The PS3 (and Wii) cannot compete with Xbox Live

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6 Sea 2008

Xbox Live logo

This is something that sabÃamos for a long time, estÃverified and it is not necessary to stress, nevertheless Robbie Bach, President of the Divisià ³ n of Entertainment in Microsoft, again made referring declarations to the superiority of the service of Xbox Live in comparacià ³ n with demÃs consoles.

It denotes it to Bach like ÔÇťthe differenceÔÇŁ between the 360 and dem├âs consoles, since ┬│ n of purchase in mayor├âa of the users governs decisi├â. Proof of it is the unballastable content of dated GTA IV for oto├â┬▒o. It is a experience that ÔÇťyou do not have with other consoles in the marketÔÇŁ.

I incline in line by other options like the infrastructure, the intuitive interface of dashboard and distribucià ³ n of the content. That makes the difference between Xbox Live and the PSN.

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