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Before generating polémica if I declare my taste by the Lost, although nerds perhaps does not arrive at the levels to compare it with others saying “House is better because bla bla bla”, nevertheless to speak of videojuego
.ahhh treatment to avoid it asà as I avoid to buy each videojuego that sends on a par of one pelÃcula.

History does not lie and has demonstrated that 90% of the videojuegos based on pelÏculas do not exceed the 7 of calificacià worse Âł n (the other 10% insurance belong to those of LOTR that did EA) and even if we spoke of “pelÃculas based on videojuegos” because ALL borders on the mediocrity. Although LOST is a series of TV, también exists a referring one

Alias not pasÃ Âł of the 64, the 61 Desperate Housewives of and the game of 24 walks by the same nÃÂșmeros ÂPodrÃamos to wait for something similar? The answer is “Perhaps if, perhaps not”. Unlike mayorÃa of the games based on other series, Lost: VÃa Domus estÃbeing developed by sÃ Âł lido called study Ubisoft Montreal, that has in its salary tÃtulos Splinter Cell or Prince of Persia with the same tecnologÃa used in GRAW 2: the YETI Engine. But on the other hand we must base a game on a tax exemption is a obstacle for the diseñador and few are those that remove benefit to him, dÃndole greater weight to the jugabilidad that to the plot.

The game estÃavailable already in the stores of the USA and these dÃas we will see the reactions of the specialized press. If they ask to me, the 8 are mÃximo that podria to reach, if they ask fanboy them surely to him dirÃthat “is huge that exists a game in cuÃl you can interact with the personages of the series”.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best pretext to occur a PS3 and although the date of exit estÃin the air, Sony made official who lanzarÃa package that the console of 80GB includes and a Dual Shock 3 to a suggested price of $499.99. For that pre-they order (in the USA by all means) podrÃn to participate in the beta of MGS Online as of April. The date of exit of this bundle estÃfixed for the second quarter of this año

4 MGS Bundle

On the other hand if you do not have PSP, God of War: Chains of Olympus can be the detonating to acquire one, and if you like neither black nor white because you have iPod red Nano, then you alegrarÃknowledge that Sony has a red package of PSP with the face of Kratos to way of white stencil in the back part. The package comes, obvious with the game and a UMD of Superbad (crap) cuÃl I doubt that him DES another use that to change it by algÃÂșn old game in the bazaar.


PSP GoW in front

ImÃgenes, cortesÃa of IGN.

Big World Tech

Todd McFarlane and R.A. Salvatore together in a project is something too good like being certain, but it is it. 38 Studios is compañÃa responsible to develop “the MMOG of Todd McFarlane” and that today official did the announcement of which utilizarÃn tecnologÃa Australian BigWorld to carry out it.

BigWorld is a suite of tecnologÃa middleware that condense servant-client tools and creacià ³ n of content that is used in projects like Tian Xia (2 Netease) or House of Flying Daggers (T2CN Group).

Comparative of a Wild announcement of Sony against its similar, realized in the CryEngine 2 that mostrÃ Âł during the week last in the GDC. ÂQué thinks? For my, the quality of the video that shows the motor of Crytek is not sufficiently good like emitting a verdict.

The same announcement in can see to HD giving it to click aquÃ.

Trigger Heart Exelica

For that we liked of shooters old school to the Ikaruga style, today aterrizà ³ in the Marketplace of the XB360 versià ³ n HD of Trigger Heart Exelica, a Arcade japonés that did his aparicià ³ n in Dreamcast by cortesÃa of Warashi. Remake counts on new bottoms, grÃficas HD (so they say) and a table of lÃderes.

Quite recommendable, it only costs 800 pts and us mantendrÃoccupied while we waited for the arrival of Ikaruga

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26 Feb 2008


Metro.Siberia is to sidescroller quite interesting, developed in Flash by Tommy Salomonsson. The objective of the game is to sail by the underground system in Siberia without hitting the elements, for this podrÃs to control the height of your ship with the espaciadora bar. Account with 3 different routes, one for each difficulty (fÃcil, average and difÃcil) asà like with a table of lÃderes.

A click gambles directly in the navigator, giving aquÃ.

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The MMOG in consoles are a true failure, for test there estÃFinal Fantasy XI in cuÃl the community of users is not nor the quarter than WoW for PC shows. Phantasy Star Univer not it ubicarÃa in this heading since it is a simple RPG that receives to you to use functions that in other games are gratuitous.

Taking advantage of recent cancelacià ³ n the MMORPG of Marvel, Cryptic (City of Heroes) quedà ³ with the arms cruzados and did not become official the development of Champions Online for PC and XB360 reason why it seems to be the first decent MMOG that we will have for console. The éxito depends as well on the base of users and ésta, of the jugabilidad, content and the intuitive thing of the user interface (many games remain in the way to underestimate this section). If of follows the line of City Heroes I I score, it does already enough that nongame a decent RPG of superhéroes.


The series of games the Land is work of the surrealistic mind of TheAnemic. In each of them there is an element that it urges to you to arrive in the end and although many purists assure that they are not “games” since they do not tell on an objective in especÃfico (perhaps traditional) I good looking him much to this class of concepts.

In Land 5 you are a pixelado salesman of bibles who gains the life sleeping to his clients during five days. mecÃnica is simple: you move to your personage with the directional keys and strips the bibles to the Castlevania style with shoot with an arrow downwards. At the end of the level you sleep and delays to the following day. Cut is a curl in the style of The yet ups a right background they analyze as it in Play This Thing.

One took control of GameMaker and unloading aquÃ

Take Two versus EA

The announcement of which Electronic Arts comprarÃa to Take Two venÃa sounding for a long time and today to Take Two rechazà ³ the supply to consider it “nonsuitable”. For some analysts, the rejection of this supply not frenarÃto EA on its attempt to become of TT, nevertheless negociacià ³ n with Rockstar North (the cherry of the pie) serÃa different. If this takes shape, EA convertirÃa in the monopoly of the games of sports (it is even resistance on the part of 2K Sports).

In blog Multiplayer de MTV me encontré a list of the companies that has acquired EA from 1991:

* 1991: Distinctive Software (now EA Canada) acquired by $11 million (USD)

* 1992: Origin Systems (now disappeared)

* 1995: Bullfrog Productions (now disappeared)

* 1996: Manley & Associates (convirtià ³ in EA Seattle, now disappeared)

* 1997: Maxis (fused with EA Redwood Shores)

* 1998: Entertainment shark (now EA Shark)

* 1998: Westwood Studios (missing person); bought by $122,5 million (USD)

* 1999: Kesmai (now disappeared)

* 2000: DreamWorks Interactive (now EA Los Angeles)

* 2002: Black Box Games (now EA Black Box /EA Canada)

* 2003: Studio 33 (now EA North West)

* 2004: NuFx

* 2004: Criterion Software; it buys rumored in $79 million (USD)

* 2005: Hypnotix (now part of EA Shark)

* 2005: JAMDAT Mobile (now EA mobile); bought by $680 million (USD)

* 2006: Mythic Entertainment (now EA Mythic)

* 2006: Phenomic (now EA Phenomic)

* 2006: Digitalis Illusions EC; by approximately $24 million (argh! aquà perdià ³ Rallisport Challenge)

* 2006: Headgate Studios (now EA Salt Lake)

* 2008: BioWare Corp. /Pandemic Studios; bought by $620 million.

* 2008: ÂTake Two Interactive?

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