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If, they did as it in Soul Calibur III, to Namco him ocurrià ³ “shining” the idea that in Soul Calibur IV habrÃexclusive personages. I put and it in inverted commas not by the exclusive feature, but by the out of place thing that is Star Wars of the concept of Soul Calibur. I do not blame to [...]

In order to see mÃs similar can check in Videogame Lookalikes

Within Experimental Gameplay Project (one of my pÃginas favorite) exists a series of games able to cover the mouth to him to which they think that to make something funny a budget is needed thousands of dà ³ lares. It is in this type of pÃginas that the important mixture but of a game (concepto+jugabilidad) megres to [...]

I am useful to put this video that realizà ³ the people of Pixologic altogether with Ubisoft Montreal to show the job stream of the Canadian study in games as Rainbow Six Vegas and Assassin' s You believe. A month ago I put myself to work with Zbrush 3,1 and quedé very made an impression with the facility to generate models with [...]


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19 DEC 2007

One of the innovations in jugabilidad of the 2007, Vestibule, already has a clone in the Web. Developed by Armor Games, Vestibule: The Flash Version takes the key elements from the original game it translates and them in a lateral perspective.
They can play giving it to a click in the image superior, quite recommendable.

Command & Conquer: Tiberium

ED-209: Robocop
VÃa: Rock, Paper & Shotgun

The última time that we knew of Duke Nukem Forever fué in a video that mostrà ³ during the E3 of the 2001, cuÃl llevà ³ Las Palmas by the intensity of the jugabilidad. Nevertheless the project quedà ³ in the forgetfulness and I do not doubt that 3D Realms is redistribuÃdo to [...]

It does but of 25 años that aparecià ³ Moon Patrol, everything clÃsico of Arcadia that I had opportunity to play in my Atari 2600. In this note of Armchair Arcade I find out to me that Space Patrol, “a homemade” game developed by Beeslife which is planned to send for Intellivision in its native format: a cartridge. Well they say [...]

One of the so many things that I detest to play to multiplayer in I haul 3 is the pendejadas racism and the amount of that can be said in a few minutes. If you are Mexican you denote and perhaps it in your card of player in 4 of each 5 games look for joderte by something: “ÂHey quedate of the other [...]

For my, Greenpeace is lost credibility with the passage of the años, nevertheless have good ideas to handle his campañas. ÂQué thinks?

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