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Recently it commented to them of the tÃtulos that estarÃan available for the service of WiiWare in Japà ³ n. Then, the date of launching already is official: prà ³ ximo 25 of March and the scheme of prices has occurred to know, beginning by mÃs cheap of 500 Wii Points ($5 USD) and 1500 Wii [...]

In the número mÃrecent s of the Game Developer Magazine comes a listing with the 50 better developers from año past, cuÃliderea l (without surprises) Nintendo Kyoto, followed by Infinity Ward and Blizzard Entertainment. In the same número of 4 Duty and one series of artÃculos very comes so awaited postmortem from Call [...]


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11 Sea 2008

Perhaps judging by its Web site Interplay preparation has something, nevertheless I do not believe that it recovers of the hard financial blow of some años ago (and the amount of legal problems that it had). The certain thing is that the sale of rights of Fallout 3 to Bethesda can mean a new air for [...]

Recently that Microsoft made official the announcement of Xbox Live Community and under the sleeve venÃan a series of games among which it emphasized The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. The rest was very good proposals, nothing nevertheless attractive in the part grÃfica.
At the same time, in Japà ³ n celebrà ³ the XNA Game Studio [...]

The first unballastable content for Mass Effect already estÃavailable in the Marketplace and it takes like tÃtulo Bring Down the Sky (or the sky estÃfalling). This new package añade 90 minutes mÃgame s introduces and us to a new class, the Batarians which have kidnapped to one estacià space ³ n in the system [...]

For my Apple and Videojuegos it is like water and oil, nevertheless are some have hope with the recent opening of iPhone to the developers. For sample demostracià is enough this ³ n of Spore, realized the week last during presentacià ³ n of the SDK.

Ok ok, tÃtulo is tendentious, nevertheless that reports Daily Mirror when it talks about a recent study in which the BritÃnicos they prefer to play, to sail in Internet or to see TV instead of have sex. This form leaves from the activities mÃs popular that is realized in the bed, in which [...]

By ahà it is rumored that Xbox 360 tendrÃhis versià ³ n of 60GB per May or June of this año, reason why solucionarÃthe annoying problem to erase we give or videos after being able to unload a game of the line Xbox Originals. If this takes shape serÃa a good pretext to acquire [...]

Despu├â┬ęs of the wave of complaints by bajonazo of framerate or ÔÇťfreezingÔÇŁ in Bully Scholarship Edition, the head of Rockstar, Sam Houser, culp├â ┬│ to old woman consoles of the bad operation. Asegur├â ┬│ that in jam├âs had this problem in their offices or Microsoft reason why I am ÔÇťhorrifiedÔÇŁ when seeing such thing and said [...]

Konami anunci├â ┬│ that is working with the developer espa├â┬▒ol Mercury Steam (CB' s Jericho, Scrapland) in t├âtulo close by that ver├âthe light between 2009 and 2010. The ÔÇťsecret projectÔÇŁ (PS3, XB360) ser├âpart of forward edge of games of the house MGS developer. The strategy of Konami is to have a major [...]

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