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Now we know by qu├â┬ę Duke Nukem Forever jam├âs vi├â ┬│ the light. In order to see webcomic they can accede directly to p├âgina of God Mode.

Vestibule is quite funny añadido of The Orange Box, nevertheless the use of this concept is not novel since 3D Realms makes almost 10 años desarrollà ³ and implementà ³ the idea in the project of Prey. If, that same game that lanzà ³ for the PC and 360 Xbox año happened.

The project was left (as realms is custom of 3D) nevertheless the piece of c├â ┬│ I say prevaleci├â ┬│ until versi├â final ┬│ n of Human Head. This video of 3 minutes demonstrates what habia developed in that time with two memorable moments, one is when it mentions ÔÇťthe present equipmentÔÇŁ and another one when it sends two vestibules simultaneously.

VÃa: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Game InstituteMo is quite peculiar to read of a seminary referring to cà ³ to arm an equipment of development when requerÃa makes six años of all that information. The certain thing is that to form an equipment you simply do not go to a forum and posteas that you need aid to throw to walk your project. To form your equipment requires of knowing how cà ³ mo to choose to the indicated personnel and like causing that the work flows without misfortunes.

Game Institute offers a gratuitous seminary of half an hour oriented to that they look for to arm his own equipment and to begin to develop or for that they look for to integrate itself of professional way to one. llevarÃto end today to 7:00 p.m. GMT and the registry it is possible to be done directly in pÃgina official.

Game Institute is one pÃgina dedicated to offer courses for people who are desired to involve in the development of videojuegos, handles to programs bÃsicos, intermediate and advanced of programacià ³ n in D3D and OpenGL asà like courses of IA, fÃsica, matemÃticas or robà ³ tica, all distributed by professionals of the industry.

ADVA ArgentinaIn the official site of the ADVA (Asociacià ³ n of Argentine Developers of Videojuegos) is open the call to send videos for Muestra de Videojuegos Argentine that llevarÃto end in EVA 07 (Exposicià ³ n of Videojuegos Argentina). I mention the note to continuacià ³ n:

ÔÇťIf est├âs interested in showing what you or your company est├ân doing sends to the name of the company and game + the video and/or Link to the video to

Comisià Organizing ³ n of EVA
Buenos Aires, ArgentinaÔÇŁ

The ADVA is one organizacià ³ n for charity in charge to promote the development of videojuegos in Argentina. exposicià ³ n llevarÃto end during 3 and 4 of November in the Theater of the Society Hebraica of Buenos Aires and this directed to developer, distributers, investigators, students and hobbistas of the videojuegos industry of loe. In order to know the program complete they can accede directly to the official site.

Second LifeSecond Life is already one of the first spaces in seeing preocupacià ³ n of the change climÃtico with implementacià ³ n of the Ecoyincana game within the virtual space of the Ignited House. The game, developed by Medialabs, consists of 6 tests related to the environment that deberÃn of being surpassed by the videojugadores, which podrÃn to travel to a near future to see the effects of the change climÃtico.

misià ³ n of Medialabs is to spread to the message by means of prevencià ³ n of the change climÃtico. The videojugadores podrÃn to accede to Ecoyincana the times that wish and podrÃn to reclaim its advance without needing returning to begin thanks to intuitive menú of displacement. And for that two months manage to finish to the test during prà ³ ximos serÃn deserving of a virtual space in Second Life by everything año (with an approximated value of 2.000 Euros) cortesÃa of the Ignited House.

YOU GO SoftwareSome people who we aspired to a work in the industry of the development of videojuegos we have in a pedestal the model of work of YOU GO Software. A company with touch of rockstars where their founders handle Ferraris, with a model of development of ÔÇťIt' s donates when its donatesÔÇŁ and with 3 of the representative tax exemptions but (by many aspects) in the FPS: Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake.

YOU GO Software has a slight touch of rebeldÃa, is an independent study of development that is handled under its own rules, the little people who toil (not but of 40) share one filosofÃa very ingrained in which no external agent influences at the time of proposing a new project. They are not handled per dates of launching (the TBA is his religià ³ n) and much less by whims of the distributer and their offices have passed personalities like John Rosemary, American, McGee, Graeme Devine or Trent Reznor.

Beam click to read the complete article To continue readingÔÇŁ

Home Xbox 360Based on a commentary that Daniel Schiappa made, Director of Entertainment and Devices of Microsoft, during the conference of Virtual podr├âamos Worlds the past week to only think that Microsoft is developing a massive virtual world for Xbox 360, similar to the Home of PS3 that with another perspective. Schiappa coment├â ┬│: Perhaps ÔÇťFor following a├â┬▒o they know m├âs of by qu├â┬ę I am aqu├âÔÇŁ.

This rumor is complemented with the declarations that Chris Satchell to principle did of this año where apuntà ³ that Sony llevà ³ to another plane some ideas that Microsoft habÃa implemented, like achievements, nevertheless Home seguÃa being pequeño game.

It does not seem me nothing of the other world that Microsoft is participating in a project of this type since if we turned around the glance to PC' s and see ├â┬ęxito that has Second Life m├âs l├â ┬│ gico ser├âa to think that a project of this type combined to the infrastructure that has Xbox Live is perfectly attainable.

Another point is the amount of accidental videojugadores that jalarÃa a project of this type. ÂCuÃntos of its addict friendly Second Life they have touched a console? Less I know enough.

Orange BoxThis news is not surprise for my since Half Life 2 has been one of the best games than I have enjoyed lately and this compilaci├â ┬│ n comes with the extra of Team Fortress 2, one extensi├â ┬│ n that pens├â┬ę that quedar├âa in ba├â┬║l of the memory, Episode 2 (tambi├â┬ęn first) and Vestibule reason why is outlined to compete by t├âtulo of game of a├â┬▒o against Bioshock and Halo 3.

calificacià ³ n average in Metacritic, one pÃgina that makes a compendium of reseñas of the important sites but of videojuegos, almost arrives at perfeccià ³ n: 98 points, only a point underneath Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that is the evaluated game but (99 points). Bioshock counts on 96 points, whereas I haul 3 has 94.

If they ask to me, the three games are must have and a true stupidity is made me do one comparaci├â direct ┬│ n. Outside hype that I have a├â┬║n by I haul 3 I recognize that it does not arrive at the level of depth of Bioshock, nevertheless this ├â┬║ltimo has destined all resources to be single to player successful unlike I haul 3. Orange Box enjoys the elements of I haul 3 and Bioshock: good history a taken, excellent jugabilidad and an funny one multiplayerÔÇŽ in two flavors.

We hope that it is a ├â┬ęxito in sales and it does not remain in the shelves due to the advertizing d├â┬ębil campa├â┬▒a of Valve.

Long before the polemic of Manhunt existià ³ a called game Soldier of Fortune that salià ³ at the beginning of the 2000 and that ofrecÃa a festival of violence and blood without precedent. He was without a doubt one of the projects that regresà ³ to the plane to Raven Software, already famous by its games of Hexen and Heretic. Soldier of Fortune distinguÃa of demÃs to adapt to engine of Quake 2 one tecnologÃa Ghoul call in which the human body dividÃa in 26 zones that podrÃan to follow according to the weapon or type of firing that took place in them.

The Ghoul system incluy├â ┬│ in games as Jedi Outcast to dismantle with lightsabers and in the following version of called SoF Double Helix I implement Ghoul 2,0, with 36 independent parts. The problem with Soldier of Fortune recay├â ┬│ in the balance of the jugabilidad since he was too much f├âcil and with a tendency arcade that not fu├â┬ę of the affability of many, combined to one versi├â ┬│ n of Xbox that was port direct of its similar of Dreamcast.

With less publicity than the previous deliveries and distributed by Activision, Soldier of Fortune: Payback llegarÃin November to compete with games like Call of Duty 4 or Orange Box by a place in the territory of the FPS. I am not expected an interesting history, which if I hope is a Ghoul 3,0 that judging by the videos estÃimpressive.

BungieDespu├â┬ęs of to have published a note for days in the site 8bitjoystick that decia ÔÇťa friend of a friend says that Bungie and Microsoft separateÔÇŁ has been confirming the rumor. Microsoft anunci├â ┬│ today that Bungie already ser├âan independent study, seven a├â┬▒os despu├â┬ęs of to be bought by the creators of the Xbox.

Bungie, that fu├â┬ę responsible to put to Microsoft in the plane of homemade consoles with I pull ahead, dedicar├âto work totally in a new tax exemption directed and operated by them. The offices permanecer├ân in Washington and both parts said that seguir├ân working of united way very.

A good movement on the part of Bungie, although I consider that not operarÃn totally independent, seguriÃn bound to hardware of the 360 but with a new proposal. The rights of I pull ahead belong to him to Microsoft and a pair of projects with that name has already announced, one is I haul Wars that verÃthe light in following año the other serÃproduced by Peter Jackson and WETA.

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