Patch of Call of Duty 4 for XB360 already this available one

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3 Sea 2008

Call of Duty 4

It does just awhile that me conect√ɬ© with the 360 to play CoD4 when me sali√É ¬≥ the message of so waited for actualizaci√É ¬≥ n. Despu√ɬ©s of to be announced makes a pair of weeks in the forums of Infinity Ward, Microsoft has put in the server the patch that among others things adds migraci√É ¬≥ n of host and solves what they call ‚Äújodida‚ÄĚ that was the class of sniper.

All that we played sabÃamos that were one mentioned that host left the game and automà was closedticamente the lobby, now host migrates towards the better player with conexià ³ n. With respect to sniper fué improved precisià ³ n of the arms, sight ACOG and the points of impact in the ghillie suit.

Another important a√ɬĪadido is the possibility of being silent to that you want of the equipment with pressing bot√É once indicated ¬≥ n. In order to finalize dem√És is est√ɬ©ticas questions and falls to a n√ɬļmero major of c√Émaras at the time of dying (Airstrike, Helicopter, etc) or an improved way of ‚Äúspectator‚ÄĚ.

In alg√ɬļn moment I had lag and even cerr√É ¬≥ the lobby with a message of ‚Äúcannot be realized migraci√É ¬≥ n of host‚ÄĚ; dem√És options already was working. I hope that this problem has been only for today.

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