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The ├â┬║ltimo month has been very intense due to the amount of work that I have had, raz├â ┬│ n by which east site has not been updated regularly. From March comenc├â┬ę like QA Engineer in the game of Kicks soccer Online, a quite funny work and where I have known very interesting people who move [...]

In agreement with Rod Humble, creative director of the study responsible for this delivery, Sims 3 has like objective when traditional gamer thanks to their new system of game on the basis of objectives. In agreement with Humble, in third versià ³ n of The Sims podrÃs to realize activities as jardinerÃa fishes or, based on objectives that [...]

NCsoft anuncià ³ that utilizarÃtecnologÃa of the Unreal Engine 3 for ximos his prà ³ two games in line. Epic and NCsoft reached an agreement in which compañÃa developer of massive games obtendrÃall the updates of immediate way to implement them to the projects.
NCsoft already has experience with tecnologÃa Unreal since Lineage [...]

Full Sail, one of the schools mÃs popular to study videojuegos in the United States quel counts on programs focused in the part of development, animacià ³ n and another range mÃs like average arts, cinema and produccià ³ n, anuncià ³ that has obtained tÃtulo of University, reason why its name serÃfrom today, Full Sail [...]

The first Two Worlds de Xbox 360 prometÃa quite, nevertheless quedà ³ short and the comparisons with Oblivion left to shine. It is a fact that not triunfà ³ thanks to the problems grÃficos and of adaptacià ³ n (parecÃa diseñado exclusively for PC). Surprise SouthPeak Games anuncià ³ that is working in a sequel, baptized like Two [...]

The equipment of Experimental Gameplay Project firmà ³ an agreement with the Target stores for distribucià ³ n of its new line of clothes and games indie in packages that only consist of a playera and a game (of eight available ones) by $12 USD. This initiative llevà ³ to end becomes some años in Carnegie Mellon' s [...]

On a par of the sprouting of Group Radar, anuncià ³ that Prey 2 is developing by Human Head Studios, the equipment responsible for the first part. In agreement with the official announcement, the sequel is located in a time where the Earth no longer needs to Tommy, reason why overwhelmed by [...]

FaceBreaker is the new game of Box developed by EA Canada, the people in charge of Fight Night Round 3, who have decided on a style grÃfico very similar to that we saw in Team Fortress. EA estÃoperating this style right and left in games as the new Battlefield or Fifa Street 3 and is [...]

Now it is that since announcement the SDK for iPhone all the compa├â┬▒├âas est├ân interested in developing for that platform, of less EA already mostr├â ┬│ demo than ser├âa Spore, being useful the ÔÇťadvantagesÔÇŁ hardware. I read in Gamasutra that Apple has entered little m├âs of 100, 000 unloadings of the SDK from [...]

During the following month, the English magazine DevelopMag revelarÃthe list of the 100 developers mÃs successful worldwide during the 2007, nevertheless has given a probadita of those English studies that during año happened generated gains (combined) of up to 230 million pounds with tax exemptions as I bequeath Star Wars, SingStar, [...]

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