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This is something that sabÃamos for a long time, estÃverified and it is not necessary to stress, nevertheless Robbie Bach, President of the Divisià ³ n of Entertainment in Microsoft, again made referring declarations to the superiority of the service of Xbox Live in comparacià ³ n with demÃs consoles.
It denotes it to Bach like ÔÇťthe differenceÔÇŁ between the 360 and [...]

He is com├â┬║n to see that the games of ┬│ n completes generaci├â are sent in ÔÇťa normalÔÇŁ edition and ÔÇťspecialÔÇŁ or ÔÇťof colecci├â ┬│ nÔÇŁ. Although sometimes the difference is only in a DVD with extras or box met├âlica, edici├â special ┬│ n of Grand Theft Car IV vol├â ┬│ the horse armor and comes with a series from extras [...]

In spite of already being circulating ÔÇťunofficiallyÔÇŁ (lease via torrent) Assassin' s You believe estar├âavailable from the 28 of March for the PC. versi├â ┬│ n that circulates right now is a beta todav├âa which does not count on m├âs of half of the game. Remarkable difference AC for PC is in the extra content, that [...]

pÃgina of or has the list of profits of Rainbow Six Fertile valleys 2 between which we can see some finish each one of the seven different missions, profits to kill at the top to low terrorists while to rappel or with shots using silencer.
The one that mÃs calls atencià to me ³ n is [...]

According to a report of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), of the total of videojugadores 38% they are women, who spend in average 7,5 hours of game to the week. The favorite platforms are Nintendo DS and the PC (if, they read well, the PC) and the favorite g├â┬ęnero is the priest's fees. In opposition to this [...]

As of today, Nintendo already has a Web site dedicated to WiiWare in which we will be able to see 11 games (Japanese) between which emphasize Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life ace to King and StarSoldierR deSquare-Enix and the Hudson respectively.
The date of launching of the service estÃdated for March and it is outlined like [...]

Although it does not finish leaving, many surely know from versià ³ n that finishes being sent for Xbox Live Arcade, N is a game of platforms/puzzle developed in Flash that aparecià ³ makes almost 4 años. The última actualizacià ³ n dates from the 2005 and counts on but of 200 puzzles, [...]

It does just awhile that me conect├â┬ę with the 360 to play CoD4 when me sali├â ┬│ the message of so waited for actualizaci├â ┬│ n. Despu├â┬ęs of to be announced makes a pair of weeks in the forums of Infinity Ward, Microsoft has put in the server the patch that among others things adds migraci├â ┬│ n of [...]

Perhaps many of you you work with textures, or for algún model in 3D or to apply them directly in algún publisher of levels as the UnrealED or the QeRadiant and knows the time that it consumes to obtain that the object to which they are applied it is similar which they wish to represent. There is worse no [...]

He is to me very pleasing to announce that prà to them ³ ximo 13 of March llevarÃto end a videoconference of diseño of videojuegos in the Technological Institute and Studies Superiors of the West (ITESO) in which participarÃYaron Jacobs, diseñador of Bioware that has participated in tÃtulos like Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age. This initiative is [...]

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