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15 Sep 2007

A short stroll of the employees of Bungie in the Warthog that Peter Jackson construyà ³ for its project of I pull ahead.

Who says that the market of the PC has died is because South Korea does not know, one of paÃses that but impulse it gives to his developers to create games in this platform. Proof of this is that compañÃa XL Games for weeks anuncià ³ like one of first in [...]

This passes when you unite two screens of Tablet PC and have the sufficient knowledge in electrà ³ nica, asà like a taste by Nintendo DS. In the personnel me agradarÃa to play Meteos in Jumbotron DS in spite of being little prÃctica (one of so many advantages of portÃtil of Nintendo).
Excellent project.
VÃa: MaxConsole

Studio 2,0 (part of Warner Bros) has begun produccià ³ n of a series of 23 animated episodes that usarÃn the última version of the Unreal main Engine like tecnologÃa with Chadam, mascot of the American band of rock The Used. like personage protagonist.
The Unreal Engine is an excellent platform for creacià ³ n of this type of [...]

way 301 already this available one and comes with animation.

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13 Sep
  • Vackero: Thanks DON D. the way in as is very interesting you raise everything, and you land to the interested ones in [...]
  • Photon: That is all hand! [...]
  • Photon: There is damned little Tun-Tun that saw you! if na' but you have the expensive hand. : P [...]
  • Photon: C├â ┬│ mprale a hat to charro and you are going to see as it accepts it to you of flown. ;) [...]
  • Paiopaio: : OrÔÇŽ I prepare the Cocktail snackÔÇŽ I take the beers. [...]

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