The video is part of the 25 DVD of anniversary of Capcom that comes with the Famitsu magazine of this month and in which we can see the process of animacià ³ n of the main personage, asà like the effects of light of the new motor grÃfico. Must Have


The directive table of Take Two rechazà ³ the hostile tendency of Electronic Arts and comentà ³ that the propueesta of $26 USD by accià ³ n is not the suitable one. Take Two invità ³ to its shareholders not to respond to the supplies of Electronic Arts, nevertheless not descartà ³ possible unià ³ n with EA in distribucià ³ n of some tÃtulos.

Electronic Arts estÃdesperate to assure one unià ³ n before the launching Grand Theft Car IV, key moment for Take Two since podrÃa to become the game mÃsold s of the 2008. The certain thing is that if Electronic Arts wants to buy to Take Two, sooner or later harÃ.

Fallout 3

Todd Howard, executive producer of Bethesda, anuncià ³ in podcast of the OXM that Fallout 3 estÃin the final phase of development and it remains very little to complete it. According to Howard, the game has the peculiarity to count on almost 200 end, with slight changes but it is a fact that the decisions that you take in the game afectarÃn the outcome of the plot.

Howard apunt├â ┬│ that the game is the double than ten├âa raised in dise├â┬▒o original in paper and in spite of not getting to be as great as Oblivion, approaches to him with 100 hours of game. Bethesda is garant├âa, the ├â┬║nico that worries to me is that descuidar├â┬ę many things it has when it in my power. :P

VÃa: Shacknews

Blue Dragoon OST

Blue Dragoon terminà ³ not to hook to me in spite of it to have played in two occasions, adding a total of five hours. They say that best of the game estÃin the third disc but not yet I am of humor to spend that time to him. mÃrescatable s of this tÃtulo is without a doubt the música, work of Nobuo Uematsu (FF) and that already estÃavailable to unload from Digital Sumthing by $9.99. If you wish the disc fÃsicamente you can acquire it in Amazon by $15 USD mÃs envÃo.

VÃa: Kotaku

Cheat Xbox 360

If it annoys to you that one of your friendly goes presumi├â┬ęndote its 40.000 points of gamerscore, surely obtained thanks to some knows cases out of Internet is hour of regres├ârsela. Microsoft anunci├â ┬│ today that reiniciar├âthe accountants of points for those people who do not obtain them from legal way.

According to the Major Nelson, this behavior ser├âexposed by means of one pesta├â┬▒a in which he says ÔÇť├éQu├â┬ę him step gamescore? Desapareci├â ┬│ because I am a damn one to cheaterÔÇŁ that podr├âto see in the site of Xbox Live and the profile of the console. In case of wanting to raise his gamerscore again podr├âto make as long as it is playing, right since it does mayor├âa to him of users of this console.

VÃa: Major Nelson

Lineage 2

NCsoft anuncià ³ that utilizarÃtecnologÃa of the Unreal Engine 3 for ximos his prà ³ two games in line. Epic and NCsoft reached an agreement in which compañÃa developer of massive games obtendrÃall the updates of immediate way to implement them to the projects.

NCsoft already has experience with tecnolog├âa Unreal since Lineage II est├âbased on the UE2. Compa├â┬▒├âa assures that the publisher of Unreal is fundamental at the time of generating prototypes since he does not require to invest to too much time in programaci├â ┬│ n. An announcement that veia to come sooner or later due to the commercial ├â┬ęxito of Lineage II. I while seguir├â┬ę waiting for the exit of Aion patiently.

VÃa: DevelopMag

Great Tourism 5

Sony Computer Entertainment America anunci├â ┬│ the official sound track of the game Great Tourism 5 Prolog in which we see names known like DJ Shadow, Justice, Weezer or The Mars Volta. The game contar├âwith a list of exclusive subjects for versi├â ┬│ n of Norteam├â┬ęrica, as├â like new versi├â ┬│ n of the subject cl├âsico Moon Over The Castle.

Not you, but I abstain to listen to m├â┬║sica in games like Great Tourism, Forza or DiRT. I prefer the sound of the motor before a sound track that terminar├âto satiate despu├â┬ęs to me with 3 or 4 d├âas. In games as for Need Speed or Burnout is another history.

The complete list of songs despu├â┬ęs of the jump: To continue readingÔÇŁ

Full Sail

Full Sail, one of the schools mÃs popular to study videojuegos in the United States quel counts on programs focused in the part of development, animacià ³ n and another range mÃs like average arts, cinema and produccià ³ n, anuncià ³ that has obtained tÃtulo of University, reason why its name serÃfrom today, Full Sail University.

In agreement with its president Garry Jones, a university denotes the rank m├âhigh s in the sphere of educative institutions reason why this movement them asegurar├âa greater affluence of students. One of the key factors for obtenci├â ┬│ n of this t├âtulo is the amount of graduated students who have had ├â┬ęxito in the market of the entertainment.

It is a fact that compa├â┬▒├âas developers prefer one educaci├â university ┬│ n before a t├â┬ęcnico program of 1 or 2 a├â┬▒os.

Two Worlds Xbox 360

The first Two Worlds de Xbox 360 prometÃa quite, nevertheless quedà ³ short and the comparisons with Oblivion left to shine. It is a fact that not triunfà ³ thanks to the problems grÃficos and of adaptacià ³ n (parecÃa diseñado exclusively for PC). Surprise SouthPeak Games anuncià ³ that is working in a sequel, baptized like Two Worlds: The Temptation and that estarÃavailable at the end of año for the PC and Xbox 360.

In agreement with the creators this sequel tendr├ânew actualizaci├â ┬│ n to engine, missions m├âs complex as├â like animations and di├âlogo m├âs realistic. History is placed despu├â┬ęs of the happened events in the first game and abarcar├âzones of Eastern Antaloor, like Oswaroh and the Desert of Drak' ar.

She is one notifies interesting, nevertheless I ask myself if podrÃa to consider a sequel or mere expansià ³ n. Perhaps actualizacià ³ n of the motor has been exhaustive and to the new it is worth them content, but ÂserÃa better not to compensate to those than acquired the first game (plagued of bugs) with one actualizacià ³ n to smaller cost? It is enough.

Review complete (done by my friend V3N0M) is in Box X

VÃa: Gamasutra

Tom Clancy Splinter Cell

Ubisoft anuncià ³ that has acquired the rights to use the name of Tom Clancy for its lÃnea of videojuegos and products derived like pelÃculas or books. The sum dià ³ not to know itself, nevertheless Ubisoft asegurà ³ that this adquisicià ³ n can mean a saving of up to 5 million Euros by año in payments by PI rights.

Games like Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and pr├â ┬│ ximamente End War ver├ân benefitted by this agreement. ├éQu├â┬ę pasar├âwith the first series of books? Despu├â┬ęs of all books is the impeller than it means that name now and I do not believe that Tom Clancy has neglected that part.

VÃa: GamesIndustryBiz

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