Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

I have counted up to 10 (even up to 100) and have not been able to undo of the anger and decepci√É to me ¬≥ n that I have by PES 2008 for XB360. A game is a lack of respect to the consumer on the part of Konami when giving that not est√Éready, in case of being as√É they deber√Éan to hang of the noble parts to the equipment responsible for quality control. The game est√Éplagued of problems, some of dise√ɬĪo, others of optimizaci√É ¬≥ n and network.

Not cre√É that due to adopting t√Étulo of Pro Evolution Soccer, the American market tendr√Éa that to adopt the same speed of game and the problems to play in line that it has his European counterpart. m√É has not existeds m√Énimo inter√ɬ©s on the part of Konami in giving to one versi√É ¬≥ n m√Épolished s, destined to our p√ɬļblico or of except ‚Äúa parchada‚ÄĚ version.

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EGP T shirts

The equipment of Experimental Gameplay Project firm√É ¬≥ an agreement with the Target stores for distribuci√É ¬≥ n of its new line of clothes and games indie in packages that only consist of a playera and a game (of eight available ones) by $12 USD. This initiative llev√É ¬≥ to end becomes some a√ɬĪos in the Carnegie Mellon' s Entertainment Technology Center and that now has taken force thanks to the good cr√Éticas that took with World of Goo and Crayon Physics the past during IGF.

Band rock mod

If the strum-bar is not yours and you wish something ‚Äúbut realistic‚ÄĚ (but realistic ser√Éa to touch a guitar √āno) then you can darte this new kit that removes the bar and in its place it places a cord to activate notes with its respective frets. Kit consists of cord, plates of wood, screws, means and an instructive one to modify the guitar; everything by the incredible price of $75 (in auction of eBay) m√És expenses of shipment. Mod quite expensive and somewhat rid√Éculo.

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On a par of the sprouting of Group Radar, anuncià ³ that Prey 2 is developing by Human Head Studios, the equipment responsible for the first part. In agreement with the official announcement, the sequel is located in a time where the Earth no longer needs to Tommy, reason why overwhelmed by the death of his relatives, it escapes of her.

In one it interviews with IGN, Scott Miller (3D Realms) tambi√ɬ©n anunci√É ¬≥ that ‚Äúthe war of vestibules‚ÄĚ continuar√Éwhen announcing that, whereas they were pioneering of the concept ‚Äúvestibule‚ÄĚ in the old women we give of Prey, Valve llev√É ¬≥ at a level much m√Éhigh s reason why 3D Realms est√Éinterested in returning the favor to him.

Lost Odyssey

The past week decid√É to risk to me to buy Lost Odyssey without reading any rese√ɬĪa (I only saw the n√ɬļmeros) luckyly during the first 8 hours of game has not disappointed to me at all. The key is that it did not wait for m√És than a JRPG can offer: a linear history, approach in cinemas, system of battle in turns and ‚Äúmuch‚ÄĚ of FF.

A section that I enjoy in these games atenci√É ¬≥ n to peque√ɬĪos details, to the things of the life that one does not give importance them and that is not touched in an American RPG. Whereas in Mass Effect m√É occurs hims importance to the part battle and you can pass one hour fitting the values of your armor, add-ons and style of game, in Lost Odyssey you spend one hour in seeing the funeral of a NPC, not only seeing but interacting. Another detail of this type (very criticized) is the part of the sue√ɬĪos, that are a species of stories with a basic m√ɬļsica and gr√Éficos fixed which activate by means of trigger in history.

On the other hand, you are going away to feel familiarized with the surroundings since he is the same that has operated in the √ɬļltimos 10 a√ɬĪos: A main personage andr√É ¬≥ gino that has existential problems and does not speak; buf√É ¬≥ n that says stupidities all along and takes hold the head; another one but that serves as balance and tries to socialize with the main personage and a wave of allies to identify itself.

Lost Odyssey does not propose anything new, gr√Éficamente it is to regulate; ¬≥ n uses the Unreal Engine 3 with textures in resoluci√É average. di√É comes with subtitles in espa√ɬĪol (of Espa√ɬĪa) andlogo luckyly est√Én in the original language since traducci√É ¬≥ n to ingl√ɬ©s leaves much to be desired. The jugabilidad is id√ɬ©ntica to a FF (there is no necessity to re-invent the wheel) with fights at random in turns, magic, add-ons to the arms and to cross cities to speak world yet.

Perhaps fanÃticos this type of games they look for a change in gameplay, a history much mÃs dinÃmica and one supresià ³ n of clichés (so popular in this and other games). For my, who looked for a Final Fantasy for XB360 has fulfilled the expectation and I suppose that him invertiré 25 or 30 hours mÃgame s.

Forza 2 Peugeot Super 207 2000

prà ³ ximo miércoles 19 of March estarÃavailable the package # 3 for Forza Motorsport 2 which, by 400 pts, includes the following cars.

* 2007 Audi S5
* 2007 Audi TT S-Line
* 1971 BMW Motorsport 3,0 CSL
* 2008 BMW Motorsport m3
* 2007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia
* 1989 Ferrari F40 Competizione
* 1996 Ferrari F50 GT
* 2007 Lamborghini Bat LP640
* 2007 Maserati GranTurismo
* 2006 Corsican Maserati MC12
* 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR
* 2007 Peugeot #1 Peugeot Super 207 2000
* 2008 Porsche 911 GT2 (997)


FaceBreaker is the new game of Box developed by EA Canada, the people in charge of Fight Night Round 3, who have decided on a style grÃfico very similar to that we saw in Team Fortress. EA estÃoperating this style right and left in games like the new Battlefield or Fifa Street 3 and it has left very, but very far that one the standard that sirvià ³ to compare the power grÃfico of the 360 with the PS3.

It can work, in fact the accidental market est√Éempowering of the industry of the games and less complex‚ÄĚ proposals are needed ‚Äúto catch new players. Perhaps a similar jugabilidad arcade I do not say Either that est√ɬ© at all or, in fact I do not like, I only hope that she is managed to land or and she does not run with the same luck that the sweepings of Fifa Street. The date of exit not yet est√Édefined.

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Spore iPhone

Now it is that since announcement the SDK for iPhone all the compa√ɬĪ√Éas est√Én interested in developing for that platform, of less EA already mostr√É ¬≥ demo than ser√Éa Spore, being useful the ‚Äúadvantages‚ÄĚ hardware. I read in Gamasutra that Apple has entered little m√És of 100, 000 unloadings of the 4 SDK since fu√ɬ© sent does d√Éas.

Namco anuncià ³ versions of PacMan and Galaga, PopCap did the own thing with Zuma and Bejeweled and I announce my total indifference, not without first to leave a video them than serÃSpore in its version “crapPhone “.


Harmonix, the responsible equipment to develop Guitar Hero and Rockband, demandà ³ to Activision (of less for hours) by 14,5 million of dà ³ lares in regalÃas by Guitar Hero III, nevertheless despuès anuncià ³ that the adjustment llevaÃa I finish outside the courts.

The treatment of Harmonix and Activision contemplates two types of payments: the major that is by works derived from the games of Harmonix and one minor, in that the work of the study is not used. Harmonix nevertheless argues that it must to that amount of money by comercializaci√É ¬≥ to him n of Guitar Hero 3, Activision neg√É ¬≥ fully when segurar that GH3 was developed ‚Äúfrom zero‚ÄĚ by their internal study Neversoft.

Harmonix said: ‚Äúp√Égame ‚Äú, Activision: ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ and peculiarly the demand not sigui√É ¬≥ in pi√ɬ©.

Source: Variety

Rare - Banjo threeie

During the following month, the English magazine DevelopMag revelar√Éthe list of the 100 developers m√És successful worldwide during the 2007, nevertheless has given a probadita of those English studies that during a√ɬĪo happened generated gains (combined) of up to 230 million pounds with tax exemptions as I bequeath Star Wars, SingStar, The Simpsons, Project Gotham Racing 4, Grand Theft Car Vice City Stories, Football Manager 2008, Colin McRae Dirt among others.

There am aquà the list (in sequence alphabetical):

Bizarre Creations
Blade Interactive
Blitz Games
Creative Assembly
Criterion Games
Evolution Studios
Juice Games
Kuju Entertainment
Ninja Theory
Realtime Worlds
Relentless Software
Rockstar Leeds
Sports Interactive
SCEE Studio Liverpool
Extreme Digitalis
Team 17
Traveller√Ę ¬Ä ¬ô s Such

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