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17 Sep 2007

Black and White

In pÃgina of AI GameDev has made a compendium of the 10 games that consider, mÃs is influÃdo by their artificial intelligence (AI by its abbreviations in inglés). In the first place is Black and White, desarollado by Peter Moulyneux (Populous, Fable, etc.) who innovates in the following points:

“- The game focuses in interaccià ³ n with one grÃn creature controlled by IA, which can learn by means of examples and react compensating or repressing.

- diseño Integra artificial life in the context of a strategy game.

- The game motor uses one sà ³ lida ingrained Artificial intelligence in a well-known mental science like Belief-Wish ³ n (BDI)

- The learning system, asà as ramificacià ³ n of decisions is used of huge way.”

The second place occupies F.E.A.R., recognized by the patrons of behavior of the enemies, who use or the surroundings enough to cover themselves (or flanquearte). Between demÃs games we have to I haul in 4 posicià ³ n and works of art like Thief (developed by the same equipment of Bioshock) or Half Life.

The complete list (in inglés) is in the site of AI GameDev.

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