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N+ is mÃrecent s adicià ³ n to catÃlogo of Xbox Live Arcade, nevertheless the game already takes a good short while circulating of gratuitous way around the network (originally done in Flash). In order to celebrate the launching, the equipment developer optà ³ to arm to a celebration and aquà we have a video, in cuÃl is spoken of [...]


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15 Feb 2008

1. To know ingl├â┬ęs.
2. To be tenacious.
3. To know how to use Google
In that order of importance.

A fragment a little while does leÃa of a talk that dià ³ CliffyB in SAYS the last week, which I mention to continuacià ³ n:

ÔÇťFodder that people preferir├âa to make a game that sell 4,5 million copies instead of mill├â ┬│ n and ÔÇťGearsÔÇŁ are in 4,5 million in the 360 (Xbox). I believe that [...]

My beloveds 3 readers, I am not going to them to lie, is not pubitis than I suffer, is simply that I am dedicating a little mà to himtime s aficià ³ n to diseñar levels for games. A multiplayer map for Call makes some dÃas abrià ³ the call to diseñar themselves of Duty 4 on the part of [...]

Surfer Girl is one of the sources but reliable as far as the industry of videojuegos it talks about. In the última actualizacià ³ n of his blog I see 3 notes that call much to me atencià ³ n:
- During prà ³ ximo Ubidays mostrarÃn tÃtulos like GRAW 3, the new Prince of Persia and Darkworks' Alive.
- Infinity Ward [...]

In MCV I am with the news that Janice Turner, a columnista of the Times, has written an extensive one and ÔÇťabominableÔÇŁ art├âculo about the time that the ni├â┬▒os in front of the console pass of videojuegos. I do not doubt in m├âs m├â┬Čnimo that Janice is of the type of mothers who consider ÔÇťnext-geneÔÇŁ, of that take [...]

I occurred the opportunity yesterday to prove demo of FIFA Street 3 which is available in the Marketplace of the 360 for dÃas. My first and última impresià ³ n: he is worse demo than I have played in the console, very below Vampire Rain or the very same Hour of Victory.

Anathema is peque├â┬▒o short realized with engine of Call of Duty 4 (t├â┬ęcnica well-known like Machinima) that lines on perfecci├â ┬│ n. It is only enough to see the handling of c├âmaras and the dramatic quality that is generated the video throughout. The author is SgtPadrino and is, without a doubt, one of best the short ones in [...]


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10 Jan 2008

It completes time that I knew of her was in my times of PC to gamer with nonOne Lives Forever 2, a game that ganà ³ enough prizes in the 2002 and that characterized by an excellent history and handling of diÃlogo. The game dejà ³ abierta the possibility of one third delivery, nevertheless Monolith [...]

Bethesda Softworks finishes updating seccià ³ n of conceptual art of Fallout 3. I believe that I am one of the ten that estÃn moved because it leaves east game. Bethesda is sinà ³ nimo of quality asà like Fallout of art object.
In the official site tambi├â┬ęn is an entrance of the Newspaper of Developer, this time at hands [...]

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