Space PatrolIt does but of 25 años that aparecià ³ Moon Patrol, everything clÃsico of Arcadia that I had opportunity to play in my Atari 2600. In this note of Armchair Arcade I find out to me that Space Patrol, “a homemade” game developed by Beeslife which is planned to send for Intellivision in its native format: a cartridge. They say “mà wells is worth behind schedule that never” and of ahà Beslife is taken hold to offer a product that según they “could be in the shelves makes 25 años”.

The presale already estÃavailable and if you have todavÃa his Intellivision and $50 USD to invest then can give to click aquà to order it (it includes cartridge, box, manuals and some extras).

One of the so many things that I detest to play to multiplayer in I haul 3 is the pendejadas racism and the amount of that can be said in a few minutes. If you are Mexican you denote and perhaps it in your card of player in 4 of each 5 games look for joderte by something: “ÂHey quedate across of the river punctures mugroso” “ÂSo that you are not going away to gather fruit, jodido” and they do not lack to others weyes that explanations of Cnn or Fox News of by qué them give you subtractions development opportunities.

Now, if in your gamertag it is happened to you to put something like which it shows the following video, there is a 98% of probabilities that your experience in line is unbearable.

A true excrement.

For my, Greenpeace is lost credibility with the passage of the años, nevertheless have good ideas to handle his campañas. ÂQué thinks?

Chernobyl Network Cross

Not you, but the última time that pasé by this place I decide that và to me to dogs to eat the body of a soldier and had to give them with sniper.

The image corresponds to one campaña of the Red Cross of año happened commemorating the tragedy of Chernobyl in which the support of poblacià is requested world-wide ³ n not to forget that contaminacià ³ n by radiacià ³ n follows effective. The responsible agency fué Leo Burnett.

The pond is known as “Azure” and is located in center of Prypiat, in the Ukraine.

Denis Dyack

Some time ago I set out the commentaries of an executive of Electronic Arts refiriéndose to the existence of a single platform to develop videojuegos. Today I am that Denis Dyack, president Knights Silicone, speaks of the subject in the context of the GDC in Lyons.

Dyack comentà ³ that “the market estÃmonopolized by the formats of compañìas like Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft. Each of them is tecnologìa closed that prevents the competition “. To cuestionÃrsele about which the PC at the moment is a abierta platform to develop I limit myself to say that “indeed, is a abierta platform, but not estÃstandardized

President Knights the Silicone, compañÃa that recently was in the eye of huracÃn by the demand that interposed against Epic Games, cerrà ³ with a commentary that gives a little laughter me:

“ÂThey have been asked that pasarÃa if a father, who does not know anything of videojuegos, is going to a store to buy one? With a única platform tendrÃa that not to worry about the console, only about dvd”.

Itself without agreeing, one unificacià ³ n of platforms serÃa the aim of the industry.

Penny Arcade Gerstmann

It is said in Shacknews, Wired, in DevMag, Kotaku and in another ten of sites in the network: Jeff Gerstmann has been dismissed of Gamespot thanks to the loss calificacià ³ n that it gave to Kane & Lynch (6.0). His videoreview of the game has been removed, its account of mail and network privileges have been deshabilitados, like any person that dismiss.

ÂQué leaves this us? Regularly we read reseñas, some others are let guide by the qualifications at the time of buying but to end of dÃa he is not mÃs that opinià ³ n of a person, and if this person is pressed by the Publisher to help to the sales of the game this becomes an excrement battery. Sad but certain.

ÂQué credibility has Gamespot now? The certain thing is that Kane&Lynch is a game that borders on the mediocre thing.

Legend of Zelda: Link⠀ ™ s Awakening DXIn pagetable they have anÃlisis quite interesting of old tÃtulo of makes almost 10 años, The Legend of Zelda - Link⠀ ™ s Awakening DX for Gameboy Color. Defined like ArqueologÃa in the games, Michael Steil does one diseccià ³ n of some archives of the cartridge in which are key pieces of cà ² I say source which they allow to know the process development.

There are indications of interfaces as I disturb C Vision for TWO of Borland or QBasicy some parts of the code make reference to assembler. hipà ² final thesis of the development focuses to a process in which the original code was decoded and re-assembled for remake of GameBoy Color.

Continuing with arqueologÃa are but games como⠀ œ X-Men - Wolverine⠀ ™ s Rage⠀ , which comes with entrances from registry and archives INF from Windows 9x, ⠀ œ Mortal Kombat 4? with fragments of cà ³ I say or peculiar ⠀ œ TinTin in Tibet⠀  of Gameboy Color, which makes reference to the SDK of the Gameboy Advance.

For one it lists completes of the archives and anÃlisis of each visits the site of Quite interesting.

Ahh Mr T continues ruleando… Shut up fool.

PS3It can sound to supply chafa, but the certain thing is that Sony has made official the cut of the price of kits of development for the PS3 to sà ³ half of the initial cost. According to SCEI, the prices paid attention to $10,250 for Norteamérica, 950.000 Yen in Japà ³ n and ⠂ ¬7,500 for Europe. This cut responds to the strategy of Sony to contribute to the pocket of the developer community.

Between the main changes we have are incluÃdo SN tools Systems like the ProDG, SN-DBS and the SN Linker. The compiler estarÃavailable in the middle of December. The remarkable change of this SDK is in which it has stopped being only for QA questions (quality control) to perfectly integrate in the process of programacià ³ n.

The question is ÂcuÃndo darÃn facilities for the independent developers.

Source: Three Speech

Canadian Forces: Direct Action

The videojuegos do not only serve like recruitment tool, lately we have seen that governments of many countries use simulators to train to their bodies of security. A recent case fué Full Spectrum Warrior, which fué diseñado by Pandemic to train to the soldiers in tÃcticas battle in equipment.

Now it touches the turn of policÃa of CanadÃ, which by means of G7 Training Enhacement has developed to one modificacià ³ n for 4 SWAT call Canadian Forces: Direct Action. This mod takes advantage the options tÃcticas of the original game and glides to position itself like a key tool in the training of the police forces in the USA and CanadÃ.

As any mod is of distribucià gratuitous ³ n, unloading of pÃgina official, weighs 650MB and requires that you have the original game installed to be able to work. También exists a pair of contacts (the USA and CanadÃ) in case of requiring attendance or for effects of training.

I ask myself if in México podriamos to apply a program of this type. The último that I knew is that in the GOPES (the body elite of the previous PFP) much Rainbow Six de Xbox gambled.

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