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13 Sea 2008


Ubisoft me dià ³ the perfect pretext to acquire GRAW 2: Anuncià ³ officially versià ³ n Legacy Edition that incluirÃall the maps available that are in marketplace and that estarà available as of the month of April of this año.

The editions “Sea breams” or of “Game of año” are one prÃctica común in the games of PC for time and little by little begins enough to restore itself in consoles (CoD2 or Oblivion are good examples), in this ocasià ³ n touches the turn of GRAW 2, a game that at first not me enganchà ³, nevertheless is must have in librerÃa of whatever it likes of shooters the military. ³ owns sà lido cooperative way that makes us remember the frustrating thing that was to fail an objective in the old Ghost Recon 2 of Xbox.

The extra disc includes a total of 39 maps, new ways of game and new arms and harÃits right arrival después of the launching of Rainbow Six Fertile valleys 2.

Pokemon Ranch Chanel

Recently it commented to them of the tÃtulos that estarÃan available for the service of WiiWare in Japà ³ n. Then, the date of launching already is official: prà ³ ximo 25 of March and the scheme of prices has occurred to know, beginning by mÃs cheap of 500 Wii Points ($5 USD) and 1500 Wii Points ($15 USD) for mÃs expensive.

The tÃtulos that we will be able to buy under this scheme prà ³ ximo 25 of March are:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life ace King - 1500
Dr Mario & Saikin Bokumetsu - 1000
Pokemon Ranch Chanel - 1000
Lonpos - 1000
Kotoba nonPuzzle Mojipittan - 1000
Saku Saku Animal Panic - 1000
Star Soldier R - 800
Okiraku Ping Pong - 500
Angels Solitaire - 500

VÃa: GamesIndustryBiz

Game Developer Magazine

In the número mÃrecent s of the Game Developer Magazine comes a listing with the 50 better developers from año past, cuÃliderea l (without surprises) Nintendo Kyoto, followed by Infinity Ward and Blizzard Entertainment. In the same número of 4 Duty and one series of very interesting artÃculos like The Art comes so awaited postmortem from Call of Designing Art in the Aural column Fix or Print is Dead in Arrested Development. The cost of edicià digital ³ n is of $3,95 and it is possible to be acquired in pÃgina official.

1. Nintendo Kyoto (Brain Age, Wii Play)
2. Infinity Ward (Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
3. Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade)
4. Electronic Arts Canada (FIFA Soccer 08, NBA Street: Homecourt)
5. Valve (Vestibule, Team Fortress 2)
6. Konami Japan Studio (Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer, Dances Dances Revolution Univer)
7. Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank Future)
8. Capcom Osaka Studio (Lost Planet: It carries far Condition, Monster Hunter Freedom)
9. Electronic Arts Shark (Madden NFL 08, NASCAR 08)
10. BioWare Edmonton (Mass Effect, Jade Empire: Special Edition)
11. Bungie Studios (I haul 3)
12. Ubisoft Montreal (Assassin⠀ ™ s You believe, Naruto: Rise Of To Ninja)
13. 2K Boston [& Australia] (BioShock)
14. Harmonix (Band Rock)
15. Bandai Namco Tokyo (Ace Combat 6: Fires Of Liberation, Beautiful Katamari)
16. Square Enix Tokyo (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Front Mission DS)
17. Game Freak (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
18. Epic Games (Unreal Tournament 3, Gears Of War PC)
19. The Hudson Soft (Mario Party 8, Mario Party DS)
20. Neversoft (Guitar Hero III, Tony Hawk⠀ ™ s Proving Ground)
21. EA Redwood Shores
22. Crytek
23. Nintendo EAD Tokyo
24. EA Los Angeles
25. Realtime Worlds
26. Bethesda Softworks
27. Naughty Dog
28. SCE Studios Santa Monica
29. EA Black Box
30. Turn 10 Studios
31. Traveller⠀ ™ s Such
32. Relic Entertainment
33. Beenox
34. Level 5
35. Tose
36. Codemasters
37. Maxis
38. Pawapuro Production
39. EA UK Studio
40. Firaxis
41. Amaze Entertainment
42. Massive Entertainment
43. Retro Studios
44. Sega of Japan
45. Sports Interactive
46. Tecmo
47. Extreme Digitalis
48. Crystal Dynamics
49. Obsidian Entertainment
50. Big Huge Games

VÃa: The Wired Blog


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11 Sea 2008


Perhaps judging by its Web site Interplay preparation has something, nevertheless I do not believe that it recovers of the hard financial blow of some años ago (and the amount of legal problems that it had). The certain thing is that the sale of rights of Fallout 3 to Bethesda can mean a new air for compañÃa.

In the image that are above we recognize Earthworm Jim, MDK and one chik of Baldur' s Gate: Dark Alliance.

Mazer Mayhem

Recently that Microsoft made official the announcement of Xbox Live Community and under the sleeve venÃan a series of games among which it emphasized The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. The rest was very good proposals, nothing nevertheless attractive in the part grÃfica.

At the same time, in Japà ³ n celebrà ³ the XNA Game Studio Japan 2008 Spring Contest where tÃtulos with another one are come off temÃtica and grÃbut ficamente similar to a game of Xbox that one of Flash, as it is the case in América. The winner was puzzle Yamakake call and like finalists shooter Mazer Mayhem (image superior) and Armored Strider. I am not safe of qué so jugables are but that they handle to a good level grÃfico is no doubt some.

MÃs images después of the jump To continue reading”

Mass Effect DLC

The first unballastable content for Mass Effect already estÃavailable in the Marketplace and it takes like tÃtulo Bring Down the Sky (or the sky estÃfalling). This new package añade 90 minutes mÃgame s introduces and us to a new class, the Batarians which have kidnapped to one estacià space ³ n in the Asgard system, which they glide to collide with the planet Terra Nova.

The content estÃavailable as of today by 400 MP and añade a profit of 50 pts.

For my Apple and Videojuegos it is like water and oil, nevertheless are some have hope with the recent opening of iPhone to the developers. For sample demostracià is enough this ³ n of Spore, realized the week last during presentacià ³ n of the SDK.

Jessica Chobot IGN

Ok ok, tÃtulo is tendentious, nevertheless that reports Daily Mirror when it talks about a recent study in which the BritÃnicos they prefer to play, to sail in Internet or to see TV instead of have sex. This form leaves from the activities mÃs popular that is realized in the bed, in which “surprise” `occupies the first place to sleep' (duh)

There am aquà the activity list (ordinate in minutes per week)

1. To sleep (3,150)
2. To speak with your pair (193)
3. To see TV (132)
4. To sail in the network (122)
5. To read (114)
6. To listen to música (105)
7. To speak by teléfono (81)
8. To work (77)
9. To play videojuegos (57)
10. To have sex (35)

HabrÃthat to see the result of a similar survey in Latinoamérica, although we know that in México we are in satisfaccià sexual ³ n rather well. :P

logo Xbox 360

By ahà it is rumored that Xbox 360 tendrÃhis versià ³ n of 60GB per May or June of this año, reason why solucionarÃthe annoying problem to erase we give or videos after being able to unload a game of the line Xbox Originals. If this takes shape serÃa a good pretext to acquire one, or to sell the one of 20GB.

What if is official it is the cut of price in the United Kingdom to the different versions from the console: £40 (approximately about 80 dà ³ lares) reason why sitúan asÃ:

- Xbox 360 Arcade £159.99 ($322)
- Xbox 360 £259.99 Elite ($524)
- Xbox 360 Premium £199.99 ($403)

With this loss of price, the model Elite is located below the cost of the PS3, a movement that Sony of insurance thinks to resist shortly. I hope that this loss is reflected también in the American market during this año, serÃa a detonating so that many users did one actualizacià ³ n to versià ³ n Elite.

VÃa: Gamasutra and Ubergizmo ARE

Bully Scholarship Edition

Después of the wave of complaints by bajonazo of framerate or “freezing” in Bully Scholarship Edition, the head of Rockstar, Sam Houser, culpà ³ to old woman consoles of the bad operation. Asegurà ³ that in jamÃs had this problem in their offices or Microsoft reason why I am “horrified” when seeing such thing and said that they are working to solve it.

“We loved our games and we put energÃa enough and well-taken care of to leave them as we wished. JamÃs we have sent something that esté finalized and they do not have by certainly jamÃwe will do it to s.”

This kind of problems is the bread ours of every day when they are decided to do ports of other consoles. For sample Konami is enough.

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