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The industry of the videojuegos is extraña in these dÃas; visià ³ n of the development model has been opacada by the model of distribucià ³ n and now the times adapt according to the interests (and Ãnimo) of publishers. As consuming we are jodidos, submitted to “which sells” and not to “which amuses”.

Publisher has taken a paper mÃactive s and is now the one that dictates the way of the industry. The era of the Ferraris and the long hair have changed and now we have one generacià ³ n of oficinistos with gray suit that only know of números and not indeed than the end user it needs.

CompañÃas as Electronic Arts eats to the pequeños studies and disappears little by little them; the millionaire projects predominate and año with año we must empacar the same dose to us of tax exemptions of games in first person or sports.

Pregúntense something ÂCúando fué the última time that one versià ³ n of Tony Hawk us divertÃa? ÂBy qué Splinter Cell it could not snatch the sceptre to him to MGS. Without entering one discusià ³ n of fanboys I conclude that it is by the avarice of publisher and a clear example is Activision with its tax exemptions mÃs popular. ÂBy qué it is imperative that there is Guitar Hero, Call of Duty or Tony Hawk each año?

One has tried on that Call of unnoticed Duty 3 pasà ³ whereas Call of Duty 2 and 4 was reasons of purchase of a Xbox 360. Guitar Hero has been prostituido in such a way that we do not know cuÃntas versions habrÃfor this año. To end of accounts publisher for and undoes in these dÃas, has the resources to send in the industry and we as we are allowing consuming it.

The other face of the currency is the movement indie; projects generated by two or three people who retake the model of work of principles of the eighty. Simple ideas, a time of development nongreater to six months asà one inversià ³ n mÃnima estÃtrying that does not require two años nor 15 million of dà ³ lares to be recognized by the crÃtica like an innovating proposal.

The problem of the movement indie is that we are few those that we enjoyed this proposal. Little or null difusià ³ n and a losing mentality of mayorÃa of videojugadores that are locked in to which offers one to them, two or three consoles are factor so that they happen unnoticed.

We must understand that a game is not good only because you read of in Gamespot or IGN or because the motor grÃfico contains million line of cà ³ I say and simulates to perfeccià ³ n the reality (although the reality is that you do not have the equipment necessary to run it).

A change is needed mentality if we wished to be partÃcipes of a change in this industry. To end of accounts, we are the one who we have maintained it effective by 30 años.







World of Goo



Empyreal Nocturne

And mà is a twentys…

In algún Valve moment sugirià ³ to Microsoft inclusià ³ n of Vestibule for the Xbox Live Arcade, nevertheless fué rejected not to fulfill requirements like tamaño mÃximo of the game. Doug Lombardi, director of marketing research of Valve, negà ³ that in the future podrÃa not to have another approach reason why serÃa possible to see acclaimed tÃtulo in some of the unloadings of miércoles.

Not that you think but excepting five or six games, the Marketplace de Arcade estÃplagued of excrement. From versions clÃsicas of 1980 games that nobody wishes to play until some “original” proposals or the revolting attempt of advergaming Yaris call. Microsoft deberÃa to take mÃs in serious east service and to eliminate requisite burocrà as muchtico.

VÃa GamesIndustryBiz

Stalin Versus Martians

If Stalin lived safe estarÃa gliding like defending itself of the invaders of the space, right like Reagan when sugirià ³ initiative SDI by allÃin 1983 (después to see Star Wars). Although Stalin does not live, it is possible to carry out a battle directing to the mother country in his battle against the Martians in videojuego that takes the same name that this post.

Stalin against the Martians is a game developed by three Russian studies (Wing Foundation, Dreamlore and N-game) and affirms to be the lightening to which they hate the strategy games. The proposal is to give him to énfasis to accià ³ n mÃs that to the resources, which prÃcticamente they do not exist (only it has to power ups in the map).

History is placed in the summer of the 1942, when the Martians land in Siberia and begin a surprise attack against the mother country. Stalin finds out and decides to command the attack personally; operacià ³ n is totally confidential. According to the developers, the Martians seem one versià ³ n marica of the hard-back personages of Nintendo.

The date of exit estÃfixed for otoño and we will hope to see mÃs details or videos of the jugabilidad.

VÃa Joystiq

Heavenly Sword

In agreement with Kristensen Girl, Co-founder of Ninja Theory that is nor mÃs nor less than the study responsible for Heavenly Sword, the present surroundings of the development industry is brutal for the independent studies.

“The surroundings are brutal for the independent studies if we considered the type of games that are developed at the moment”.

If we considered in términos of budget definitively is brutal surroundings, nevertheless the increase of independent studies goes of the hand with the número of original proposals that focus mÃs in the jugabilidad that in great produccià ³ n.

VÃa GamesIndustry.biz

Mario Bros

I have been this versià ³ n of Super Mario Bros that hardly occupies 14kb which has been programmed in Javascript. In agreement with the author:

They do not exist imÃexternal genes or something of the sort, all this rendereado with Javascript using elements of canvas or divs for IE. Sprites is stored in customized chains in a format that only allows to four colors by each sprite and that consequently occupies of 40 to 60 bytes. The integrated música consists are data condificados in base64; there is support for IE and no podrÃa to vary in yield according to the navigator.

It is possible to mention that it is not a complete level and it has some details with the blocks, nevertheless is an excellent experiment. The técnicos details can be aquÃ.

VÃa Nihilogic

Sony Home

Once mÃs Sony has delayed the date abrir the beta to the público of its software Home for the PS3. The president of compañÃa, Kaz Hirai, said that they arrived at conclusià ³ n which they need but time to polish the service and asà to make sure that they count on a entretemiento experience mÃs focused in the games. Hirai apuntà ³ that retroalimentacià obtained ³ n of the period beta serÃcrucial for the development process.

VÃa: Shacknews

Alone in the Dark

Atari confirmà ³ what serÃedicià ³ n of coleccià ³ n for Alone in the Dark which estarÃavailable for Xbox 360, Wii and PC. This edicià ³ n is characterized by good diseño of packing, moved away of the concept of the “metal box” and comes with a figure of the protagonist Edward Carnby, soundtrack of the game, a documentary one, book of art and the game (duh).

The última time that we enjoyed this tax exemption overcomes to the 2001, when aparecià ³ Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare for Dreamcast. Fourth versià ³ n of Alone in the Dark aparecerÃat the end of this año for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC

Infinity Ward has negotiated with Activision to remain with the rights of the Call tax exemption of Duty once Treyarch finishes to the villa versià ³ n, planned to distribute itself at the end of this año. The idea of Activision is to have one versià ³ n of Call of Duty by año, thus the work is had I divide until this moment between two studies: Treyarch and Infinity Ward.

In agreement with NextGen, the agreement agrees with recent cancelacià ³ n of a project nonFPS related to the tax exemption on the part of Activision. Good decisià ³ n, always is unjust similarity to me what publishers does with the rights of some tax exemption since they finish quemÃndola in just a short time.

*ACTUALIZACIà “ N* Activisià ³ n has confirmed that this data is errà ³ neon. It is question to wait for to the answer of Infinity Ward


The último month has been very intense due to the amount of work that I have had, razà ³ n by which east site has not been updated regularly. From March comencé like QA Engineer in game of soccer Kicks Online, work enough funny and where I have known very interesting people who move in the industry of ours paÃs, at level development and distribucià ³ n.

Kicks Online is a MMOG of street soccer where you create your player you equip, it with the items that mÃs you like and you meet with five friendly challenges to arm it. rà is a game with a learning curve enoughit asks, very funny and addictive. At this moment estÃabierto to the registry for versià ³ n beta, reason why if you want to participate coarse that you make from the Web site or you send an email to me with your data for poderte to consider.

With regard to this blog, we returned to normality as of this Monday :D


From yesterday already estÃavailable in the Marketplace versià ³ n of Ikaruga for XBLA. With tables of lìderes and multiplayer via Xbox Live it is a gangue by 800 points. If you want to remember those frustrating afternoons to try to obtain score perfect with your control of Dreamcast this is your opportunity, if not… always existirÃMr Driller, or perhaps Bankshot Billiards 2 ;)

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