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I am fan of Call of Duty 4 thanks to the excellent use of scripts to handle to the events and the behavior of the IA during campaña of a player. And just now I find out to me, by means of this video of Treyarch, that the new game of Bond (that uses the motor of Call of Duty [...]

Recib├â does d├âas the mail of invitaci├â ┬│ n to the beta of Good Old Games, a system of distribuci├â ┬│ n electr├â ┬│ nica of games cl├âsicos for PC. Although cat├âlogo is not very extensive, me encontr├â┬ę with jewels of Interplay like Fallout 1 and 2, Giants Citizen: Kabuto or Messiah in the incredible amount [...]

During the past month I was put under estr├â┬ęs to generate a route in 3D where the new se├â┬▒al├â┬ętico system visualized that dise├â┬▒amos for the Tezozomoc Park in my class of Dise├â┬▒o de Se├â┬▒ales. The problem is that time fu├â┬ę using excessive respect itself and I saw myself in the necessity to do cheat and to generate it [...]

Crysis has been a good experiment for Crytek; not only it shows to be the motor gr├âfico m├âimpressive s to the date (at visual level and in f├âsica) but tambi├â┬ęn has t├âtulos like being one of the games m├âs torrenteados from its exit (400, 000) or of being one of m├âs demanding in cuesti├â ┬│ n of [...]

I talk back this note that redact├â┬ę for The Wired Blog:
To produce videojuegos in M├â┬ęxico is not something preposterous and for coarse sample east new massive game of called soccer Kicks Online that est├âto enter Open Beta from the 15 of August (the following week). The game is of street soccer of 5 versus 5 [...]

For three weeks empec├â┬ę a project which hab├âa wanted to throw to walk from hac├âa some months already. With support of the UAM Azcapotzalco we began a factory of introducci├â ┬│ n to dise├â┬▒o of videojuegos that consists of two weekly sessions of hour and a half each.
The objective of this factory is to introduce to people to [...]

Blizzard anunci├â ┬│ that is working in which calls ÔÇťBlizzard AccountsÔÇŁ that you permitir├âto take a registry of all the games of compa├â┬▒├âa. In t├âtulos like 3 Starcraft 2, Devil or new expansi├â ┬│ n of WoW.
This system with ÔÇťprofitsÔÇŁ already can be found in the beta of Wrath of the Lich [...]

Not if dej├â┬ę to take to me by hype of Devil 3 or plane I did case to him friend Morning call and its indecorosa propose of playing Devil 2 by TCP/IP. The certain thing is that I am beginning again and I realize much that extra├â┬▒aba. ├éBy qu├â┬ę already nobody takes [...]

EDGE did one recopilacià better ³ the twenty n of publishers of año and it does not surprise me for which Nintendo heads the list. The five first places with Activision, EA, Microsoft and Konami seem not to move, result perhaps of the strong sums of money that obtained when commercializing key tax exemptions (MGS or CoD).
Aquà the list [...]

Even though that exists an endless ones of forms to revivir clÃsico of American soccer of Tecmo, already is official who versià ³ n of DS, titled Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff, aparecerÃfor the end of September. Judging by the video the game seems to be the same, perhaps with a slight adjustment in grà ficas [...]

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