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The industry of the videojuegos is extraña in these dÃas; visià ³ n of the development model has been opacada by the model of distribucià ³ n and now the times adapt according to the interests (and Ãnimo) of publishers. As consuming we are jodidos, submitted to “which sells” and not to “which amuses”.

In algún Valve moment sugirià ³ to Microsoft inclusià ³ n of Vestibule for the Xbox Live Arcade, nevertheless fué rejected not to fulfill requirements like tamaño mÃximo of the game. Doug Lombardi, director of marketing research of Valve, negà ³ that in the future podrÃa not to have another approach reason why serÃa possible to see [...]

If Stalin lived safe estarÃa gliding like defending itself of the invaders of the space, right like Reagan when sugirià ³ initiative SDI by allÃin 1983 (después to see Star Wars). Although Stalin does not live, [...] is possible to carry out a battle directing to the mother country in its battle against the Martians

In agreement with Kristensen Girl, Co-founder of Ninja Theory that is nor mÃs nor less than the study responsible for Heavenly Sword, the present surroundings of the development industry is brutal for the independent studies.
“The surroundings are brutal for the independent studies if we considered the type of games that are developed at the moment”.
If we considered [...]

I have been this versià ³ n of Super Mario Bros that hardly occupies 14kb which has been programmed in Javascript. In agreement with the author:
They do not exist imÃexternal genes or something of the sort, all this rendereado with Javascript using elements of canvas or divs for IE. Sprites is stored in customized chains in [...]

Once mÃs Sony has delayed the date abrir the beta to the público of its software Home for the PS3. The president of compañÃa, Kaz Hirai, said that they arrived at conclusià ³ n which they need but time to polish the service and asà to make sure that they count on a entretemiento experience mÃs [...]

Atari confirmà ³ what serÃedicià ³ n of coleccià ³ n for Alone in the Dark which estarÃavailable for Xbox 360, Wii and PC. This edicià ³ n is characterized by good diseño of packing, moved away of the concept of the “metal box” and comes with a figure of the protagonist Edward Carnby, soundtrack of [...]

Infinity Ward has negotiated with Activision to remain with the rights of the Call tax exemption of Duty once Treyarch finishes to the villa versià ³ n, planned to distribute itself at the end of this año. The idea of Activision is to have one versià ³ n of Call of Duty by año, thus the work is [...]

The último month has been very intense due to the amount of work that I have had, razà ³ n by which east site has not been updated regularly. From March comencé like QA Engineer in the game of Kicks soccer Online, a quite funny work and where I have known very interesting people who move [...]

From yesterday already estÃavailable in the Marketplace versià ³ n of Ikaruga for XBLA. With tables of lìderes and multiplayer via Xbox Live it is a gangue by 800 points. If you want to remember those frustrating afternoons to try to obtain score perfect with your control of Dreamcast this is your opportunity, if not… always existirÃMr [...]

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