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It does just awhile that me conect├â┬ę with the 360 to play CoD4 when me sali├â ┬│ the message of so waited for actualizaci├â ┬│ n. Despu├â┬ęs of to be announced makes a pair of weeks in the forums of Infinity Ward, Microsoft has put in the server the patch that among others things adds migraci├â ┬│ n of [...]

In spite of the crÃticas if it fulfills or not what fans has hoped during años, Street Fighter IV is must have for my coleccià ³ n. That treatment grÃfico to the style okami gives a quite interesting touch him.

Epic Games has sent a survey in pÃgina official of Gears of War so that the community helps in the development of Gears of them War 2. Between the questions we have: cuÃl is the moment mÃs OMG, the enemy mÃdifÃcil s, the weapon that deberÃas to always have or achievement that mÃs you wish [...]

Perhaps many do not know it, but Rockband is not official in M├â┬ęxico. distribuci├â does not exist one ┬│ n on the part of EA and for which we have the game, opci├â ┬│ n to buy the packages that leave every Tuesday in the Marketplace is null (of less in a Mexican account). The presale in GameRush est├âputting [...]

Before generating pol├â┬ęmica if I declare my taste by the Lost, although nerds perhaps does not arrive at the levels to compare it with others saying ÔÇťHouse is better because bla bla blaÔÇŁ, nevertheless to speak of videojuegoÔÇŽ.ahhh treatment to avoid it as├â as I avoid to buy each videojuego that sends on a par of one pel├âcula.

For that we liked of shooters old school to the Ikaruga style, today aterriz├â ┬│ in the Marketplace of the XB360 versi├â ┬│ n HD of Trigger Heart Exelica, a Arcade japon├â┬ęs that did his aparici├â ┬│ n in Dreamcast by cortes├âa of Warashi. Remake counts on new bottoms, gr├âficas HD (so they say) and a table of l├âderes.
Quite recommendable, [...] costs

The MMOG in consoles are a true failure, for test there estÃFinal Fantasy XI in cuÃl the community of users is not nor the quarter than WoW for PC shows. Phantasy Star Univer not it ubicarÃa in this heading since it is a simple RPG that receives to you by [...]

N+ is mÃrecent s adicià ³ n to catÃlogo of Xbox Live Arcade, nevertheless the game already takes a good short while circulating of gratuitous way around the network (originally done in Flash). In order to celebrate the launching, the equipment developer optà ³ to arm to a celebration and aquà we have a video, in cuÃl is spoken of [...]

In MCV I am with the news that Janice Turner, a columnista of the Times, has written an extensive one and ÔÇťabominableÔÇŁ art├âculo about the time that the ni├â┬▒os in front of the console pass of videojuegos. I do not doubt in m├âs m├â┬Čnimo that Janice is of the type of mothers who consider ÔÇťnext-geneÔÇŁ, of that take [...]

I occurred the opportunity yesterday to prove demo of FIFA Street 3 which is available in the Marketplace of the 360 for dÃas. My first and última impresià ³ n: he is worse demo than I have played in the console, very below Vampire Rain or the very same Hour of Victory.

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