It is not newness that EA wants to obtain until the último cent each that produces and distributes a game. Taking advantage of the announcement weeks ago, referring to the microtransactions of Battlefield Bad Company, a group of ingenious occurred to the task of arming one parodia in video.

The question is ÂSà ³ because it is EA? I say, the microtransactions is something común and as current as my friend Jorge Butrà ³ n, that is proud of being emo. ÂQué pasarÃa if outside Sony? ÂNintendo? Surely habrÃa mÃs pretexts of fanboys to defend them

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For Games Windows

The magazine “for Games Windows” has stopped existing thanks to one decisià ³ n of Ziff Davis (the dueños that estÃn in bankruptcy) as of today. The magazine that during as much well-known time fué as Computer Gaming World (from 1981) dejà ³ the free path to a mediocre PC Gamer to give cover to a market that it has changed of face.

The PC Gaming is no dead, simply has been evolving of which we knew for 10 or 20 años and has given yielded the passage to two great communities: the accidental player and the one that WoW plays. It is a fact that the accidental players do not read the news, reseñas or columns of the industry of the vjuegos and fanÃtico of WoW prefers to find out by other means (Web, podcast or fanzines) everything what has to do with the game.

A sad moment, fuà reader for a long time of the magazine después of caÃda of PC Gamer. seguiré now leyéndola in line.

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Another one meme

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6 Apr 2008

Meme mÃs, this time of my WeskA friend `:

1. To take to the book mÃnear s, to go to pÃgina 18 and to transcribe lÃnea 4:

“To create a perfect creature in paper or to even carve it in clay before sentarte in front of your computer…” Mayan Techniques: Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation

2. The último counts that dresses in tele.

The party of Rome versus Genoa

3. To part of the noise of the computer, Âqué mÃs is listened to at this moment?

My canaries

4. ÂCuÃndo you reÃste by última time?

Yesterday while it played

5. ÂQué has in the walls where you are right now?

A perchero with my coat, a window and a picture of Space Invaders

6. ¿Cómo estÃs vestido/a at this moment?

Jeans, playera and huaraches

7. Something that bloggers does not know on you:

I have iPod Shuffle of 512MB :P

7. ÂCÃ ³ mo are your hands?

Dirty, they smell of reliable and estÃfull n of plastilina.

8. ÂQué you see from your window?

Parvada that leaves the tree.

9. ÂQué image podrÃa definirte?

Def Leppard Guitar Hero 4

During one fanà interviews in Rockline Radiotico preguntà ³ to the air by qué no of the songs of Def Leppard has done his aparicià ³ n in the games of Guitar Hero or Rock Band to which the guitarist Phill Collen contestà ³ that estarÃn present in Guitar Hero 4 with 3 songs: Photograph, Animal and Rock of Ages.

The interview estarÃavailable until the 29 of April in pÃgina of Rockline, nevertheless can do exhaustive búsqueda in torrents and encontrarÃn long before.

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This seems mÃs a joke of April' s Fool, nevertheless a distributer francés has put in its lists versià ³ n of GTA 4 for DS to distribute during prà ³ ximo month of June. Nor Rockstar and Nintendo has not either confirmed (or denied) this announcement that seems mÃs dedazo of Excel that another thing.

ÂQué so well verÃa a GTA 4 in the DS? Perhaps optarÃa by a view superior since the capacities 3D of the console do not estan to renderear all Liberty City. Rumor or not aquà estÃthe original source.

K2⠀ ™ s Tenchu

Capcom anuncià ³ that comprarÃto K2, the study responsible for the saga of Tenchu, with the purpose of to obtain a development process mÃs rÃI ask and efficient. K2 is not extraño for Capcom since they worked altogether in the development of Lost Planet, razà ³ n by which the giant japonés affirms that this adquisicià ³ n volverÃmÃcompetitive s.

Aún does not know that pasarÃwith Tenchu or Valhalla Knights since the study enfocarÃto work in the projects of Capcom, aún asà I hope patiently that ³ n of worthy Tenchu of generacià is given to one versià present ³ n of consoles and not a mess like fué Tenchu Z.

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CoD 4 Variety

In agreement with anÃlisis realized by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty 4 is the game mÃpopular s in Xbox Live, with 1,3 million people jugÃndolo daily. The números of PS3 and PC are not very clear, nevertheless said that the amount of users in the console of Sony is “monstrous”.

The battle by the first place has had as protagonist to I haul 3 and CoD 4, nevertheless is east último the one that has stayed in first posicià ³ n during the últimas weeks. With the new exit of the package Variety Map Pack dated for April, it is possible that this situacià ³ n stays.

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Sims 3

In agreement with Rod Humble, creative director of the study responsible for this delivery, Sims 3 has like objective when traditional gamer thanks to their new system of game on the basis of objectives. In agreement with Humble, in third versià ³ n of The Sims podrÃs to realize activities as jardinerÃa fishes or, based on objectives that to perhaps are him familiar to many of us who we enjoyed the massive games.

The idea is to separate from the idea of “cages of hamsters” in Sims 2 the game was not mÃs that a group of “hamsters with works”. The experience that looks for in this new delivery is of a game mÃopen s.

decisià is one dangerous ³ n since the éxito of the Sims is in the accidental market to which it goes directed, nevertheless this experience a little mÓsocial” s can give the change him that always we have waited for (if, I también fuà fan of the Sims). The interview can read completes it in MCV.

Ubisoft has said that “redefinirÃthe RTS in console” (Âperhaps it exists) with its new tax exemption Tom Clancy' s End War. CompañÃa has not been limiting and for some time or habÃa declared to be “the equivalent in RTS to which it is KOTOR in RPGs or GTA in the games of accià ³ n”. The use of commandos by voice is interesting, has nevertheless not redefined the género of accià ³ n tÃctica in games like Rainbow Six (where también has been applied).

In the following video they can see a little the jugabilidad which paints rather well and estarÃcompeting with I haul Wars by the RTS of console of this 2008. Luckyly for compañÃa, this market is virgin even in consoles.


Según the analyst Billy Pidgeon, the PS3 serÃa the última work of art in the market of consoles of videojuegos, since the éxito of the Wii and the recent explosion of accidental players dictarÃan the price of following generacià ³ n of consoles. The expert as much assures that to Sony as to Microsoft he has not gone to them well, the pérdidas ones of $240 by each PS3 and respective the $125 of the XB360 have left the door him abierta to Nintendo, which has obtained excellent gains with a “Gamecube 1,5 with movement sensor”.

In the personnel I believe that the accidental market todavÃa estÃvery far like dictating to all one generacià ³ n of consoles. Having a Wii has become one annoying fashion, if they do not create to me make a survey between his friendly that do not play; I assure that mà to thems of half wishes this console. The Wii podrÃto be the console mÃsold s, nevertheless is less played and that does not agree to the producing houses.


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