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25 Feb 2008

Killer Cuts

Short while ago ordered my quarter me encontré with the CD of Killer Cuts, which venÃa of gift when you bought Killer Instinct of SNES. Me dià ³ curiosity and I put it immediately to sound, because mayorÃa of the songs already habÃa forgotten. Ahhh you but Killer Instinct is not engaged in very good memories to me: the extreme one, them c-cc-stand for casks breakers or the advanced thing of grÃficas for the system in which salià ³. Without a doubt one of the últimas jewels of Rare that I hope revives in the 360.

Aquà I leave to the main subject, in case they do not count on the CD and they want to lower it, aquà them encontrarÃn, along with one descripcià thorough ³ n of each one of the rolas.


UPDATE: A video after the jump

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N+ is mÃrecent s adicià ³ n to catÃlogo of Xbox Live Arcade, nevertheless the game already takes a good short while circulating of gratuitous way around the network (originally done in Flash). In order to celebrate the launching, the equipment developer optà ³ to arm to a celebration and aquà we have a video, in cuÃl is spoken of cuÃthey are to them the differences of the version of XBLA with original of Flash (although the only ones that encounter is: but levels and 800 MP)

Ok ok, this tìtulo is but like of forward but who cares? she is my blog and me pasà ³ my cuate Wire under, compartiré with you, my beloveds two readers.

1. At some time of my life I loved to be engineer, me vestÃa as so and until she programmed.
2. It annoys the smoke to me of the cigarette.
3. A patrol once stopped to me to tinkle in the street… tenìa 12 años and fué because me habia taken 6 tins from Sprite.
4. My true friendly appeared during the 2001.
5. Tardé two años in little finishing to Baldurs Gate II (mÃs of 150 hours of game).
6. Like 3 rolls of cakes oreo to the week and itself weighing just like it makes 10 años.
7. I am fanÃtico of Stacy Peralta and the Bones Brigade of años eighty
8. Not to be used Excel

Not him step this to anybody :P


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15 Feb 2008

1. To know inglés.
2. To be tenacious.
3. To know how to use Google

In that order of importance.

A fragment a little while does leÃa of a talk that dià ³ CliffyB in SAYS the last week, which I mention to continuacià ³ n:

“Fodder that people preferirÃa to make a game that sell 4,5 million copies instead of millà ³ n and “Gears” are in 4,5 million in the 360 (Xbox). I believe that the PC is not in this lÃnea… what moves to the PC market are the games type “Sims” or “WoW” as well as the amount of things based on an interface Web. Of that DAS click you only play and it. Thus it is as the PC evolves, so for my, the PC estÃin background with respect to which we do. It is important for us, but in which we focused at this moment it is in matching AAA for console”

Everything indicates that CliffyB no longer does sà ³ by love to the art.

The certain thing is that the PC is in a process of “purificacià ³ n” and estÃbeing assaulted by independent groups; by students who meet to diseñar a right game like pasà ³ in the garages during the década one of the eighty. Within that movement indie we have so valuable and original proposals like as Aquaria, that although it has not sold 4,5 million copies, has hooked me during 3 hour and a half followed during first sesià ³ n.


I ask qué pasarÃwith some of those studies in the following 10 años.

CoD4 Radiant

My beloveds 3 readers, I am not going to them to lie, is not pubitis than I suffer, is simply that I am dedicating a little mà to himtime s aficià ³ n to diseñar levels for games. A multiplayer map for Call makes some dÃas abrià ³ the call to diseñar themselves of Duty 4 on the part of Infinity Wards.

The idea of the contest is for arming the so awaited “Community Bonus Pack”, that estarÃavailable as of April to unload it free of charge. Regularly these packages see the light only for the PC versions, nevertheless IW has given a track of which podrÃa to see the light in Xbox 360 or PS3:

1 - Design your maps around your platform of choice (PC, Xbox 360, or PS3); ace you to never know where it could end up.

Of aquà to the 31 of March estaré posteando some imÃgenes of the map that meteré to contest.


Surfer Girl is one of the sources but reliable as far as the industry of videojuegos it talks about. In the última actualizacià ³ n of his blog I see 3 notes that call much to me atencià ³ n:

- During prà ³ ximo Ubidays mostrarÃn tÃtulos like GRAW 3, the new Prince of Persia and Darkworks' Alive.
- Infinity Ward is developing to Call of Duty 6
- Crytek is supervising, but not developing a version of Crysis for console.

It is a fact that Infinity Ward seguirÃwith this line of games since prestige and gains without precedents have generated him, the único that worries to me is, by ambicià ³ n of Activision, the tax exemption loses identity. 3 GRAW and MGP tÃtulos are waited for, ojalà enough that third versià ³ n of GRAW does not disappoint like the previous one.

By último, Âwe needed a version Crysis for console? I no, already terminé in PC. Nevertheless después of tremendous inversià is *INDISPENSABLE* Crytek to generate gains ³ n since as all we know, the sales have not been as it were expected (thanks to the requirements).

ÂThat they think?

Dr Evil

In MCV I am with the news that Janice Turner, a columnista of the Times, has written an extensive one and “abominable” artÃculo about the time that the niños in front of the console pass of videojuegos. I do not doubt in mÃs mìnimo that Janice is of the type of mothers who consider “next-gene”, of that borrow some caracterÃsitcas geeks at the time of worrying about their children, but who lamentably remain in the days of inquisicià ³ n by commentaries so estúpidos as éste:

“Portable I refuse to buy them gaming consoles, Xboxes, GameCubes, PS2s. These plows Satan' s Sudoku, crack cocaine of the brain. Even the crappiest cartoon or lamest soap teaches to child about to character, plot, drama, humor, life. Playing videogames, children plows mentally imprisoned, wired into to their evil creators' brains.”

To read this has made me reflect in ÂCuÃntas people who surround to us think in this way? of less in my case I take to 20 años listening commentaries of the type. In short, so far I am going to drug itself and to bocetar of qué way I can induce to the niños to live in my twisted full mind on pr0n, oreo and p2p.

Fifa Street 3

I occurred the opportunity yesterday to prove demo of FIFA Street 3 which is available in the Marketplace of the 360 for dÃas. My first and última impresià ³ n: he is worse demo than I have played in the console, very below Vampire Rain or the very same Hour of Victory.

taste, series BIG of Electronic Arts is a desperate attempt to attract the accidental público to play less complex versions “and but arcades” of its brothers majors (dÃgase FIFA, Madden or NBA Live) but that mà lacks the elementimportant s: a good jugabilidad.

The Artificial intelligence is ridÃculamente estúpida ÂCà ³ mo is possible that in a game of street soccer, where the objective is to deceive to the opponent the IA is dedicated to back down and to become feints or to walk on the wall? Within the control scheme, the movement too much is forced and finishes by frustrarte to half of party less than; ³ is ilà enough gico that with botà ³ n “fintes automÃticamente” and with stick “fintes of predetermined way “….ÂQué is not the same.

In case outside little, ambientacià does not exist one suitable ³ n, diseño of the level lacks imaginacià ³ n or elements that can serve so that the player operates the style of game of one or the other way. He is demo and the excuse can be “work in progress” but this is a problem that already has treated in the previous games, which do not happen of the 63 in Metacritic.

He is true lÃstima that exists tÃtulos with this level of mediocrity. In the section grÃfico I reserve the commentaries since podrÃa to be too crude. If they wish to verify advanced it, not serÃpainful the unloading (hardly 293MB) but I warn to them in one go: it is a total and it completes excrement.

Anathema is pequeño short realized with engine of Call of Duty 4 (técnica well-known like Machinima) that lines on perfeccià ³ n. It is only enough to see the handling of cÃmaras and the dramatic quality that is generated the video throughout. The author is SgtPadrino and is, without a doubt, one of best the short ones in Machinima.com. For that todavÃa of has not played Call Duty 4 perhaps is not so attractive.

The experience of All Ghillied Up and One Shot One Kill (main subject of the short one) can be described in the following phrase: He is best diseño of level (architecture combined with the use of scripts and AI) that I have seen in videojuego

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