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In accordance with a Japanese MCV source, Nintendo would be still to show his new DS tomorrow. During the last weeks one was rumorando about this new "update" that there includes a camera and multimedia functions as the reproduction of MP3 nevertheless little we know of the specifications of the portable piece of news.
Her [...]

Electronic Arts decided to withdraw the offer of buy of TakeTwo because it did not obtain what he was thinking from a beginning: to remain with most of the cake of the profit of Grand Theft Edict 4. With this the actions of TakeTwo suffered a loss of some $4.50USD (for action) what leaves them in [...]

EDGE made publishers of the year a compilation of the best twenties and I am not surprised for anything that Nintendo heads the list. The first five places with Activision, EA, Microsoft and Konami seem not to move, turned out perhaps from the strong sums of money that they obtained on having commercialized key exemption (MGS or CoD).
Here the list [...]

To sorrow that one exists without forms end to re-live the outstanding figure of American soccer of Tecmo, already it is official that the version of DS, alumnus Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff, will appear by the end of September. Judging by the video the game seems to be the same, perhaps with a light finishing touch in the graphs [...]

Ubisoft announced that Persia is being employed at a new delivery of the saga Prince of. The development is in charge of Ubisoft Montreal (Assassin's Creed) and glides to be thrown at the end of this year. The details are not known and only we limit ourselves to the typical line of the press release that I quote:
Developed for [...]

In accordance with Nina Kristensen, co-founder of Ninja Theory who is not any more not less than the study responsible for Heavenly Sword, the current environment of the industry of development is brutal for the independent studies.
“The environment is brutal for the independent studies if we consider the type of games that develop at present”.
If we consider [...]

Atari confirmed what will be the collection edition for Alone in the Dark which will be free for Xbox 360, Wii and PC. This edition is characterized by a good design of packing, removed from the concept of the “box of metal” and comes with a figure of the protagonist Edward Carnby, the soundtrack of [...]

During an interview in Rockline Radio a fanatic asked to the air why none of the songs of Def Leppard have done his appearance in the games of Guitar Hero or Rock Band to what the guitarist Phill Collen answered that they will be present in Guitar Hero 4 with 3 songs: Photograph, Animal and [...]

This looks like more a prank of April's Fool, nevertheless a French distributor has set in his lists the version of GTA 4 for DS to be distributed during the next June. Not even Rockstar nor Nintendo have confirmed (or denied) this announcement that looks like more a fingermark of Excel than another thing.
What [...]

According to the analyst Billy Pidgeon, the PS3 would be the last work of art on the market of the consoles of video games, since the success of the Wii and the recent explosion of chance players would dictate the price of the following generation of consoles. The expert assures that both to Sony and to Microsoft not they [...]

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