Intel acquires Havok by 110 million of dà ³ lares

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17 Sep 2007

Intel acquires HavokThe previous week anuncià ³ that Intel was about to acquire Havok, the prestigious responsible company middleware to develop mà ³ dulos of fÃsica and animacià ³ n of personages which we found in videojuegos like Bioshock, Half Life 2, Oblivion or Motorstorm and that fué named in July last like the best proovedora company of tools in the prizes Develop Industry Excellence Awards.

According to The Register, the purchase fué assured in 110 million of dà ³ lares and the treatment cerrarÃin five dÃas. The sale not afectarÃthe operation of compañÃa which continuarÃworking of habitual way in múltiples platforms.

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