During the past month I was put under estr├â┬ęs to generate a route in 3D where the new se├â┬▒al├â┬ętico system visualized that dise├â┬▒amos for the Tezozomoc Park in my class of Dise├â┬▒o de Se├â┬▒ales. The problem is that time fu├â┬ę using excessive respect itself and I saw myself in the necessity to do cheat and to completely generate it in UnrealED 3,0 (of UT 2004).

The result me dej├â ┬│ satisfied, nevertheless I could have dedicated to hours m├â to hims to detail iluminaci├â ┬│ n and some parts of the land. This route proyect├â ┬│ in Expo CyAD, an event that are realized each trimester end in my University and fu├â┬ę described like best representaci├â ┬│ n as all the class. The se├â┬▒al├â┬ętico system estar├âpresent├ândose in some of the display cabinets that the UAM in the meter of the City of M├â┬ęxico has, nevertheless by questions of license of the motor decid├â not to project the video.

Crysis Warhead

Crysis has been a good experiment for Crytek; not only it shows to be the motor gr├âfico m├âimpressive s to the date (at visual level and in f├âsica) but tambi├â┬ęn has t├âtulos like being one of the games m├âs torrenteados from its exit (400, 000) or of being one of m├âs demanding in cuesti├â ┬│ n of requirements.

It seems that compañÃa has not thought much to it when deciding that new expansià ³ n, Crysis: Warhead, podrÃto run itself to 30fps in an equipment of approximately $700 USD and it has surprised to us with the news that in the middle of September both games (Crysis and expansià ³ n) estarÃn available in Steam by a suggested cost of $70 USD (in package).

The question is ÂfuncionarÃ. It is an interesting strategy and of except the system of validacià ³ n of Steam it is far better that the desperate attempts by EA to restrain piraterÃa of Spore nevertheless what we needed like consumers are that publishers takes care first that the game fulfills estÃndares of quality before putting it in a shelf. To end of accounts piraterÃa is not what estÃending the market of PC but the bad games.

VÃa Shacknews

Kicks Online

I talk back this note that redact├â┬ę for The Wired Blog:

To produce videojuegos in M├â┬ęxico is not something preposterous and for coarse sample east new massive game of called soccer Kicks Online that est├âto enter Open Beta from the 15 of August (the following week). The game is of street soccer of 5 versus 5 with the particularitity of which you can personalize in line to your transformation thanks to the store on which it counts. Part of the staff of Box X had opportunity to participate in the Closed Beta and were very with mouth flavor. The game est├âcompletely in espa├â┬▒ol and destined the Hispanic community.

I leave the press official notice them.

Games vision, the first one publisher Mexican of videojuegos in lÃnea has announced that its advance multiplayer massive game of fútbol in lÃnea Kicks Online, iniciarÃits period of tests abiertas to the público during the month of August.
Kicks Online permitir├âto thousands of users to play intense games of f├â┬║tbol street trav├â┬ęs of Internet, the game for PC estar├âavailable in l├ânea to trav├â┬ęs of his p├âgina Web, totally in espa├â┬▒ol and oriented for the Mexican and Latin American market.
├ó ┬Ç ┬ť Is for us a pleasure to extend this invitaci├â ┬│ n to the p├â┬║blico in general├ó ┬Ç ┬Ł said to Alexander Mart├ânez, Executive Director of M├â┬ęxico Vision, ├ó ┬Ç ┬ť Is a great opportunity so that the players know the game and participate in formaci├â ┬│ n of comunidad├ó ┬Ç ┬Ł.
The players who est├â┬ęn interested podr├ân to obtain an account to participate in the tests of gratuitous way registr├ândose in www.kicksonline.com.mx. The tests iniciar├ân the 15 of August.

Echenle an eye, total says by ahà that to see (and to play) is not pleased.


For three weeks empec├â┬ę a project which hab├âa wanted to throw to walk from hac├âa some months already. With support of the UAM Azcapotzalco we began a factory of introducci├â ┬│ n to dise├â┬▒o of videojuegos that consists of two weekly sessions of hour and a half each.

The objective of this factory is to introduce to people to the process of pre-produccià ³ n that requires videojuego and of step to break all the existing myths about posicià ³ n of the diseñador. MayorÃa of the assistants ³ n Grà is students of Diseño of the ComunicaciÃfica nevertheless the doors estÃn abiertas to any student of another discipline (we have had engineers and one that another one socià ³ logo that way).

relaci├â ┬│ n with metodolog├âa that we used when solving ÔÇťa conventionalÔÇŁ problem of dise├â┬▒o and a game is immediate since both are objects of comunicaci├â ┬│ n. That has helped all feels in familiar surroundings and can handle the same language that uses in the race. We leant of texts, text exercises and shortly we will begin with the part of prototypes (f├â┬Čsicos and of software).

There are good ideas of excited people and with desire to learnÔÇŽ I hope to show the results soon to them.

Profits of Blizzard

Blizzard anunci├â ┬│ that is working in which calls ÔÇťBlizzard AccountsÔÇŁ that you permitir├âto take a registry of all the games of compa├â┬▒├âa. In t├âtulos like 3 Starcraft 2, Devil or new expansi├â ┬│ n of WoW.

This system with ÔÇťprofitsÔÇŁ already can be found in the beta of Wrath of the Lich King and seg├â┬║n Blizzard ser├âa species of virtual identity by means of which other people sabr├ân the good thing that you are. I ask S.A. to arrive at certain level we will be deserving of alg├â┬║n object of value in ÔÇťxÔÇŁ game or promoci├â special ┬│ n.

I am in favor of this type of initiatives, the problem is in the system of rewards to the user. Bas├â ndonos in the traditional system of game we understand that our aim is always to in fact complete certain objectives (to finish the game, to gain experience, to conquer quests) in exchange for a reward (a good Cg, items, XP, etc.) but ├équ├â┬ę desire with achievements? Of less in little than I have seen in the 360 people only makes gamerscore to presume certain ÔÇťsuperiorityÔÇŁ before its grupies. To end of the day to have 3000 or 30 000 points of Gamerscore in the 360 is used for the same.

VÃa: EDGE-Online


Not if dej├â┬ę to take to me by hype of Devil 3 or plane I did case to him friend Morning call and its indecorosa propose of playing Devil 2 by TCP/IP. The certain thing is that I am beginning again and I realize much that extra├â┬▒aba. ├éBy qu├â┬ę already nobody takes the annoyance from thus dise├â┬▒ar games.

In that rediscovery I occurred to the task of reinstating Max Payne (if, by hype of I confess it to the film), DeusEX (to speak to one detail of the best diseñadores than they exist: Warren Spector) and nonOne Lives Forever (I am fan of Archer Blow). ÂAh that good games! That nostalgia of those times in which the stage of pre-produccià ³ n was a very important step and the industry of new videojuegos preferÃa the IPs before the tÃpicas tax exemptions.

By the way, it does but of two weeks that I do not catch my 360, reason why I see I believe that seguirÃextinguished because I finish finding my cajota of Freelancer. Doubt does not fit that the only that it avoids that particià roars my ³ n with Windows is the love to old school.

Nintendo Wii

EDGE did one recopilacià better ³ the twenty n of publishers of año and it does not surprise me for which Nintendo heads the list. The five first places with Activision, EA, Microsoft and Konami seem not to move, result perhaps of the strong sums of money that obtained when commercializing key tax exemptions (MGS or CoD).

Aquà the complete list beginning by the último:

20. Midway
19. D3 Publisher
18. Codemasters
17. SCi/Eidos
16. Infogrames (Atari)
15. Disney
14. Square-Enix
13. Capcom
12. THQ
11. Take-Two Interactive
10. Sega Sammy
9. Namco Bandai
8. Sony
7. Vivendi
6. Ubisoft
5. Konami
4. Microsoft
3. Electronic Arts
2. Activision
1. Nintendo

Source: EDGE-Online

Even though that exists an endless ones of forms to revivir clÃsico of American soccer of Tecmo, already is official who versià ³ n of DS, titled Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff, aparecerÃfor the end of September. Judging by the video the game seems to be the same, perhaps with a slight adjustment in grà ficas but the same so simple and addictive jugabilidad by which it became famous.

Because EA counts on the license of the NFL, this versià ³ n of Tecmo Bowl comes with fictitious equipment, real cities and a publisher who permitirÃthat we change what one feels like to us (it uniforms, stage, name of the players or names of the equipment). And if, to egg that if ³ n has opcià multiplayer vÃa WiFi.

You but not to revivir those animations of five pesos in the DS, for my do not have price.


In the ├â┬║ltimas weeks toqu├â┬ę bottom when connecting my laptop to the monitor of the PC thanks to the fact that I sold my video card to a friend. It in fact only looked for a pretext to raise the equipment and I occurred to the task (once m├âs) to read rese├â┬▒as in Anandtech and Guru3D about the new series of video cards of ATI.

So I have never been clogged to invest in a card of high rank (USD $400-$600) since my needs of edici├â ┬│ n gr├âfica (2D and 3D) requires as soon as a cost of m├âximo USD $300 and as├â dej├â┬ę the rest to destine it to the ram. elecci├â ┬│ n was a Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 and 4GB of ram Patriot.

Despu├â┬ęs of peque├â┬▒os problems with env├âo and d├âa complete of configuraci├â ┬│ n where I had to leave 2GB of memory outside since it sent pantallazo blue of the death (by mutual incompatibility in the voltage) decid├â to me to operate it with the ├â┬║nica thing able to devour the equipment: Crysis. For this I did upgrade to Vista x64 (cortes├âa of the office) since edici├â ┬│ n of 32bit only detects 3.25GB (little m├âs of half); configur├â┬ę everything to high detail (without AA) and I had the huge amount of 40-45 fps in average during the first 3 scenes of the game (the value m├âs under has been of 37fps).


Another pair of games that prob├â┬ę were Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3 which has been optimized in such a way that desempe├â┬▒o ray between 80 and 90pfs in the levels m├âs high. The only problem aqu├â is the time of load of the Unreal ED (the cause of the cost of hardware) that takes until the Mayan triple of time of 8,5 PLE or the double that Sandbox2.

Outside that desempe├â┬▒o of both is impressive since it allows me to test in real time with the level of detail to m├âximo (along with open Photoshop and Zbrush) without sufir slowing down. inversi├â ┬│ n fu├â┬ę of $500 USD and now the ├â┬║nico that remains to me hardly is to invest in a good system of cooling :P

Shadow of the Colossus

A habitual caracterÃstica of any gamer (accidental, hardcore, etc) are to have in mind the perfect game, the one that llegarÃto define the way of the industry and that us librarÃof the mediocrity of games that we must support each año (tax exemptions coverall).

The problem of that sue├â┬▒o is that we are sufficiently jealous like sharing it we put, it in a pedestal and hardly he is landed like a viable project. Combined to that we have a book infinity that says c├â ┬│ mo you must to you of iniciarte in the field of dise├â┬▒o of games in which first p├âginas est├ân populated with phrases like ÔÇťpon the coherent Earth feetÔÇŁ or ÔÇťin your dise├â┬▒oÔÇŁ.

You but despu├â┬ęs not to read itself as much about the subject finish disgusted of advice who the only thing that obtains is that the nascent dise├â┬▒ador puts barriers and it does not explode to m├âximo its creative capacity. I agree that tambi├â┬ęn is due to think like producer, in the silver that is needed to assure realizaci├â ┬│ n a project nevertheless that is not reason so that we must raise us the train of ÔÇťwhich sellsÔÇŁ and leaving the way of ÔÇťwhich amusesÔÇŁ.

├éBy qu├â┬ę to stop to us? We leave ideas flow, we fill them the blackboards of them because inevitably we will arrive at a pleasant end. That remembers to my classes of Visualizaci├â Creative ┬│ n: an untiring rain of ideas in the slate of which they arise sinf├şn from variants to face a problem and ah├â analyzes the ways m├âs viable. If we limited ourselves from a beginning then we will not be able to see that dem├âs does not include/understand or has experimented, we will not be able to do ÔÇťthat nobody has doneÔÇŁ.

prà ³ xima time that you have an idea (or ten) about cà ³ mo deberÃa to be the game that supplants to Gears of War of the popularity lists escrÃbelo, defines its caracterÃsticas, ponte in the shoes of the videojugador and pregúntate three things bÃsicas:

- ├éQui├â┬ęn I am?
- ├éQu├â┬ę treatment to obtain?
- ÂCuÃthey are to them my alternatives to obtain it?

It thinks about m├â┬║ltiples options for each answer. Perhaps you are surviving of a nuclear disaster, have p├â┬ęsimo character and one afici├â ┬│ n by the tattoos that have forced to you to travel reason why it remains of the world until finding the traditional tatuador ├â┬║nico that lives kidnapped by a horde on alien├âgenas that only can survive low temperatures.

You are too slow to recharge revà ³ to perhaps lver but sufficiently hard as to load cañà ³ n of a Panzer. Perhaps you do not survive frÃo of the surroundings but forms a group with people of other races that allow hacerte you of you implant especÃficos, is probable that you last at least five or ten minutes in the inclemency.

Perhaps they are not the tattoos which you look for, or that you must descend to the hell, that I. You do not limit yourself, it leaves flow the ideas and once you finish everything makes maps where all the variants are interconnected. Certainly two or five not aplicarÃn and serÃn rejected but that not it sabrÃs until you have all the letters on the table.

In the end you darÃs tells that you thought tens of possible games about one sesià ³ n. The best form to realize something different is thinking different and the first step is deshacerte of any prejudice that dims your creative capacity.

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