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Konami anunci├â ┬│ that is working with the developer espa├â┬▒ol Mercury Steam (CB' s Jericho, Scrapland) in t├âtulo close by that ver├âthe light between 2009 and 2010. The ÔÇťsecret projectÔÇŁ (PS3, XB360) ser├âpart of forward edge of games of the house MGS developer. The strategy of Konami is to have a major penetraci├â ┬│ n in the European market, once they announced that the new Track & Field est├âalmost ready and that needs another one t├âtulo coming from regi├â ┬│ n.

I complete project of Mercury Steam was Clive Barker' s Jericho, a game of median aceptacià ³ n and good rating.

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Xbox Live logo

This is something that sabÃamos for a long time, estÃverified and it is not necessary to stress, nevertheless Robbie Bach, President of the Divisià ³ n of Entertainment in Microsoft, again made referring declarations to the superiority of the service of Xbox Live in comparacià ³ n with demÃs consoles.

It denotes it to Bach like ÔÇťthe differenceÔÇŁ between the 360 and dem├âs consoles, since ┬│ n of purchase in mayor├âa of the users governs decisi├â. Proof of it is the unballastable content of dated GTA IV for oto├â┬▒o. It is a experience that ÔÇťyou do not have with other consoles in the marketÔÇŁ.

I incline in line by other options like the infrastructure, the intuitive interface of dashboard and distribucià ³ n of the content. That makes the difference between Xbox Live and the PSN.

Grand Theft Car 4 Special Edition

He is com├â┬║n to see that the games of ┬│ n completes generaci├â are sent in ÔÇťa normalÔÇŁ edition and ÔÇťspecialÔÇŁ or ÔÇťof colecci├â ┬│ nÔÇŁ. Although sometimes the difference is only in a DVD with extras or box met├âlica, edici├â special ┬│ n of Grand Theft Car IV vol├â ┬│ the horse armor and comes with a series from extras much m├âs ├â┬║tiles that a simple helmet that it does not have left nor to your cat.

The package comes with one matrÃcula commemorative of Liberty City, a safe-deposit box, book of art, soundtrack of the game (best rolas I suppose) and a suitcase to be able to keep your AK-47. The cost is of $89 USD and you can acquire it in Amazon or Games Univer

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Assassins Creed for PC

In spite of already being circulating ÔÇťunofficiallyÔÇŁ (lease via torrent) Assassin' s You believe estar├âavailable from the 28 of March for the PC. versi├â ┬│ n that circulates right now is a beta todav├âa which does not count on m├âs of half of the game. Remarkable difference AC for PC is in the content extra, that includes a series of missions extra that tendr├âs that to realize before carrying out the murders.

Those that we played versi├â ┬│ n of console we know the repetitive thing that is ÔÇťto obtain informaci├â in the same way ┬│ nÔÇŁ in each city, for this Ubi Soft agreg├â ┬│ the following tasks: Rooftop RACE Challenge, Archer Assassination, Merchant Stand Destruction Challenge and Escort Challenge. The requirements are high, of except dual Core with 2GB in ram and a video card that has supported DX 10.

Rainbow Six Fertile valleys 2

pÃgina of or has the list of profits of Rainbow Six Fertile valleys 2 between which we can see some finish each one of the seven different missions, profits to kill at the top to low terrorists while to rappel or with shots using silencer.

The one that m├âs calls atenci├â ┬│ n is the call ÔÇťHaute CoutureÔÇŁ, that activates when creating our own camouflage. The rest of profits est├âbalanced well, very focused to the way of cooperative game

Jade Raymond

According to a report of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), of the total of videojugadores 38% they are women, who spend in average 7,5 hours of game to the week. The favorite platforms are Nintendo DS and the PC (if, they read well, the PC) and the favorite g├â┬ęnero is the priest's fees. In opposition to this n├â┬║mero, the percentage of women who do videojuegos is of 12%, in agreement with the IGDA.

It surprises to see that not est├â to methe Wii in the list, since gr├ân leaves from the feminine p├â┬║blico prefers this console over the PS3 or Xbox 360. The preference is in the concept of ÔÇťcomplexÔÇŁ or ÔÇťviolentÔÇŁ games that is had of consoles of Sony or Nintendo, nevertheless gr├ân I number of the base of users of World of Warcraft are women. ├éPerhaps Mass Effect is but complex that World of Warcraft? I doubt much to it.

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FF CC: My life ace to King

As of today, Nintendo already has a Web site dedicated to WiiWare in which we will be able to see 11 games (Japanese) between which emphasize Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life ace to King and StarSoldierR deSquare-Enix and the Hudson respectively.

The date of launching of the service estÃdated for March and ³ n so that the independent developers, interested in tecnologÃa of the Wii, distribute their work, very in the style of which is outlined like opcià makes Microsoft with XNA and XBLA in the 360.


Although it does not finish leaving, many surely know from versià ³ n that finishes being sent for Xbox Live Arcade, N is a game of platforms/puzzle developed in Flash that aparecià ³ makes almost 4 años. The última actualizacià ³ n dates from the 2005 and counts on but of 200 puzzles, a publisher of levels called Ned and a quite great community, where we will be able to find new unloadings.

Click aquà to unload it.

Call of Duty 4

It does just awhile that me conect├â┬ę with the 360 to play CoD4 when me sali├â ┬│ the message of so waited for actualizaci├â ┬│ n. Despu├â┬ęs of to be announced makes a pair of weeks in the forums of Infinity Ward, Microsoft has put in the server the patch that among others things adds migraci├â ┬│ n of host and solves what they call ÔÇťjodidaÔÇŁ that was the class of sniper.

All that we played sab├âamos that were one mentioned that host left the game and autom├â was closedticamente the lobby, now host migrates towards the better player with conexi├â ┬│ n. With respect to sniper fu├â┬ę improved precisi├â ┬│ n of the arms, sight ACOG and the points of impact in the ghillie suit.

Another important a├â┬▒adido is the possibility of being silent to that you want of the equipment with pressing bot├â once indicated ┬│ n. In order to finalize dem├âs is est├â┬ęticas questions and falls to a n├â┬║mero major of c├âmaras at the time of dying (Airstrike, Helicopter, etc) or an improved way of ÔÇťspectatorÔÇŁ.

In alg├â┬║n moment I had lag and even cerr├â ┬│ the lobby with a message of ÔÇťcannot be realized migraci├â ┬│ n of hostÔÇŁ; dem├âs options already was working. I hope that this problem has been only for today.


Perhaps many of you you work with textures, or for algún model in 3D or to apply them directly in algún publisher of levels as the UnrealED or the QeRadiant and knows the time that it consumes to obtain that the object to which they are applied it is similar which they wish to represent. There is no worse thing than a stone texture in the floor that is resembled a carpet.

CrazyBump is a publisher enough fÃcil to use, which requires that him loadings your texture, once done pasarÃs to a window in which podrÃs to alter the values of the different maps: Normal, Displacement, Occlusion, Specularity and Diffuse. The interesting thing of this is opcià ³ n to visualize your texture in real time, applied to a sphere, cylinder, bucket or even a model to which you wish to apply it (it supports .obj, .dae, .ase and .x)

In the end podrÃs to save all the map of your eleccià ³ n or the complete group in format .png, maintaining tamaño original of the texture. The software of Ryan Clark estÃin beta and estarÃavailable until the 15 of March, they can subscribe to the mail list or to visit the support forum in case they have doubts.

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