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A habitual caracterÃstica of any gamer (accidental, hardcore, etc) are to have in mind the perfect game, the one that llegarÃto define the way of the industry and that us librarÃof the mediocrity of games that we must support each año (tax exemptions coverall).
The problem of that sueño is that we are sufficiently jealous like stops [...]

We begin by the question ├équ├â┬ę is dise├â┬▒o of games. As simple as this: it is the process that involves creaci├â ┬│ n of the content and rules of the game. By content I do not talk about in espec├âfico to an area but a WHOLE. In this process, the dise├â┬▒ador (mastermind, game-god, etc) lands in a document which [...]

To this tÃtulo me faltà ³ to add a touch to him of Gears of War since Kevin Riepl serÃthe one in charge of musicalizar this new MMOFPS. You but the idea of a massive one in first very complex person always are not similarity to me to execute, is something that Planetside (SoE) intentà ³ makes some años, without [...]

CDVUploaded interview by GameDevelopmentMagazine.comsan
s├âpast ford I had to char it with Jos├â┬ę Eduardo Ter├ân (yayo pa' cuates), person in charge of the Club of Developer of Videojuegos of UNITEC Atizap├ân. Although I every day speak with Yayo (he is compa├â┬▒ero of work) this time we wanted to make something but serious, to show a little filosof├âa of [...]

Due to the increasing demand of developer that exists in the market, Sony has done what debià ³ to do for many años: to offer kits of development from Playstation and PSP to the universities that offer courses of programacià ³ n of videojuegos. This new program knows like Playstation-edu and estÃfocused to that the potentials [...]

During a├â┬▒os we have looked for alternative to represent content in 3D in Flash, from simulations with coordinates (isom├â┬ętricos) to generating the own animations in Maya or Cinema 4D (or software that uses). The problem is that, which we want is 3D completely interactive and not simple movieclip.
Despu├â┬ęs de Papervision 3D [...]

Today it makes 15 años you go Software gave light to which serÃa the father of the First Person Shooters: Wolfenstein 3D. The problem is that there is no sufficient money to engage chamberlains and to dance vals because you go it finds restructuracià in the heat of ³ n (thanks to the height of the Unreal Engine).
Todd Hollenshead (CEO of [...]

For weeks escuch├â┬ę of the contest Game of Talent, destined to promote the development of videojuegos in M├â┬ęxico by Gabriel Grinberg and with support of the Secretary of Econom├âa, Microsoft, Autodesk and the UIA (among others). The objectives of the contest are:
1. To reunite in virtual and actual forums to creators, potential developers, acad├â┬ęmicos, clients and [...]

It is my first weekend with Grand Theft Car 4, I take 25% and I can say right now until that this sobreestimated. I do not understand if to be the game m├âexpensive s of the history is in which Rockstar has paid millonada to raise some d├â┬ęcimas and to position like the game m├âhigh s in Metacritic.
I do not say [...]

Ubisoft anuncià ³ that is working in a new delivery of the Prince saga of Persia. The development estÃin charge of Ubisoft Montreal (Assassin' s You believe) and it is planned to send at the end of this año. The details are not known and únicamente we limited ourselves the lÃnea tÃpica of the press official notice that I mention:
Developed by [...]

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