Neverwinter Nights

He is to me very pleasing to announce that pr├â to them ┬│ ximo 13 of March llevar├âto end a videoconference of dise├â┬▒o of videojuegos in the Technological Institute and Studies Superiors of the West (ITESO) in which participar├âYaron Jacobs, dise├â┬▒ador of Bioware that has participated in t├âtulos like Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age. This initiative is on the part of the IGDA M├â┬ęxico and to continuaci├â ┬│ n I copy the mail that recib├â on the part of its coordinator, Jacobo R├âos.

As one of the main goals that have put comit├â┬ę directive of the IGDA M├â┬ęxico for this 2008 est├âimpelling strongly to different the Cap├âtulos Student that they are created throughout pa├âs to trav├â┬ęs of different initiatives that have come gliding and scheming to enrich them and to establish bases the future s├â ┬│ lidas for of the industry in ours pa├âs.

One of these initiatives (between several others) is the one of being able to support to the different student capÃtulos to bring to its universities conferences/factories where people of international stature can share with them (and the rest of the community) her experiences and knowledge, asà because prà ³ ximo Thursday 13 of March llevarÃto end the first (of we wait for many) videoconference in the Tecnolà Institute ³ gico and of Studies Superiors of the West (ITESO), where Yaron Jacobs - Game Designer de Bioware, that has worked in tÃtulos like Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age, darÃone plÃtica speaking on diseño of vjuegos.

For the people who cannot attend actually, cap├âtulo student of the ITESO tambi├â┬ęn transmitir├âv├âa Web the conference, as├â is that if ser├âa are interested people good that they began to score.

ÔÇťCreating Diversi├â ┬│ n, Dise├â┬▒ando VideojuegosÔÇŁ
Yaron Jacobs, Game Designer Bioware
(Dragoon Age, Neverwinter Nights)
Thursday 13 of March, 4:00 p.m.
Technological institute and of Studies Superiors of the West (ITESO)
Building W - Room of videoconferences

It is pleasant much to me to receive this type of the news. As soon as est├â┬ę available the URL of the conference har├â┬ę to know itself.

No-fan de Steam

In: Videojuegos

29 Feb 2008


To many they like, no. I detest to have installed Steam to play Audiosurf, p├â┬ęsima annoys his to me optimizaci├â ┬│ n and slow starting and the fact to have one aplicaci├â basic ┬│ n that consumes valuable resources, necessary for a game. Ok, okÔÇŽ.all enjoyed CS Source when sali├â ┬│ and are packages with several games to very accessible prices, but it follows without being my hit, as it were it never the Gamespy Arcade.

She is one of the reasons for which I prefer The Orange Box in Xbox 360.

recomendacià ³ n of games for this two weekend is shooters, name by pÃgina of IndieGames like the best ones of the 2007. Addictive and they are completely opposed at level grÃfico. First it is Echoes is a game developed by BinaryZoo; I see one it versià improved ³ n of Asteroids, with I touch of Geometry Wars but that unlike these, your ship counts on a bar of energÃa that falls little by little when you hit with asteroids.


One both controls with mouse (hardly with touchpad of lap) and bellboys, varying the speed according to which so rÃI ask you make the change from a side to another one. There are 10 levels of difficulty and 3 items that you can obtain: firings, pump and energÃa for your ship. He is addictive and grÃficamente impressive, mainly when you destroy giant asteroids and the screen vibrates, followed of a fog effect.

On the other hand, Honeyblaster is to shooter horizontal, developed by Low Fuel, in which you control a pixelada bee that it must kill other insects. tem├âtica can seem infantile but the bottoms monocrom├âticos and the level gr├âfico (pixelado with resoluci├â ┬│ n of 160├Ś100 and effects of scanline) gives another adult touch him but. Account with three scenes, one of them tribute to Doom, with espec├âficos enemies and a level of difficulty in increase.


By the way, if they were wondered if they must install some extra sweepings to run them thenÔÇŽ no, are gratuitous. I omit the videos of Youtube because they do not make justice to the quality gr├âfica of both t├âtulos.

In order to unload Echoes click aquÃ. For Honeyblaster, click aquÃ.

In spite of the crÃticas if it fulfills or not what fans has hoped during años, Street Fighter IV is must have for my coleccià ³ n. That treatment grÃfico to the style okami gives a quite interesting touch him.

Gears of War 2

Epic Games has sent a survey in pÃgina official of Gears of War so that the community helps in the development of Gears of them War 2. Between the questions we have: cuÃl is the moment mÃs OMG, the enemy mÃdifÃcil s, the weapon that deberÃas to always have or achievement that mÃs you wish to unblock, to mention some. The reason for the survey is to obtain tracks than the community ximo wishes for prà ³ game.

This type of initiatives is común in compañÃas like Epic, Infinity Wards, You go Software or Valve, who abren surveys by means of their forums before sending new actualizacià ³ n in their tÃtulos.

In order to realize the survey necesitarà gives to a click aquà (s of your account of Live Windows)


Konami made official, Metal Gear Solid 4 har├âa simultaneous debut in Jap├â ┬│ n, Norteam├â┬ęrica and Europe pr├â ┬│ ximo 12 of June (of this a├â┬▒o) with which incluir├âGear metal Online that soportar├âup to 16 players in line. By all means Konami has planned something extra for they preorder which it: Dvd commemorative of the 20 anniversary of the tax exemption, with a retrospective one to dem├âs games, profiles of the personages and m├âimportant s, that it is the access to the beta of MGS Online at the end of April.

VÃa: Gamasutra

Band rock

Perhaps many do not know it, but Rockband is not official in M├â┬ęxico. distribuci├â does not exist one ┬│ n on the part of EA and for which we have the game, opci├â ┬│ n to buy the packages that leave every Tuesday in the Marketplace is null (of less in a Mexican account). The presale in GameRush est├âput for the 22 of June, nevertheless others assure that the following month we will have already it.

├éSo that as much delay? Near sources have commented to me that versi├â official ┬│ n for M├â┬ęxico contar├âwith new a├â┬▒adidas songs, without replacing the original ones, and estar├ân thought for the Latin p├â┬║blico. If this is certain only I hope that he is setlist decent and not a full game of clones of Panda.

Attack of Killer Swarm

Attack of the Killer Swarm is a game of kylegabler, developed in Flash in which your objective is to attack the people with your cluster, to elevate them by airs to see as they gut when falling. The points depend on the height and speed at which they fall, therefore to greater height, major speed. The game is a feasible one of 5MB for PC that can be unloaded from pÃgina of Experimental Gameplay Project

Applications exist pair of interesting of to kylegabler, one that is a simulator of the growth of a tree and the other, that gambles with your micrà ³ phono, both with the dark concept that handles in AotKS

Wii Japan

In agreement with reports of Enterbrain (Famitsu) and a company/signature of mercad├â ┬│ logo, the Wii estar├âa exceeding in 4 to 1 in sales to Playstation 3 in Jap├â ┬│ n. In spite of the recent blunting of the console of Sony, the Wii has sold 331.627 consoles during February, whereas the PS3 hardly alcanz├â ┬│ the 89,131. Xbox 360 follows the loss, with hardly 14.079 consoles. raz├â ┬│ n of this increase is in the ├â┬ęxito of the Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The ├â┬ęxito of the Wii tambi├â┬ęn falls to powerful campa├â┬▒a of publicity, focused to the accidental p├â┬║blico and in the increase of games, for all the pleasures. Nevertheless the Wii tambi├â┬ęn shows t├âtulo of being less played and the one than it has but sweepings of games in his salary. Everything what shines is not gold.

Source: Gamasutra

Battlefield Heroes has changed the strategy: instead of to offer a motor gr├âfico surprising, has chosen by gr├âficas to the style Team Fortress 2 and est├âfocused to a p├â┬║blico m├âaccidental s. Perhaps EA tom├â ┬│ this decisi├â ┬│ n despu├â┬ęs to see c├â ┬│ mo has changed to the PC market the ├â┬║ltimos a├â┬▒os, where the games Web or MMOG dominate the land. Battlefield Heroes ser├âa gratuitous game (with publicity including) and not pedir├âa very powerful equipment to enjoy it, in fact this thought for the consumer b├âsico.

BF Heroes

But im├âgenes despu├â┬ęs of the jump. To continue readingÔÇŁ

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