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In the número mÃrecent s of the Game Developer Magazine comes a listing with the 50 better developers from año past, cuÃliderea l (without surprises) Nintendo Kyoto, followed by Infinity Ward and Blizzard Entertainment. In the same número of 4 Duty and one series of artÃculos very comes so awaited postmortem from Call [...]

Recently that Microsoft made official the announcement of Xbox Live Community and under the sleeve venÃan a series of games among which it emphasized The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. The rest was very good proposals, nothing nevertheless attractive in the part grÃfica.
At the same time, in Japà ³ n celebrà ³ the XNA Game Studio [...]

For my Apple and Videojuegos it is like water and oil, nevertheless are some have hope with the recent opening of iPhone to the developers. For sample demostracià is enough this ³ n of Spore, realized the week last during presentacià ³ n of the SDK.

Konami anunci├â ┬│ that is working with the developer espa├â┬▒ol Mercury Steam (CB' s Jericho, Scrapland) in t├âtulo close by that ver├âthe light between 2009 and 2010. The ÔÇťsecret projectÔÇŁ (PS3, XB360) ser├âpart of forward edge of games of the house MGS developer. The strategy of Konami is to have a major [...]

As of today, Nintendo already has a Web site dedicated to WiiWare in which we will be able to see 11 games (Japanese) between which emphasize Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life ace to King and StarSoldierR deSquare-Enix and the Hudson respectively.
The date of launching of the service estÃdated for March and it is outlined like [...]

He is to me very pleasing to announce that prà to them ³ ximo 13 of March llevarÃto end a videoconference of diseño of videojuegos in the Technological Institute and Studies Superiors of the West (ITESO) in which participarÃYaron Jacobs, diseñador of Bioware that has participated in tÃtulos like Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age. This initiative is [...]

Epic Games has sent a survey in pÃgina official of Gears of War so that the community helps in the development of Gears of them War 2. Between the questions we have: cuÃl is the moment mÃs OMG, the enemy mÃdifÃcil s, the weapon that deberÃas to always have or achievement that mÃs you wish [...]


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15 Feb 2008

1. To know ingl├â┬ęs.
2. To be tenacious.
3. To know how to use Google
In that order of importance.

A fragment a little while does leÃa of a talk that dià ³ CliffyB in SAYS the last week, which I mention to continuacià ³ n:

ÔÇťFodder that people preferir├âa to make a game that sell 4,5 million copies instead of mill├â ┬│ n and ÔÇťGearsÔÇŁ are in 4,5 million in the 360 (Xbox). I believe that [...]

Bethesda Softworks finishes updating seccià ³ n of conceptual art of Fallout 3. I believe that I am one of the ten that estÃn moved because it leaves east game. Bethesda is sinà ³ nimo of quality asà like Fallout of art object.
In the official site tambi├â┬ęn is an entrance of the Newspaper of Developer, this time at hands [...]

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