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17 Sep 2008

to gamer girl

With the permission of my friend V3N0M I reproduce the último post of his blog of Ãntegra way:

Platicando with friendly to trav├â┬ęs of the Messenger me surgi├â ┬│ a question: ├éc├â ┬│ mo is moderate the level of gamer. I talk about to c├â ┬│ mo to know how to classify it like accidental or hardcore, or knowing if he is good or bad.

It has ni├â┬▒os or chavos very j├â ┬│ horseradish trees that does not have idea of the history of the consoles, that began to play with a Xbox a 360 or PS3 but they have the natural ability to win to him to all in I haul 3 or Call of Duty 4, to even experienced veteran that they have played from the ├â┬ępocas de Pong and that they have had in its salary all the existing platforms.

Tambi├â┬ęn are some who have hundreds of games they presume and them between his well-known friendly and, but that do not manage to only finish nor one. D├âa of their launching buys the games the same and they only prove it by hours until they have another newness, and as├â successively.

On the other hand at the moment, and thanks to the idea implemented by Microsoft, the players are based much on the GamerScore of Xbox 360. For many the amount of points in your gamercard reflects your level of ability, and the truth is that this not est├ânor near the reality. There are some they buy or they only rent games to remove the points, even investigate in Internet the way to unblock them f├âcilmente and instead of to savor the game m├â only looks for to already increase his puntuaci├â personal ┬│ n (of this hablar├â┬ęs extended in another one post).

In short, I believe that a true one gamer is that one that is amused and enjoyed a game, that one to which it does not matter to him that he is not m├âpromoted s, nor that sells million in their first d├âa, far from it that you ├ó ┬Ç ┬ť regale├ó ┬Ç ┬Ł 1000 points. Gamer is that one that understands and appreciates t├âtulo, and that plays by diversi├â ┬│ n, not by obsesi├â ┬│ n.

VÃa: V3N0M


Havok made official the launching of sixth versi├â ┬│ n of his popularmiddleware which comes with a pair from m├â ┬│ dulos new: Cloth and Destruction. First of these servir├âto equip the personages with clothes to behave like its real counterpart and tambi├â┬ęn podr├âto be used in other elements like flags, curtains and virtually in any piece of fabric that the developer has at the hand.

m├â ┬│ dulo Destruction permitir├âdeformaci├â ┬│ n of scenes and objects in such a way that too much time at the time of the development thanks to a friendly system of values is not lost. The other tr├â┬ęs m├â ┬│ dulos (Behavior, Animation and Physics) have been optimized thorough to much less occupy memory that its predecessor.

VÃa DevelopMag

Guitar Hero World Tour

The so mysterious ÔÇťnew instrumentÔÇŁ of the new Guitar Hero (World Tour) result├â ┬│ to be in fact one functionality for opci├â ┬│ n of Music Studio. In the versions of 360 PS3 and XB ser├âpossible to concern tracks MIDI to the Music Studio thanks to a patch that estar├âavailable in the week of the launching of the game.

The problem with versi├â ┬│ n of 360 is that only aceptar├âbater├âa due to ÔÇťsome details with hardwareÔÇŁÔÇŽ traducci├â ┬│ n: ÔÇťRestrictions of the referring console of Microsoft to external archives that can harm the security of the sameÔÇŁ. versi├â ┬│ n of PS3 soportar├âthe handling of all the instruments.

In agreement with Neversoft ÔÇťgiving him to click to the button of reproducci├â ┬│ nÔÇŁ and being connected to the Music Studio tracks is possible to turn your into one canci├â ┬│ n for Guitar Hero WT. Compa├â┬▒├âa anunci├â ┬│ n that dedicar├âa site of FAQs referring to this new opci├â ┬│ n since he is not something that the conventional user can do, is an extra for which they are dedicated to the m├â┬║sica.

VÃa: Shacknews

James Bond

Activision Blizzard, due├â┬▒a of the rights to produce games of James Bond until the 2014 him ocurri├â ┬│ ÔÇťshiningÔÇŁ the idea to give to us each a├â┬▒o a game of Bond. And I say of way sarc├â to itstica because this leaves to a side innovaci├â ┬│ n and its place occupies the maquila.

This news is not surprise, the rights do not have to be cheap and Activision wishes to remove to all the silver possible each a├â┬▒o, a├â┬║n when they are not released pel├âculas, total is a great past tape base that can be exploded. m├âprobable s is that we see a├â┬▒o with a├â┬▒o expansions the double than they deber├âan to cost with the excuse of ÔÇťis the new historyÔÇŁ.

Activision Blizzard podrÃa to choose to count two equipment of development, since it did with Call of Duty 3 and 4, or of plane to maintain the license of tecnologÃa of CoD4 by the following two tÃtulos and to focus to improve some aspects of the jugabilidad. To end of accounts año not always is sufficient to develop a successful game AAA.

VÃa GamesIndustryBiz

Game Career Guide

If it interests to develop videojuegos to you or to work in the industry ÔÇťgaining reason why m├âs you like to do surelyÔÇŁ you have visited infinity of forums in espa├â┬▒ol where sometimes they tend m├âs to desinformarte that to solve your doubts. First that you must do he is preguntarte ÔÇť├équ├â┬ę you likeÔÇŁ ├â ┬│ ÔÇť├équ├â┬ę is facilitated to youÔÇŁ Perhaps your answers are ÔÇťto play I haul 3 all the d├âas by 4 hoursÔÇŁ and ÔÇťto obtain the first place of kills in Team DeatmatchÔÇŁ. If as├â is then better prep├ârate to be Pro and goes to all the events of the World Cyber Games that are realized in ours pa├âs.

These questions I made when beginning the factory of dise├â┬▒o of games in the UAM and I occurred to account the espec├âfico that got to be the assistants when saying: ÔÇťit interests the narrativeÔÇŁ, ÔÇťthe development of personagesÔÇŁ, ÔÇťdise├â┬▒o of levelsÔÇŁ or ÔÇťcampa├â┬▒as to me of means that est├ân detr├âs of each gameÔÇŁ. This is an interesting step because there is a niche for each of them within the industry, the ├â┬║nico who need to know is the requirements to be able to apply to a in the future near job.

The problem to ask in forums is that if you have the luck to fall in one of programmers mÃsafe s is that they say to the languages of programacià ³ to you n that you need to learn. If you fall in one of then conceptual art they say to you what you need background in ilustracià very hard ³ n. If yours is to generate macros of excel for the processes of then test no of the previous recommendations it must interesarte.

If of plane you do not have absolutely anything of informaci├â ┬│ n and wish to know the work fields that exist in the then industry I recommend two options to you (both in ingl├â┬ęs). First it is to accede to the GameCareerGuide.com site, which has one enough secci├â ┬│ n for nascent with informaci├â ┬│ n of the areas that conform the industry, sections of questions and answers for parents and students and even up to one gu├âa of wages (for the USA).

Second it is to unload the n├â┬║mero ├â┬║ltimo of the Game Career Guide (oto├â┬▒o of the 2008) to which you can accede of gratuitous way from this Link. The magazine is published by the staff of the site of the same name and comprises of publications of Think Services (along with the Game Developer Magazine). If your knowledge of ingl├â┬ęs is little or null I recommend that you become of a course m├âsoon possible s since mayor├âa of the material of dise├â┬▒o and development of games is in this language.

In case you wish to know of algún area in specific dejanos a commentary and we will deal with orientarte of the best way ;)

Chris Crawford

Chris Crawford is one of the dise├â┬▒adores of games that m├âs right respect and with commentaries like ÔÇťthat jodan gr├âficos, they create better emotionsÔÇŁ makes think that the new litter me of independent developers har├ân case of these wise words at the time of generating new concepts.

In the opening of the GDC of Austin, Crawford apunt├â ┬│ that we go by the mistaken way since the games must essentially of being ÔÇťof people, approaches social deinteracciones, about usÔÇŁ. gr├âficas happens to background since the important thing always must of being interacci├â ┬│ n, to end of accounts ÔÇťwithout interacci├â ┬│ n we do not have anythingÔÇŁ seg├â┬║n Crawford.

To end of accounts the games consist of a system of comunicaci├â ┬│ n between the player and software, di├âlogo between both is interacci├â ┬│ n and if this is null then ser├âa like sentarte in one reuni├â ┬│ n of Sunday by the ma├â┬▒ana to listen a person to speak of its experiences without space to express yours convirti├â┬ęndose in boring mon├â ┬│ logo.

A friend commented the weekend annoying it that turns out the final sequence when destroying at-In demo of FORCE Unleashed when summarizing it to press botà correct ³ n at the adapted moment, very in the style of Shenmue. This is something that inevitably it must change and I hope that the words of Crawford make echo in which estÃn to initiate a project.

MÃs details of the conference in GamesIndustry.biz

Metroid Prime

Electronic Arts decidi├â ┬│ to retire the supply of purchase of TakeTwo because it did not obtain what thought from the beginning: to most of remain with the pie of the gains of Grand Theft Car 4. With this the actions of TakeTwo underwent p├â┬ęrdida of $4.50USD (by acci├â ┬│ n) it leaves what them in the same previous state to the approach of EA (which ubic├â ┬│ in $44.08 by acci├â ┬│ n).

We know that poes├âa has stopped existing in the industry and everything moves nevertheless by n├â┬║meros fills to me of alegr├âa to see that one compa├â┬▒├âa that it does not know the meaning palbra ÔÇť├â┬ęticaÔÇŁ is lost this battle. Nevertheless Electronic Arts anunci├â ┬│ today that became of the services of 3 veterans responsible for the development of Metroid Prime when signing a contract with Armature Games.

Armature Games estÃconformed by Mark Pacini, Todd Keller and Jack Mathews (to dir of game, to dir of art and Ing. of tecnologÃa) ex--Retro Studios and people in charge of the game Metroid Prime, which glide to generate a new series of IPs with a model of interesting business that consists of one pequeña main base working with external developers (suppliers).

The contract grants the rights to him to EA to publish all the games realized by Armature Games by a long period of time.

VÃa: Gamasutra


A month ago I put Steam on approval and Direct2Drive when buying some games nevertheless both count on a detail that is not partly fault of the program but of conexià ³ n of each user: to hope to that it is finished unloading the game to be able to prove it. If we spoke that the average of a game at present is of then 6-8GB we must spend a whole day to him for the unloading.

BitRaider, a new system of distribucià ³ digital n created by the founder of GarageGames Jay Moore, thinks that the best thing is than the user begins to play once 10% unload whereas the rest completes vÃa stream. In agreement with Royal Or' Brien, CEO of BitRaider, the challenge does not consist únicamente to generate a unloading system invisible but it must be complemented with a fluid experience at the time of playing, without seeing itself affected by the form as it is unloaded the rest.

It is a very ambitious system that as their creators aim: ÔÇťpodr├âa to change to the course of distribuci├â digital ┬│ nÔÇŁ, nevertheless depends much on the speed of conexi├â ┬│ n of the user and of the form like the game is structured. We put for example Crysis or CoD4: the game est├âconformed of folders where maps are included, textures, sounds, etc, all of independent way that depends on organizaci├â ┬│ n of the client (the feasible one).

là ³ gica so that dictarÃa works BitRaider that tendrÃan that to organize itself in subsequent packages (like pk3 of Quake 3 for example) to be able to enjoy itself without needing hoping to unload all a folder that can not be used in the beginning of the game. A good idea that I hope is implemented in the future near.

BitRaider fu├â┬ę shown during the GDC of Austin, this week.

VÃa DevelopMag

I am fan of Call of Duty 4 thanks to the excellent use of scripts to handle to the events and the behavior of the IA during campaña of a player. And just now I find out to me, by means of this video of Treyarch, that the new game of Bond (that uses the motor of Call of Duty 4) utilizarÃa system dinÃmico to control the enemies.

A system with scripts is perfect for a linear game (I do not believe that QoS is a Sandbox) and is compensated with perfect diseño of levels. This system gives the freedom to handle situacià ³ you n to your ill (like diseñador) forcing that the user interactúe with the elements that you have preparations to him. The advantage of a system dinÃmico (equally based on scripts) is in the form as it adapts in the style of game of each user.

It seems that Treyarch has a quite great challenge, the good thing is that it has time to give a good result, the bad thing is that it is a license of pelÃcula and Activision is to publisher.

Good Old Games

Recib├â does d├âas the mail of invitaci├â ┬│ n to the beta of Good Old Games, a system of distribuci├â ┬│ n electr├â ┬│ nica of games cl├âsicos for PC. Although cat├âlogo is not very extensive, me encontr├â┬ę with jewels of Interplay like Fallout 1 and 2, Giants Citizen: Kabuto or Messiah in the incredible amount of $5.99USD (c/u).

The interesting thing of Good Old Games is that the games come free from DRM, you can install them in all the PC' s of your house and it does not have limits of unloading (everything is stored in your account of user). Not estÃof mÃs to say that the games are compatible with XP and Vista and count on a system of updates in case any problem exists.

Like extra data those that have access to the beta count on 2├Ś1 in cat├âlogo of Interplay. I hope that before finalizes a├â┬▒o there is m├âs variety of t├âtulos (Freelancer, Max Payne or Icewind Dale do not estar├âan anything badly).

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