Game Design

We begin by the question ├équ├â┬ę is dise├â┬▒o of games. As simple as this: it is the process that involves creaci├â ┬│ n of the content and rules of the game. By content I do not talk about in espec├âfico to an area but a WHOLE. In this process, the dise├â┬▒ador (mastermind, game-god, etc) lands in a document which is the game to detail, the objectives, the conditions to leave victorious, the mechanisms of interacci├â ┬│ n, etc.

One of the main problems with which I am is that people think that the Dise├â┬▒o de Juegos has relaci├â ┬│ n with the art├âstica part, right as they think that a dise├â┬▒ador gr├âfico is somebody that knows to use the suite of Adobe. There is a myth infinity, as with the t├â┬ęrmino ÔÇťdeveloperÔÇŁ but there am aqu├â the reality (according to Roger and Pedersen)

A diseñador of games IS NOT a programmer
A diseñador of games IS NOT an artist grÃfico
A diseñador of games IS NOT a composer or Ing. in audio
A diseñador of games IS a VISIONARIO.*

The paper of the dise├â┬▒ador is to maintain one comunicaci├â fluid ┬│ n with all the areas, is necessary that his visi├â ┬│ n of the game is sufficiently clear like so that the programmer ┬│ thinks about qu├â┬ę line of c├â I say needs for the IA of the enemies, who the artist defines qu├â┬ę texture is necessary for the t├â┬ętrico atmosphere of the level or that the m├â┬║sico knows that to sound effects aplicar├âto the p├âsadas ones.

The difference between a good dise├â┬▒ador and somebody that s├â ┬│ has a huge idea list to be the game of a├â┬▒o is in the form as ├â┬ęsta is landed and raised to all the equipment. From the producers to the developers, the idea must be clear and to lose consistency.

While mÃsimple s, better ;)

*Game Design Foundations, Roger E. Pedersen

To this t├âtulo me falt├â ┬│ to add a touch to him of Gears of War since Kevin Riepl ser├âthe one in charge of musicalizar this new MMOFPS. You but the idea of a massive one in first very complex person always are not similarity to execute, is something that Planetside (SoE) intent├â ┬│ makes some a├â┬▒os, nevertheless perhaps the community that we liked of shooter we are so obstinate to the conventional battles that I finish ÔÇťmassiveÔÇŁ we only can associate it to a RPG.

The certain thing is that this Korean MMOFPS aparecer├âthis a├â┬▒o for 360 Xbox and PC since NHN the USA, subsidiary of the supplier of Internet m├âgreat s of Korea, anunci├â ┬│ does d├âas that has green light to distribute this game at the end of a├â┬▒o in Norteam├â┬ęrica. Huxley contar├âwith two races (Sapiens and Alternative) and battles that go from the t├âpico 1Vs1 to 60Vs60 or 100Vs100 (only in the PC). Seg├â┬║n compa├â┬▒├âa, versi├â ┬│ n of Xbox 360 incluir├âa way ÔÇťhistoryÔÇŁ (WTF). Both versions run under the ├â┬║ltima versi├â ┬│ n of the Unreal Engine.

Judging by the trailer and imÃgenes of the site, the game seems to have a treatment grÃfico and speed of game similar to Unreal Tournament, with an Eastern touch that resembles a little the scenes of Lost Odyssey. I only hope that it fulfills estÃto ndar of quality that handles many massive Koreans since this podrÃa to be the point of the spear for distribucià ³ n of this type of games in console. The question is Âthe público that plays consoles estÃpreparation for a massive one?

s├âpast ford I had to char it with Jos├â┬ę Eduardo Ter├ân (yayo pa' cuates), person in charge of the Club of Developer of Videojuegos of UNITEC Atizap├ân. Although I every day speak with Yayo (he is compa├â┬▒ero of work) this time we wanted to make something but serious, to show a little filosof├âa of the Club.

reunià ³ n was quite pleasant, had contact with the work parties and must admit that there is much potential in them. Lido of concepts counts on a handling sà ³ and is surprising to see that many use a language of diseño-development advanced enough. She is pleasant people, with likings that not only they have to do with videojuegos; the stereotype of nerd does not apply aquà and is enough sentarte to platicar with them so that DES tells you of the facility whom they have to express his ideas and I put in the short term.

The possibility exists of returning to record, now with m├âs interviews and a compendium of the games that are developing. Shortly we will have tambi├â┬ęn, a series of conferences in different Universities from the DF and Metropolitan Area about this model of work, from his gestaci├â ┬│ n to implementaci├â ┬│ n.

SDK Playstation 2

Due to the increasing demand of developer that exists in the market, Sony has done what debià ³ to do for many años: to offer kits of development from Playstation and PSP to the universities that offer courses of programacià ³ n of videojuegos. This new program knows like Playstation-edu and estÃfocused that the potential developers know the language and dinÃwork mica that implies east SDK.

Playstation-edu comes in two flavors: SDK of Playstation 2 and SDK of PSP. Both come with software from development and hardware to prove it. This program estÃfocused programmers exclusively, who podrÃn to accede to a special forum created by compañÃa to clear doubts and to obtain the necessary support.

If your university has some plan of programacià focused ³ n to then videojuegos podrÃas to comment the person in charge so that it contacts Mark Danks directly (the representative of PS-edu) and asà to him to obtain all the informacià ³ n. These kits are not gratuitous reason why the university tendrÃthat to invest some dà ³ lares if it wishes to apply them to his classes.

I suppose that to the being an educative program, the prices of the SDK serÃn accessible and the licenses podrÃan to be for múltiples usuary.

Alternative 3D

During a├â┬▒os we have looked for alternative to represent content in 3D in Flash, from simulations with coordinates (isom├â┬ętricos) to generating the own animations in Maya or Cinema 4D (or software that uses). The problem is that, which we want is 3D completely interactive and not simple movieclip.

Despu├â┬ęs de Papervision 3D to not habia surprised me as much as was with this new motor gr├âfico called Alternative 3D. Developed by a Russian equipment, librer├âa est├âavailable of gratuitous way for noncommercial projects. To continue readingÔÇŁ


In this blog the same we spoke of videojuegos that of diseño and art reason why I am pleased in informing to them that my premium (if, the one that many request that it presents/displays to them) already estÃselling its monitos in the store kitsch of the Sensational one (in Guadalajara).

Despu├â┬ęs of a quite good sale ÔÇťondergraunÔÇŁ in December, now has removed a series from painted puerquitos by hand, each with a different history. direcci├â ┬│ n of the store is Av Lopez Mateos 1949 Esq the Roses as├â that if they walk by all├âthey do not stop happening to buy one. The price is of 50 varos minis, the 120 medium and 150 great ones.

Today it makes 15 años you go Software gave light to which serÃa the father of the First Person Shooters: Wolfenstein 3D. The problem is that there is no sufficient money to engage chamberlains and to dance vals because you go it finds restructuracià in the heat of ³ n (thanks to the height of the Unreal Engine).

Todd Hollenshead (CEO of you go) said a├â┬▒os ago that all the games that followed to him have been one modificaci├â ┬│ n of the style b├âsico of Wolf3D. In agreement with Game|Life, the ├â┬ęxito de Wolfenstein is in the amount of imitadores that it had and the same fact to kill Nazis.

The Nazis have been replaced by Russian separatists or Ãrabes, nevertheless mecÃnica of the games in first person stays intact for 15 años. Happy cumpleaños to B.J. Blazkowicz.


For weeks escuch├â┬ę of the contest Game of Talent, destined to promote the development of videojuegos in M├â┬ęxico by Gabriel Grinberg and with support of the Secretary of Econom├âa, Microsoft, Autodesk and the UIA (among others). The objectives of the contest are:

1. To reunite in virtual and actual forums to creators, potential developers, acad├â┬ęmicos, clients and p├â┬║blico generally of the sector of animaci├â ┬│ n, multimedia and videojuegos of pa├âs and the foreigner.

2. To detect, to promote and to stimulate creacià ³ n, diseño and development of animacià ³ n and videojuegos.

3. To create a forum of expresià ³ n where the developers share experiences, ideas and works.

4. To enable to the developers in the use of m├âs t├â┬ęcnicas outposts of animaci├â ┬│ n in the world.

5. To offer one metodologÃa of incubacià ³ n and aceleracià ³ n of businesses that allows the new developers to become successful industralists.

As they see can sounds quite interesting, in fact for many of us who a├â┬║n we have faith in which we do not have to emigrate to another one pa├âs to develop videojuegos. The problem with this contest is that p├â┬ęsima enjoys one planeaci├â ┬│ n, beginning by the same bases.

The objective is to develop a history, which deber├âto be the quite creative thing like executing itself in videojuego. gui├â is due to give storyboard and t├â┬ęcnico ┬│ n which juzgar├âby a ÔÇťselect juryÔÇŁ who determinar├âif you enter a process of ÔÇťReality virtual ShowÔÇŁ where the p├â┬║blico seguir├âstep by step the process of ÔÇťplaneaci├â ┬│ n-developmentÔÇŁ (├é).

You dar├ân indications and your equipment, which deber├ân to follow and the t├â┬ęrmino of the established period determinar├âif they were fulfilled or no. Here I do not understand qu├â┬ę is going to judge the p├â┬║blico ├éyour idea? ├éyour storyboard initial? or ser├âreality of 6 months or m├âs of all the process of development. The problem aqu├â is that opini├â ┬│ n of the p├â┬║blico in the end does not count since the jury determines qui├â┬ęn follows and qui├â┬ęn no.

If desire, you are made creditor to a ÔÇťfinancingÔÇŁ to develop your project. We do not know if they talk about the raqu├âtico prize of 30.000 pesos (that as soon as mputo reaches after an equipment of c├â ┬▓) or if your project pasar├âat the hands of alg├â┬║n study developer. The users ask if abilities like programaci├â are needed ┬│ n, dise├â┬▒o, etc to compete which the organizers answer with a full one: NO

This is one invitaci├â ┬│ n to I publish that it plays that floods to us of an indiscriminate amount of histories, total is not needed to know as videojuego is developed but to delight with his ÔÇťgui├â to us ┬│ nÔÇŁ than deber├âa to be pr├â ┬│ ximo final fantasy. The answer for all esllos is the same that di├â ┬│ Ken Levine (Bioshock) in GDC 08: ÔÇťThe bad news is, for storytellers: nobody cares about your stupid story"

In a contest like these, where it looks for to generate ideas for videojuego, landed histories, but documents of dise├â┬▒ are not required or. Way is needed that you explain c├â ┬│ mo that history adapts to videojuego, qu├â┬ę, c├â ┬│ mo gambles, cu├âl is the objective, cu├âthey are to them the conditions to win or to lose, etc. The requirements of Game of Talent seem m├âs for a contest of animaci├â ┬│ n that stops one of videojuegos.

She is one pain that the organizers do not take the annoyance to inquire and mÃs suffers gives me that they exist sponsoring so prestigious in a contest that paints for failure. My father says well who if faults in gliding, then you glide to fail.

It is my first weekend with Grand Theft Car 4, I take 25% and I can say right now until that this sobreestimated. I do not understand if to be the game m├âexpensive s of the history is in which Rockstar has paid millonada to raise some d├â┬ęcimas and to position like the game m├âhigh s in Metacritic.

I do not say that GTA 4 is bad, in fact is an excellent game, nevertheless has many details that decrease the jugabilidad. We begin by c├âmara at the time of subirte to a car: the problem aqu├â is ├ângulo of visi├â ┬│ n that does not allow you to have control of the route, you need to use an├âright logo to vary ├ângulo and despu├â┬ęs awhile become annoying.

The second fault is in the system to aim: he is vague sometimes and cÃmara arrives at traicionarte in vital missions where you are yourself surrounded by federals (p$% children). There is a point to favor that is cubrirte to the Gears style of War, the problem aquà is that the zones not estÃn defined well and to happen from a wall to another one in the middle of a shooting becomes a nightmare.

Speaking of good things, the game is a true monster. The system of appointments (yet and sex), coffee Internet, prevailed of table and a range m├âs of services available returns it addictive. I only hope that despu├â┬Ęs of 20 hours (I take 14) does not cause the same to me sensaci├â ┬│ n that GTA 3: too much freedom finishes by aburrirte.


Ubisoft anuncià ³ that is working in a new delivery of the Prince saga of Persia. The development estÃin charge of Ubisoft Montreal (Assassin' s You believe) and it is planned to send at the end of this año. The details are not known and únicamente we limited ourselves the lÃnea tÃpica of the press official notice that I mention:

Developed by the multiawarded study Ubisoft Montreal and the same equipment that desarrollà ³ trilogÃa of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Prince of Persia abre new capÃtulo in the saga, introducing a new jugabilidad.

I ask ├éto qu├â┬ę they talk about with new jugabilidad. Surely ser├âvery similar to which we saw in Assassin' s You believe, without bullet-Time and with a concept related to the symbiotic liquid that appears in teaser. Only request because they focus but in dise├â┬▒o of level that in the plot of the game. This new delivery estar├âavailable for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and DS.

VÃa: Gamasutra

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