ³ that pagarÃto all their equipment of development by the hours extra that the project takes.

Steve Ellis, Co-founder of the study, anuncià ³ that planeà ³ from the beginning a bond extra when finalizing the game to be compensated the work extra, nevertheless thought that enough serÃa to in one go pay the hours extra, a measurement that deberÃan to take demÃs studies developer. FilosofÃa is simple: The projects involve an unpredictable amount of work in an established schedule, therefore at the end of the project the work party is in crÃticas conditions (emotional and of health).

ÔÇťThe gains estan ligatures to the effort that is dedicated to obtain themÔÇŁ I explain Ellis.

VÃa: DevelopMag

Chief masters in Paper

A friend makes a pair of weeks I GAVE (Industrial Diseñador) invità me ³ to collaborate in the development of an armor of real Chief Masters to tamaño (at the moment in pre-production), taking advantage of the fever that vendrÃa with the launching of I haul 3.

This subject is not new since they come realizing armors with cartà ³ n or at a much more professional level as the one of Chris Bryan nevertheless to one week to have I haul 3 the fever has even gone off.

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Tomonobu ItakagiIn one it interviews realized by Gamasutra, Tomonobu Itakagi, to lÃder of the Team Ninja and developer of games like Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden, anuncià ³ the reasons by which decidià ³ to work with the DS instead of the PSP:

ÔÇťraz├â ┬│ n is because the Portable Playstation this dise├â┬▒ado b├âsicamente under the premise of llevarte your console to where it is. What fu├â┬ę made reduce the t├â┬ęcnicas homemade console specifications like the 360 or PS3. However with the DS a new form looks for to interact with the entrance system (they touchscreen).

As it commented previously, one of the key aspects of dise├â┬▒o of videojuegos is the interactivity between which the user executes and what he is in screen. It is why we thought about doing something quite original taking advantage of the strength this hardware. If it wanted to match for PSP, I make better them for PS2 because b├âsicamente ser├âa to do the same.ÔÇŁ

Itakagi San tambi├â┬ęn mencion├â ┬│ that the DS market est├âplagued of games of low budget, reason why with Sword Dragoon they hope to arrive at that anxious p├â┬║blico from games with greater substance and less ÔÇťtraining ÔÇť.

American McGee GrimmSpicy Horse, the study of responsible Shanghai to develop to American McGee' s Grimm anunci├â ┬│ that utilizar├âtecnolog├âa of the Unreal Engine in several projects to future and that Grimm ser├âthe main opener. McGee made official the purchase of tecnolog├âa, which says ÔÇťgives the tools them necessary to express its creativity of a fast and reliable wayÔÇŁ.

American McGee is all a personality in diseño of videojuegos and takes some años outside the público lens because their projects have not had ejecucià suitable ³ n, like Bad Day L.A that appears between the worse games of the 2006 or as much publicity as Scrapland. With Grimm one hopes that it retakes that familiar concept to which customary us dejà ³ with Stakes out.

The game estarÃavailable for spring of following año by means of the system of distribucià ³ n GameTap

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