way 301 already this available one and comes with animation.

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13 Sep 2007

way 301

The first time that escuch├â┬ę of way was while it sailed by p├âgina of Cg Chanel, I gave to an opportunity and me to him pareci├â ┬│ a decent alternative to software of 3D that exist in the market. I gave to an opportunity of 30 days and qued├â┬ę him astonished at the options that offer of modeled, ÔÇťto paintÔÇŁ in real time your work, very in the style of the UPaint de Unreal Tournament, as├â like of final render.

Luxology anuncià ³ that completes way delivery, the 301 comes with opcià ³ n to animate your scenes or per seconds, frames, SMPTE or filmcode asà like a system much more intuitive to carve in 3D, for which they like of modeled orgÃnico. à ‰ ste can be obtained by means of brushes applied mesh with which we will be able to sharpen, to bevel and to take to where we want the detail of our model. The second method is by means of image, which llevarÃintegrated the values of detail that we want and podrÃto be applied directly in our model or another one with a similar mapping UV (way allows to fit the values when implementing it in another model so that they agree).

way 301 costs $895 new USD and $395 USD if ³ n is actualizaciÃ. They can accede to the official site to lower demo of 30 dÃas to work with, equally to check the tutorials to take advantage of it to mÃximo.

Official site Luxology

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