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In Box X I am with the news that we are the regional leader in videojuegos of Latin América. Según David Cervantes, Regional Director for Latinoamérica of divisià ³ n of Devices and Entertainment of Microsoft, México estÃpositioned in the fourth world-wide position in purchases of the Xbox console, with mÃs of three million of [...]

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This happens when a rock band leaves to a side its boring autobús by another customized one by an excellent diseñador. The band of +44 him pidià ³ to Tokidoki to personalize its bus for the tour Honda Civic Tour by all United States. AdemÃs, Logitech sponsors a video contest to know the members [...]

The Vader Project:

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5 Jun 2007

The Vader Project congregates to 66 of the best artists to personalize a real helmet of tamaño. This exposicià ³ n mostrà ³ during Star Wars Celebration IV. AquàI leave a part them of the helmet of Jeremyville, one of my favorite artists. TÃÂtulo of the project is “Voices in my head”.
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4 Jun 2007

In the How magazine I am an excellent article referring to if we counted on the requirements necessary to work of independent way from the comfort of the home, the terrace of the Smart, Starbucks, etc. To work of independent way is sueño of many, nevertheless sometimes we fall in the error to only think about [...]

I admit that I am one of those people who guà ƒ Âan by the cover to approach the shelf of librerà ƒ rare Âas reason why is the time that I acquire Abundant spring books or the FCE. Then, Book By Its Cover is blog of Julia Rothman, one recognized illustrator and diseà ƒ ±adora of Brooklyn, [...]


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31 May 2007

Taking advantage of that pelà ƒ Âcula the Transformers està ƒ Âaround the corner, Chevrolet has created new campaà ƒ called ±a Transformers està ƒ Âaround the corner, Chevrolet has created new campaà ƒ called ±a Transformers: The Rise of Chevy Autobots where podrà ƒ Âs to compete via website with several of your friendly being created your [...]

E440 is a RING project and arises from interà ƒ ©s to be created its own personage in 3D. The name comes from two sources: the “e” is of Eekhoorn (traduccià ƒ  ³ n of squirrel in holandà ƒ ©s) and the 440 come from the extermination of 440 squirrels in the airport of Schiphol on the part of KLM.
If you wish [...]

MOS Eisley Wiseguys

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31 May 2007

Sam Fout, creator of the Neptoon project has realized a special form edition for Lucasfilm (by means of Acme Archives) that commemorates the 30 aà ƒ ±os of the tax exemption and that takes by name “MOS Eisley Wiseguys “. The form is one reinterpretacià ƒ  ³ n of the famous scene of the bar that appears in Episode IV: To New [...]

Hanging Harry is the perfect example of cà ƒ  ³ mo to feed our style à ƒ Âcido in the house. Despuà ƒ ©s de Dead Fred, English store SUCK UK pondrà ƒ Âon sale in a moment this new product that serves to ignite our lights of baà ƒ ±o with switch of cordà ƒ  ³ n. The cost is not even known, but I suppose [...]

Realism in 3D:

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30 May 2007

For already a long time while encontrà sailed by Cg Chanel me ƒ © one imà ƒ Âgene of Max Kor, an artist of Israel that works with Mayan and Mental Ray, imà ƒ Âgene enjoyed a realism at levels ridà ƒ Âculos and memory that my Vidnez friend made the commentary to me of: “à ‚ ÂYou imagine that asà ƒ  was seen in videojuego”. [...]

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