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10 Jan 2008

It tastes Archer

It completes time that I knew of her was in my times of PC to gamer with nonOne Lives Forever 2, a game that ganà ³ enough prizes in the 2002 and that characterized by an excellent history and handling of diÃlogo. The game dejà ³ abierta the possibility of one third delivery, nevertheless Monolith (the developers) decided on the way of the terror with F.E.A.R and mÃs recently with Condemned 2: Bloodshot (2008) (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) and Project Origin (2008) (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3).

Like extra data, Blow basà ³ in a real model, the Mitzi actress Martin (in the photo) and the voice in NOLF 2 is of Jen Taylor (if, Cortana). Ah that good weathers.

Fallout 3

Bethesda Softworks finishes updating seccià ³ n of conceptual art of Fallout 3. I believe that I am one of the ten that estÃn moved because it leaves east game. Bethesda is sinà ³ nimo of quality asà like Fallout of art object.

In the official site también is an entrance of the Newspaper of Developer, this time at the hands of Emil Pagliarulo, Leader of Diseño of this project.

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If, they did as it in Soul Calibur III, to Namco him ocurrià ³ “shining” the idea that in Soul Calibur IV habrÃexclusive personages. I put and it in inverted commas not by the exclusive feature, but by the out of place thing that is Star Wars of the concept of Soul Calibur. I do not blame to Lucas nor I put the t-shirt of fanboy, everything in the industry is moderate in dà ³ lares and is a fact that Star Wars needs one at this moment “intervencià ³ n”.

By the way, Vader serÃexclusive of PS3 and Yoda… hmm who cares Yoda?

Thanks V3N0M

Big Boss


In order to see mÃs similar can check in Videogame Lookalikes

Within Experimental Gameplay Project (one of my pÃginas favorite) exists a series of games able to cover the mouth to him to which they think that to make something funny a budget is needed thousands of dà ³ lares. It is in this type of pÃginas that the important mixture but of a game (concepto+jugabilidad) megres to perfeccià ³ n and for sample is enough Crayon Physics Deluxe.

In the Crayon Physics your objective is to collect stars with the “red ball”, for this you have to your disposicià ³ n crayà ³ n with which you can draw objects that they generate, by means of fÃsica, a movement that manages to connect to the ball with stars. The control is quite simple, with the left button of ratà ³ n you draw, with the right you remove objects and the espaciadora bar cleans all the screen.

The sequel, Crayon Physics Deluxe, are developing and already Festival has been name for the prize Seumas McNally of the Independent Games. The author of this wonder is Petri Purho and in the following video they can see a probadita than serÃthis sequel.

Air Guitars

If it does not reach after a Epiphone or of plane nor after the Xplorer de Guitar Hero aquà estÃsolucià ³ n. The image is part of one campaña for new estacià ³ n of radio in Glasgow developed by agency The Bridge.

VÃa: Design Corner

I am useful to put this video that realizà ³ the people of Pixologic altogether with Ubisoft Montreal to show the job stream of the Canadian study in games as Rainbow Six Vegas and Assassin' s You believe. A month ago I put myself to work with Zbrush 3,1 and quedé very made an impression with the facility to generate models with great level of detail, starting off of mesh of low polÃgonos.

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19 DEC 2007

The vestibule Flash Version

One of the innovations in jugabilidad of the 2007, Vestibule, already has a clone in the Web. Developed by Armor Games, Vestibule: The Flash Version takes the key elements from the original game it translates and them in a lateral perspective.

They can play giving it to a click in the image superior, quite recommendable.

C&C Tiberium
Command & Conquer: Tiberium

ED 209
ED-209: Robocop

VÃa: Rock, Paper & Shotgun


The última time that we knew of Duke Nukem Forever fué in a video that mostrà ³ during the E3 of the 2001, cuÃl llevà ³ Las Palmas by the intensity of the jugabilidad. Nevertheless the project quedà ³ in the forgetfulness and I do not doubt that 3D Realms is redistribuÃdo to the work party in other projects.

Like 10 años and Christmas present después of to be announced, Duke Nukem Forever appears in scene with a new one to teaser. Is nothing of jugabilidad, but judging by grÃficos apparently they work with one versià ³ n modified of engine of Doom 3, as with Prey.

The trailer realizà ³ for propà ³ situated interns and anuncià ³ that is the beginning of a big wave of updates. Engine mantendrÃeffective like the date of exit: “When esté ready”. Like extra data, 3D Realms not desacartà ³ that Duke Nukem Forever is developed for Xbox 360.

If, the voice is of Jon St John, the “Duke” of all the life.

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